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Secondhand motorcycles and scooters can be great purchases. Reliable brands such as Honda and Yamaha have excellent resell value. Purchasing used can save on price while still providing a reliable vehicle. There are several types of motorcycles and scooters, which will affect gas efficiency and overall comfort. If possible, ride the vehicle before purchasing. Each type has different riding styles and ergonomics. Before searching for used motorcycles and scooters in Western Cape, consider the type and intended use of the vehicle.

Types of Motorcycles

There are two main types of motorcycles, off-road and cruiser. Off-road bikes feature better shocks and thicker wheels to handle the uneven surfaces. Such bikes are less comfortable for long-term riding. Cruisers are heavier powerhouses designed to hug paved roads. These bikes make great commuters because they feature more ergonomic riding positions. In addition to the type of motorcycle, the engine size can also differ. A general rule of thumb is the higher the engine size, usually denoted in CC, the more powerful the engine. For instance a 125cc off-road bike will be less powerful than one featuring 500cc.

Types of Scooters

As with motorcycles, scooters also have some variation. The most common type of scooter is the commuter. A commuter has a small engine, 50cc to 125cc. This allows for great gas efficiency in a lightweight vehicle. Heavier scooters, known as touring, have larger engines. Touring scooters are comparable to low-end motorcycles. The major difference between motorcycles and scooters is the gearshift. Most scooters do not require manual shifting. Scooters are typically smaller and cheaper in price than motorcycles. Because of this, a used scooter can provide the means of a new driver getting used to the feel of a two-wheeled vehicle.

When deciding on a scooter or motorcycle, take time to consider the intended use. Popular uses including commuting, recreation, hobby, or sport. Commuting requires a balance between gas consumption and rider comfort, which means a scooter or smaller motorcycle. Recreation provides the widest range of options depending on the rider, same with hobby use. Sport or racing may require a powerful engine in a lightweight frame. Regardless of the type, Gumtree ZA provides many secondhand motorcycles and scooters for sale in Western Cape.