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Alert Filters: Tyres & Rims in South Africa
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Tyres are used in many modern vehicles like bicycles and automobiles. They fit around the rims of the wheels to protect them and enable better performance. Most tyres absorb shock and provide traction between the vehicle and the road. Used tyres and rims in South Africa can be found from several manufacturers.


ROTA rims and wheels are engineered to be light and strong. They're available in a wide range of widths. They also come in a wide variety of styles, including Drift, Euro, and Lightweight. These popular rims look and drive great on sports cars, and many people replace standard rims with them for a more sporty look.


Bridgestone sells tyres for cars, trucks, farm vehicles, and even earthmovers. Firestone, one of their most popular lines of tyres, is great for general use or high performance. With the Tyre Damage Guarantee, any tyres damaged by road conditions like glass or potholes will be replaced at no extra charge. This is perfect for the rough roads of South Africa.


The Dunlop tyre company is over 120 years old. Dunlop tyres are designed to meet stringent performance and safety standards. Dunlop makes tyres for SUVs, cars, trucks, trailers, earthmovers, and buses. They provide good traction in wet or dry weather.


Goodyear is the largest tyre company in the world. The company also makes other respected brand names like Dunlop, Kelly, Fulda, Lee, Sava and Debica. They sell tyres designed for warm conditions, winter cold, and many other environments. Their tyres are made for optimal traction and stopping power.

Modern pneumatic tyres are made of synthetic rubber, natural rubber, fabric, and wire. The tread provides traction while the body of the tyre provides containment for compressed air. The wheel rim has an indentation in the middle to help the tyre stay on the vehicle. The centre part of the wheel is also called a spider. It comes with lug bolt holes to mount the wheel over the vehicle hub. Rims add style and personality to a vehicle. Like tyres, they're designed to withstand stresses like heat, acceleration, and sudden stops easily. Many people in South Africa also look for second hand tyres and rims to save money. Make sure you examine used tyres and rims for tread before purchasing.