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Wendy Houses enjoy a mass appeal owing to being used for variety of purposes. There are a few things to look for when it comes to buying a Wendy House. There is a wide variety of Wendy houses for sale in the Western Cape. Depending on your budget, you might opt to buy a new or a used Wendy house. Many stores in the Western Cape offer a variety of decent second-hand Wendy houses.

Wooden Wendy Houses

Their aesthetic quality makes them popular with many people. They are pleasing to the eyes and blend in nicely in the garden. If you are looking for second-hand Wendy House, Ensure that the exterior panels are treated with wood sealant.

Cement Board Wendy Houses

Sturdy and durable, Cement Board Wendy houses, or Nutecs, are of higher resistance to weather, rot and rodents, in addition to being fire resistant and lower on maintenance. You won’t find many second-hand Wendy Houses in Western Cape, or in South Africa as a whole for that matter.

Corrugated Iron Wendy Houses

Corrugated Iron Wendy Houses are the least popular of Wendy Houses owing to their poor weather resistance and their general lack of appeal.

Wendy House Doors

Many sellers of Wendy Houses in Western Cape will be able to offer you customisable options for choosing your door. You can have a regular door, a stable door, or opt for a sliding door to maximise the space. When buying a used Wendy house you can arrange to have a custom door installed for an additional fee.

Wendy House Roofs

Most roofs on Wendy Houses in the Western Cape are corrugated iron because of its lightweight. It is not advisable to deviate and opt for other material.

Wendy House Windows

Windows are what really bring a Wendy House to life. They give the sense of openness and space inside, and the visually appealing effect outside. You can usually customise your windows and their distribution.

It is hard to build anything more multipurpose than a Wendy House. It is a great outdoor area for the family, a castle for kids, or when having more guests than you catered for. With so many new and second-hand Wendy Houses for sale in Western Cape, you will be spoilt for choice.