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With the steady advancement of our culture comes the need for more and more laws to keep order, and prevent aspects of our lives from descending into chaos. Law schools are filled with optimistic young people who wish to make the world a better place, but simply being enrolled in law school does not necessarily guarantee you a job. Legal jobs are getting harder and harder to find as law firms slowly close their doors to new hires, but there are still jobs out there for the job-hunter that is hungry enough. Attending law school is a gruelling venture and once you complete it and are ready to practice law, you want a career. First you need to get your foot in the door. The following are some tips to help land your first legal job in KwaZulu-Natal.

Cold Calling

The ability to do this efficiently has never been easier. Reaching out to law firms used to take much longer, but in the age of the Internet, many firms are a click away. Despite this, however, a law graduate should still depend on knocking on law firm doors.


Do not wait for graduation to begin enthusiastically networking. Use recommendations from your professors on social media sites to increase your profile to potential employers. Attend alumni events. Try reading blogs from practising lawyers to follow any tips or advice they might have, and connect with them through a blog of your own.

Work For Free

This may sound strange at first glance, but it rings true. Instead of waiting for internships to become available, do your best to proactively approach the firm you like and simply work for free (which provides a great opportunity to showcase your drive and hunger). You can also get experience by working for a public defender's office.

The key to a good lawyer is that they are incredibly passionate about protecting the interests of their client. The regularly leave their comfort zones to achieve their goals, and the same mentality goes to a law student or graduate who is seeking their first legal job in KwaZulu-Natal,