Features & Specs

Mazda CX3 2.0 Individual (A)

Cross-over between R200 - R300k

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With the ever-increasing popularity of crossover vehicles in South Africa and even the rest of the world, this sector is now one of the most important for manufacturers. It’s is very clear to see that Mazda has certainly put a lot of effort behind the design of the Mazda CX3.

The CX3 comes with Mazda’s 2.0-litre 16-valve Skyactive petrol engine, which is also found in the Mazda 3 and bigger CX5 models. The CX3 goes from 0-100km/h dash takes 9.5-seconds, one of the only vehicles in its category to break the 10-second barrier. The automatic gearbox is tuned to maximise efficiency and therefore the Mazda returns impressive fuel economy regarding its normally aspirated petrol status, with a quoted figure of just 6.1-litres per 100km.

The automatic gearbox also offers a sport mode that alters throttle response and shifting time, while you can always opt to change manually with the paddle shifters situated behind the steering wheel. Overall the engine proved smooth and stays well composed even at higher engine revolutions.

Value For Money

  • R299 400

Fuel Economy

  • 6.1 Litres/100km


  • 0-100km/h in 9.5 seconds
  • Power and Torque at 115kW/204Nm

The Look

  • Very attractive
  • High levels of build quality