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Alert Filters:Apple Macs for Sale in South Africa
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Can Macs get viruses?
Macs can get viruses, but they are less likely to do so than Windows computers.
Why are Macs so expensive?
Firstly, Macs, unlike Dell or Samsung laptops, are expensive because of the Apple brand value. Apple adds exclusivity to all its products. Secondly, the Mac is built to last least four years. Importantly, their batteries have long lives.
Are Macs good for gaming?
Gaming requires huge graphics cards. This requirement works against the Macs due to their compact size. Top-end Macs, unlike gaming PC's, are built as workstations instead of gaming computers. In addition, there are relatively few games available for macOS.
Why are Macs better than PCs?
Ultimately it comes down to preference, but here are some common reasons why some users prefer Macs. Macs are exposed to fewer viruses than PCs due to their smaller number. Macs are generally held to be more appealing visually. They are also seen as more user-friendly for design applications. Also, Macs have less bloatware because Apple tightly controls the software on its devices.
Are Macs reliable?
Macs are more reliable than their Windows-running counterparts. RESCUECOM's survey rated Apple as A+ for reliability, which was a higher rating than Samsung, Acer, Lenovo, Dell and HP.
Is it free to sell on Gumtree?
Yes, selling on Gumtree is free. You can also post free ads whether you're buying or selling. Businesses running multiple ads will pay an insertion fee.
How do I get paid on Gumtree?
Use trusted payment methods like bank transfers or cash.  Please read this safety article before meeting with buyers in a safe, public place.
Does Gumtree deliver?
Gumtree itself doesn't offer product delivery. It is a platform to link sellers and buyers.
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Apple Macs for Sale in South Africa

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