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Alert Filters: Events, Gigs & Nightlife in South Africa
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Events, Gigs & Nightlife

Events, gigs, and nightlife activities are found in nearly every city. They are usually spread throughout the year, with plenty of advance notice of the activity and include concerts, fairs and festivals, clubs and raves, and more. Some events and activities are open to people of all ages while others are geared only towards adults.


Concerts are musical performances that showcase an individual, a group, or a band. Concerts usually require the purchase of tickets in advance or at the door, though some may be offered for free. They are held at various venues including arenas, fairgrounds, concert halls, and schools. Concerts for popular groups, individuals, or bands tend to sell out quickly.

Concerts held on fairgrounds tend to be standing room only with a few seating arrangements for disabled people. Other venues including concert halls and arenas provide assigned seating arrangement for every ticket holder. The tickets closer to the stage tend to be more expensive, while seats further away are more economical in cost.

Fairs and Festivals

Fairs and festivals are usually held sporadically throughout the year, although some are annual events. They usually showcase a wide variety of vendors selling their wares including food, apparel, collectibles, and more. Many fairs and festivals offer carnival rides to add another element of fun. While some events may be free to attend, most require an admission fee to gain access to the grounds. Carnival rides will require the additional purchase of either a wristband or tickets to go on the rides.

Clubs and Raves

Clubs really come to life later at night, and most often on the weekends when people have a few days off. There are many different types of clubs including Jazz clubs and dance clubs. Jazz clubs have live bands that they showcase while dance clubs usually have a DJ at the helm to play music throughout the night.

Raves are another type of event where party goers dance, usually to techno music and a flashing, pulsing light system. Some raves are held in public clubs, while others are privately held.

To find specific events, gigs, and nightlife in South Africa, browse your local classified ads and bulletin boards. Many events are announced well in advance of their scheduled dates and tickets may be required. Before purchasing tickets to any event be sure to review the terms and possible age limits.