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How much is a Ford Fiesta?
The price of a Ford Fiesta depends on age, model and condition, and starts from R12,000. The Ford Fiesta is cheaper than its rival the Honda Jazz, which starts from R39,500.
Is the Ford Fiesta any good?
Yes. The Ford Fiesta has a small engine, offering low running costs. It has great handling, good reliability and offers good value for money in its class compared with cars like the Mazda 2 and Citroen C3.
Is the Ford Fiesta reliable?
The Ford Fiesta is reliable. It offers better reliability than the competing, popular Volkswagen Polo.
What can I expect the insurance premium of a Ford Fiesta to be?
The insurance premium of a Ford Fiesta depends on age, model and driving habits. A 1.6 L Ford Fiesta will cost around R600 per month to insure.
What is the top speed of the Ford Fiesta?
The top speed of a Ford Fiesta depends on the model and condition of the car. A 2013 Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecobooster five door hits a top speed of 196 km/hour.
Can I get a car delivered from Gumtree?
Gumtree is a marketplace where new and used cars are sold, but we cannot directly arrange delivery. Instead, get in touch with the seller or dealer, and look for cars within your area to make it easier to take delivery.
Are for sale car ads on Gumtree from private owners or dealers?
Cars are available from both private owners and dealers on Gumtree. You can refine your search by using our 'For Sale By' filter to see ads from a specific seller type.
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Average Price by Year for Ford Fiesta

FordFiesta2019R 258,977
FordFiesta2018R 210,389
FordFiesta2017R 176,663
FordFiesta2016R 154,554
FordFiesta2015R 131,841

The Ford Fiesta is the most advanced car that you can drive in South Africa right now. It has won the international award for the best engine under 1.0-litre for the past six years. Not only does it have an award-winning engine, but it is also crafted for style. The engine is fuel efficient, meaning that it cuts back on fuel costs, paired with an auto start and stop. The Ford Fiesta is designed to offer the most comfortable experience. It is hip and spacious, perfect for big families and family outings. The car is featured with air conditioning, cruise control and fog lamps. It has excellent technology with voice-control features, ensuring that you never take your hand off your steering wheel. With supreme safety features, the Ford Fiesta is fitted with airbags to shield and protect you from all angles. The average price of the Ford Fiesta is set at R 258,977 for the 2019.

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