Features & Specs


Performance hatchback

Judges’ Winner

When launched back in 2014 the Volkswagen Golf R was the most powerful Golf Volkswagen have ever produced. This vehicle has proven itself over the years to be a popular choice for hot hatch enthusiasts that not only loves going fast, but also enjoys a comfortable, effortless driving experience. Thus, it’s also interesting that the Golf R has been one of the hot hatches that retains its value the best.

Obviously, we must start at the most important component of the VW Golf R, it’s heart. Keeping this Golf R alive is its 2-litre 16-valve FSI turbocharged powerplant, good for 206 Kilowatts of maximum power and 380Nm of torque.

With a nice flat power and torque curve you will immediately notice that this Golf pulls strongly from low engine speeds and unlike many hot hatches on offer in this sector of the market there is hardly any turbo lag to speak off. This ensures that the engine can extract the most performance out of this package, giving the Golf R the potential to really punch above its weight. The 0-100km/h dash will take just 5-seconds and naturally the top speed comes limited at 250km/h. Combine the fact that this super hatch will drink only 6.9-litres of fuel per 100km and its clear that the Golf R offers buyers quite a versatile package for the price.

Value For Money

  • R486 900

Fuel Economy

  • 6.9 Litres/100km


  • 0-100km/h in 5.0 seconds
  • Power and Torque at 206kW/380Nm

The Look

  • Understated design
  • Alloys in perfect condition