Features & Specs

Hyundai Grand I10 1.25 Motion

Light hatchback under R140k

At first glance, the Hyundai Grand I10 appears modern, with fresh, yet simple styling, giving it a clean overall look that is still attractive.

As the name suggests, The Hyundai Grand I10 1.25 Motion comes powered by a 1.25-litre four-cylinder petrol engine. The all-aluminum engine is modern in design and features 16 valve DOHC with swing arm hydraulic lash adjusters and dual CVVT.

Maximum output is rated at 64kW and 120Nm of maximum torque. Once behind the wheel one notices that the Grand I10 pulls well from low engine speeds, but also pulls smoothly right up to its indicated redline.

Weighing in at a 1 051Kg this car performances remarkably well considering its smaller engine capacity. The 0-100Km/h dash will take around 12.2-seconds. With a smaller engine, fuel economy proves to be very good. With a quoted figure of 5.9-litres per 100km, it’s the most economical vehicle in its category.

Value For Money

  • R119 300

Fuel Economy

  • 5.9 litres/100km


  • 0-100km/h in 12.2 seconds
  • Power and Torque at 64kW/120Nm

The Look

  • Modern, fresh and simple styling
  • Clean overall look