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How can I clean a couch?
Cleaning a couch, like a chair, depends on the material. Fabric couches will require steaming, vacuuming and then rubbing off any stains.
How can I get rid of a sofa?
Just as you would with a desk, you should consider who might benefit from your couch before you throw it away. Giving it to charity is one option – selling it on Gumtree is another.
What should I look for when buying a couch?
Buying a couch is like buying a bed. Check the frame is made of hardwood and joined with brackets, not nails. Avoid foam fillings if you can. Finally, choose durable natural fabrics such as cotton and wool.
How long should a couch last?
A good couch can last for over 10 years. Of course, your mileage will vary depending on the material it's made out of and the condition you bought it in.
What's the difference between a couch and a settee?
A couch is typically longer than a settee. A couch seats three or more people and it can have arm rests. Settee is also a more old fashioned term.
Is it free to sell on Gumtree?
Yes, selling on Gumtree is free. You can also post free ads whether you're buying or selling. Businesses running multiple ads will pay an insertion fee.
How do I get paid on Gumtree?
Use trusted payment methods like bank transfers or cash.  Please read this safety article before meeting with buyers in a safe, public place.
Does Gumtree deliver?
Gumtree itself doesn't offer product delivery. It is a platform to link sellers and buyers.
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Couches & Sofas in Johannesburg

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