Features & Specs

Honda Brio 1.2 Trend (5dr)

Budget car under R110k

Over the years the Honda brand has become famous for V-Tec technology, bulletproof engines and superior reliability. Honda has always been one of the higher quality brands from Japan, but could the Honda Brio currently being produced in India live up to the normal high standards that we have come to expect from this Japanese manufacturer?

At R 109 900 the Honda Brio is quite pricey for this category, which is its main negative. This said, it does offer the best levels of performance, and comes with the safety features and reliability you’d expect from a Honda. As a little budget city car, the Honda Brio certainly proves to be a great buy at under R 110 000.

Value For Money

  • R109 900

Fuel Economy

  • 5.6 Litres/100km


  • 0-100 km/h in 12.1 seconds
  • Power and Torque at 65kW/109Nm

The Look

  • Attractive, wide stance, sporty
  • Good paintwork and finishes