Features & Specs

Nissan Juke1.5 DCI Acenta +

Cross-over between R200 - R300k

If there’s one thing that any self-respecting petrol head hates, it’s a car with no identity. There can be few things less interesting than a car so generic that when it cruises past you on the highway, it elicits either no reaction at all or you mistake it for something different. The Nissan Juke is not that car.

With its edgy, pronounced lines and dramatic design elements, the Nissan Juke made its way onto the South African passenger car sales landscape, confident and defiant. This particular 2015 1.5DCi Acenta + is a wonderful advertisement for the brand and for the model. From a mechanical point of view, it is difficult to fault this car. The shift on the six-speed manual is slick and precise while the clutch works flawlessly.

Ride quality and handling are also top-notch with the Juke producing an enjoyable blend of solidity and compliance. It’s not a track-day car but it has enough balance and poise to be driven with (mature) enthusiasm.

Value For Money

  • R260 700

Fuel Economy

  • 4.6 Litres/100km


  • 0-100km/h in 11.2 seconds
  • Power and Torque at 81kW/260Nm

The Look

  • Edgy with dramatic design elements