Features & Specs

Honda CRV 2.0 Comfort (A)

SUV under R325k

SUVs or Crossovers are the fastest growing new car sales segment in the country and Honda has a serious player in the game. Their mid-sized SUV, the CR-V, has proven, despite its fairly steep asking price, to be a firm favourite with South African families.

The answer to why that is, is not hard to find. Year on year, survey after survey, Honda throws cars right to the top of the reliability rankings. With bulletproof engines and drivetrains and fastidious quality control, buying a Honda is a super sensible thing to do. Resale values are, therefore, also a strong draw card.

Honda is also one of the most bi-polar carmakers on the planet. Driver’s machines like the 90s sports car icon, the S2000, and the current, bonkers, Civic Type R seem completely at odds with uninspiring family boxes like the CR-V. This CR-V, the 2.0-litre (petrol) Comfort Auto, is the perfect example of function over fun.

The moderate power output from the normally aspirated petrol motor, coupled to the five-speed automatic gearbox encourages patient, responsible driving. That is, of course, not a bad thing, it’s just not an exciting car to pilot.

Honda claim a 0-100km/h time ‘sprint’ of 12.4 seconds, which is completely acceptable for a family car. The modest   considering the size of the car   fuel consumption figures of 7.6-litre/100km will be a far more important and encouraging stat for the CR-V’s intended buyers.

Externally, the CR-V might not win the SUV beauty pageant, but it’s certainly not ugly. The styling could safely be described as safe. The lights and the wheels of the car are attractive and the metallic silver colour certainly helps with the car’s visual appeal.

Value For Money

  • R304 800

Fuel Economy

  • 7.6 Litres/100km


  • 0-100km/h in 12.14 seconds
  • Power and Torque at 114kW/192Nm

The Look

  • Attractive lights and wheels with safe styling