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Alert Filters:Blackberry Phones for Sale in South Africa
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Are Blackberry phones good?
At one stage Blackberrys were considered the best smartphones for professionals, but soon the brand struggled to keep up with the likes of Samsung, Apple and Huawei. Of late they are doing much better, with the Blackberry Key series receiving a positive response from consumers and reviewers.
How much are Blackberry phones?
The price will vary a lot depending on whether you purchase it secondhand or new. You can pick up a second-hand Blackberry starting from R100.00 and move all the way up to one of their newest models, the Blackberry Key2, which is in the R8,999.00 price bracket.
Where can I buy Blackberry phones?
You can purchase a Blackberry from an online store or if you're looking for variety and a great deal, then have a look on Gumtree where the selection is huge, covering everything from a Blackberry Passport to the new Blackberry Key2 and the prices are affordable.
Are all Blackberry phones smartphones?
In short, yes they are, bearing in mind that their first products were very basic smartphones, offering email and instant chat capabilities with few other so-called modern-day applications. This basic smartphone, however, still ensured that they were ahead of all their competitors at that time.
Can Blackberry phones get viruses?
Yes, they can and this is simply explained by understanding that they have online capabilities which means they can be vulnerable to viruses. To help protect yourself from this, avoid downloading and installing applications from untrusted sources.
Is it free to sell on Gumtree?
Yes, selling on Gumtree is free. You can also post free ads whether you're buying or selling. Businesses running multiple ads will pay an insertion fee.
How do I get paid on Gumtree?
Use trusted payment methods like bank transfers or cash.  Please read this safety article before meeting with buyers in a safe, public place.
Does Gumtree deliver?
Gumtree itself doesn't offer product delivery. It is a platform to link sellers and buyers.
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Blackberry Phones for Sale in South Africa

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