Features & Specs

VW Amarok 2.0 BiTDI Highline 132kW D/C P/U 4x2 (A)

Double cab bakkies 4x2

South African motorists are tough, relentless and committed people. For decades they endured hard, unforgiving, utilitarian ride qualities and unimaginative cabin layouts but yet, they persisted. They bought Double Cabs by the thousands, loaded their wives and kids into them and used them as everyday family cars. Chiropractors must have been dancing in the aisles. Then, VW said, enough. No more! We’re going to build a better bakkie.

Value For Money

  • R369 700

Fuel Economy

  • 8.4 Litres/100km


  • Power and Torque at 150kW/500Nm

The Look

  • In excellent condition