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Gauteng is the smallest province in South Africa. It is also the most heavily urbanised and densely populated. With so many residential areas and people, it can be nice to get away from it all for a few days. A good way to do this is to purchase a caravan or recreational vehicle (RV). Such vehicles can be expensive, but you should not have any difficulty finding cheap used caravan and RVs for sale in Gauteng.


Caravans are a great investment for families that like to get away for the weekend. You can hitch up a caravan to your car and head off on holiday at very short notice. These types of holidays are often less expensive than holidays where you stay in a hotel, and you should find that the caravan soon 'pays for itself'. Popular caravan brands include Gypsey and Sprite.

Recreational Vehicles

The term 'recreational vehicle' or 'RV' is used to classify many types of motor vehicles used for leisure activities. They are also called motorhomes and are made by a wide range of companies like Mitsubishi and Mercedes-Benz. The big difference between a caravan and an RV is that an RV is self-propelled. This makes RVs a more expensive choice, but you do not need to worry about buying the tow bars and wing mirror extensions that are required for safely transporting a caravan.

RVs are easy to set up when you arrive at a campsite; you need only level them off and connect them to electric. Caravans, however, need to be unhitched, levelled, and secured before your holiday can begin.

The major downside to RVs is that you have to take everything with you wherever you go. That is different from using a caravan where you can unhitch your car and go sightseeing while all your possessions are left securely at the campsite. It is also worth considering that owning an RV means owning, running, and taxing another vehicle, besides your regular family car.

Finding Used Caravans and RVs in Gauteng

You should find many secondhand caravans and RVs in Gauteng, often at reasonable prices. Look for them in local classified advertisements. It is important to check the vehicle carefully before you make a purchase. If necessary, ask a mechanic to look at it for you before any money changes hands.