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South Africa is home to more than 3 000 kilometres of beaches, and some of the world's best surfing. For many people, owning a surfboard in South Africa is a necessity. There are many great brands of surfboards, and boards with different features. When choosing a surfboard, there are several elements to consider.

Different Types of Boards

There are several types of surfboards. Longboards are the longest and offer the fastest acceleration. Short boards, also called 'fish' are easier to manoeuvre, but do not go as fast through the water. Funboards are longer than short boards but shorter than longboards. These are good boards for beginners as they offer a good mix of speed and manoeuvreability. Guns are boards designed for very big waves, with pointed noses and pin tails. Foamboards are good boards for beginners, too. The foam construction is more forgiving of a new surfer's many falls.

Surfboards for Beginners

Beginners will appreciate thicker and wider boards. Thick boards offer more flotation, and wider boards are easier to balance on, especially when you are learning. The length of your chosen board should be based on your height and weight. Taller people need longer surfboards.

A secondhand surfboard is a good choice for beginners. In the first months, most surfers put lots of dents and dings on their boards, so a used surfboard is just as useful as a new one. Many people offer used surfboards for sale that are in great shape. Choosing an older board will save money, and you will not feel so bad about the damage that naturally occurs with new surfers.

Three-finned surfboards are the easiest to turn and manoeuvre. When you first begin surfing, it is not likely that turns and manoeuvres will be a big part of your surfing routine, but you will appreciate it later.

Popular Brands

Two manufacturers make today's most popular surfboards. Channel Islands and Firewire are the most popular manufacturers. The Fred Rubble surfboard, made by Channel Islands Surfboards is the biggest selling in the world, and outsells all others by nearly double. The Dominator and Potato Nator, made by Firewire Surfboards, are also big sellers.

Surfing is a great sport, and there is no place in the world better to learn than in South Africa. Once you have found the perfect surfboard, you are ready to enjoy some of the world's best waves.