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If you are feeling like you are in a rut, you may find it helpful to do something outside of the house. Going to an event is a great way to get out and about without having to do a lot of planning and organisation. There are events happening all over the country on a regular basis and there are options to suit almost every interest. Options can include concerts, parties, readings, and more.


Concerts are popular events and there are many all over the country. Most concerts involve music, though some also involve some kind of theatrical performance. Genres include classical, jazz, pop, rock, and metal music performed by a solo artist, duo, or group. When many different acts perform at the same event, it is usually called a festival.


Bookstores, cafes, and galleries often host readings. Some invite authors and poets to read their own work. If the author is well know, there may be a book signing after the reading. Some venues also ask people to read popular works; this is especially common at libraries and children's bookstores.


Parties can take many different shapes and forms. Dance parties are common and usually focus on a specific genre of music. Fancy dress parties are also popular; these can involve themes such as fairy tales or the 1970s, or can simply require partygoers to wear any kind of costume. Some parties focus on specific groups of people, such as singles, the over-30s crowd, or families.


Conferences are popular with professionals in various industries. These allow professionals to network with one another, to learn about new products and opportunities, and to promote their organisations and services. Conferences are also sources of inspiration, as many invite prominent people in the industry to speak to attendees.


Lectures are kind of like speeches, but they have a learning focus to them. Like university lectures, they involve someone knowledgeable in a specific field talking about a relevant topic in that field. Some may involve audience participation afterwards in the form of questions and answers, debates, or discussions.

Many types of events happen all over South Africa on a regular basis. You can find concerts, readings, parties, conferences, lectures, and many more things going on in your city every week. Check your local listings to see what is available near you.