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What is the best external hard drive?
The best external hard drive is one that offers the baseline of USB 3, but it is worth looking for a USB 3.1 or USB-C drive if your PC or laptop can support this. Top brand hard drives are SanDisk Extreme, Samsung Portable SSD T5 and the Seagate Backup Plus.
Which is better, a flash drive or an external hard drive?
The performance of external hard drives is better than that of flash drives, as external hard drives are much faster for bulk data transfer. USB flash drives may, however, be faster when transferring small amounts of data. You also have more data storage on an external hard drive.
What is the biggest external hard drive you can buy?
The Samsung 2.5 inch is the world's largest hard drive with 16 TB capacity which is specially designed for enterprise purposes. Other large external hard drives are developed by Seagate and Western Digital.
What are the disadvantages of an external hard drive?
The disadvantages of an external hard drive are that they can overheat, need to be handled with care and can be stolen. External hard drives have the same data loss risks as internal drives; you also cannot password lock your data, so security is a concern. Lastly, file versioning is difficult to set up on external hard drives.
Can an external hard drive overheat?
Yes, an external hard drive can overheat with heavy use or in high temperatures.
Is it free to sell on Gumtree?
Yes, selling on Gumtree is free. You can also post free ads whether you're buying or selling. Businesses running multiple ads will pay an insertion fee.
How do I get paid on Gumtree?
Use trusted payment methods like bank transfers or cash.  Please read this safety article before meeting with buyers in a safe, public place.
Does Gumtree deliver?
Gumtree itself doesn't offer product delivery. It is a platform to link sellers and buyers.
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