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Is Nissan Micra a good car?
Yes. The Nissan Micra is affordable, reliable and low on fuel consumption, with a distinctive look. It comes in varying petrol engine sizes from 1.2 L to 1.6 L and can hit a top speed of 170 km/hour.
What is the price of a Nissan Micra?
The price of a Nissan Micra varies with age, condition and specifications. A Nissan Micra is available from R26,000 and is cheaper than its competitor, the Renault Clio which sells from R28,000.
Is a Nissan Micra a reliable car?
The Nissan Micra has very good reliability, in line with the competing Toyota Yaris. The axle and suspension, and the electrical system make up about 60% of the reported faults.
Does a Nissan Micra have automatic transmission?
Yes. The Nissan Micra comes in both automatic and manual transmissions.
How big is a Nissan Micra boot?
The boot size of a Nissan Micra is 251 L.
Can I get a car delivered from Gumtree?
Gumtree is a marketplace where new and used cars are sold, but we cannot directly arrange delivery. Instead, get in touch with the seller or dealer, and look for cars within your area to make it easier to take delivery.
Are for sale car ads on Gumtree from private owners or dealers?
Cars are available from both private owners and dealers on Gumtree. You can refine your search by using our 'For Sale By' filter to see ads from a specific seller type.
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Average Price by Year for Nissan Micra

NissanMicra2019R 229,231
NissanMicra2018R 149,866
NissanMicra2017R 121,449
NissanMicra2016R 115,575
NissanMicra2015R 91,587

Fall in love with the all-new Nissan Micra Active, which is a car built with advanced technology. If you love living your life on the bright side, then this vehicle is exactly what you need. The Nissan Micra Active offers comfort, reliability and swiftness for everyday use.

The Nissan Micra Active is complete with a stunning interior look, with leather finish steering wheels, multimedia, and a height and reach adjustable steering wheel. The Micra Active offers brilliant safety features which include four assist parking sensors, a hill start assist, speed limiter, cruise control and eco-mode activated with the touch of a button.

The Nissan Micra Active is fuel-efficient and the range is powered by efficient turbo engines. The Nissan Micra Active is perfect for you and your loved ones, allowing you to ride in style. The average price of the Nissan Micra Active is set at R 229,231 for the 2019

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