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One of the largest areas in South Africa, Port Elizabeth is known as both "The Friendly City" and "The Windy City." It stretches along Algoa Bay, which is a major seaport in the country and a popular area. There are many houses and flats for rent in Port Elizabeth, and certain locations in the city provide not only different types of entertainment but varying levels of expenses.

Port Elizabeth Areas

Areas of Port Elizabeth may be more appealing based on views and entertainment preferences. The Western Region in locations like Richmond Hill provides flats with sea views that are close to public transportation and the trendy St. Patricks Road. A house on the banks of Swartkops River offers country living and is within walking distance to the Perseverance Industrial area. For close proximity to a bank, a school, and a church, browse available flats on De La Rey Street in Westering for a great family-friendly area.

House and Flat Space

Once an area has been decided on, choose how much space you will need. If you are moving with a family then you may want to consider a home with enough rooms to fit everyone. Smaller flats with two or three bedrooms are great for singles, and roommates are easy to find in the bustling city. You also have the option of choosing between apartments, houses, townhouses, villas, and bungalows in many of the popular locations.

Important Amenities

Amenities are another important factor to consider when choosing a rental property in Port Elizabeth. Not all houses and flats offer parking spaces, especially in busier parts of the city, so the decision of car ownership is necessary. Electricity, heat, and water are also amenities that many rentals offer in the overall price, but they can sometimes be an added expense. If you have a pet then you should be certain that the landlord will allow you to keep it on the property.

You can easily find houses and flats for rent in Port Elizabeth, and enjoy the city's friendly atmosphere. Properties range from about 2 000 ZAR to about 12 000 ZAR based on location, size, and offered amenities. Deciding on your budget will help you plan for how much space you can afford and what area of the city you would like to reside in.