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Both casual motorists and car collectors will find an abundance of used cars in Cape Town. This bustling city has a very active motorist population, as seen in the variety of car and motoring clubs situated in the area. Some clubs are centred on the car brand, such as the Volkswagen and Audi Motoring Club. Others are concerned with the vehicles type and age, such as the Crankhandle Club, which focuses on veterans and vintage cars.

Standard Cars and Family Cars in Cape Town

Casual motorists benefit from the wide variety of car brands and models that are available in Cape Town. You can get a selection of budget cars such as the Toyota Corolla and the Volkswagen Beetle, but also find more upscale ones such as the Mercedes Benz and the Mini Cooper.

SUVs in Cape Town

Sports Utility Vehicles are perfect for those who need something that is more capable of handling the rough terrain outside the city. While SUVs are generally more expensive than standard sedans, you can still get them on a budget if you buy them used. A secondhand Jeep Wrangler fetches for around R 150 000 for the earlier Rubicon models, and up to R 400 000 for the 2012 models.

Luxury Cars in Cape Town

For the more affluent, cars also serve as a symbol of class and luxury. For those who want the luxury but not the full price tag it brings, searching among the many used cars for sale will bear fruitful results. Jaguars, Porsches, and even Ferraris can be found at a lower price than what car dealers offer.

Vintage Cars in Cape Town

Car collectors will find themselves at home in Cape Town. Classic and vintage cars are relatively easy to find in the city, due to the number of clubs and enthusiasts present in it. Whether you're after the cool Ford Mustang or the more historic Wolseley, the clubs and various car classifieds in Cape Town will help you find for it.

As one of the busier cities in South Africa, Cape Town has an active motorist population. Car usage and ownership are relatively high, which means that the market is also quite active. Cape Town makes it easy to find the perfect vehicle, whether it's for practical use or for your collection.