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Is the Toyota Fortuner a good car?
The Toyota Fortuner offers practicality paired with rugged design, and is suitable for both on- and off-road driving. It also maintains its value for longer than many of its rivals, which is testament to the Fortuner's reliability. The current range comes standard with seven seats and safety features such as airbags, making it an ideal family SUV.
Which is better, the Fortuner or the Everest?
The Everest is more powerful than a comparable Fortuner. With fuel consumption of 9.9l/100km, the Fortuner is more fuel-efficient than the Everest. The Everest is roomier and can tow up to 200kg more load than the Fortuner. For better riding comfort, the Everest wins. However, when faced with rough terrain, the Fortuner handles the challenge more adeptly. In addition, the Fortuner is cheaper and offers good value for money when compared to a Ford Everest with similar specifications.
How much is the Toyota Fortuner?
The price of the Toyota Fortuner varies according to model, age and specifications. The Fortuner is available on Gumtree from R105,000 and its rival, the Ford Everest, starts from about R120,000.
Is Toyota Fortuner fuel efficient?
The fuel efficiency varies according to model and age. The petrol-run Fortuner SC 2.7 VVT-I consumes 10.5l per 100km, while the diesel-operated Fortuner 2.4 GD-6 burns 7.9l per 100km.
How much can a Toyota Fortuner tow?
Toyota Fortuner can tow up to 3,000kg if it is a manual transmission or up to 2,800kg if it is an automatic transmission.
Can I get a car delivered from Gumtree?
Gumtree is a marketplace where new and used cars are sold, but we cannot directly arrange delivery. Instead, get in touch with the seller or dealer, and look for cars within your area to make it easier to take delivery.
Are for sale car ads on Gumtree from private owners or dealers?
Cars are available from both private owners and dealers on Gumtree. You can refine your search by using our 'For Sale By' filter to see ads from a specific seller type.
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Average Price by Year for Toyota Fortuner

ToyotaFortuner2019R 530,156
ToyotaFortuner2018R 478,197
ToyotaFortuner2017R 419,587
ToyotaFortuner2016R 409,664
ToyotaFortuner2015R 329,715

The Toyota Fortuner is a guaranteed all-rounder and is ideal for families. This vehicle not only offers you the luxury of freedom, but it is also spacious, powerful and is packed with many great features that you and your family will absolutely love. The Toyota Fortuner is a great car for the outdoors, offering you and your family a great experience when going on a family trip. The Toyota Fortuner can withstand even the rockiest roads while offering you and your family comfort and stability. The Fortuner remains a popular ride among South Africans with a variety of models available. Over the years, Toyota has proven to produce cars that are sophisticated, efficient, tough and, more importantly, safe to use. Toyota offers drivers track control, reverse camera and an auto light control system. The average price of the Toyota Fortuner is set at R 530,156 for the 2019.

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