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Judges’ Winner

This 2015-model, the coupe version, now branded as M4 still displays all the attributes we have come to love in the M3. Yes, the engine is now turbocharged but with that you know get loads of extra torque which a normally aspirated engine could never supply in the same quantities. The 3-litre force-fed engine delivers 317Kw of maximum power, while the 550Nm of torque is substantially more than the high revving V8 version it replaces.

Performance too is therefore a big step up and the M4 now only needs 4.1-seconds to blast past the 100km/h mark. Naturally the top speed is still limited to 250km/h. But overall, it’s the way the power is delivered that is most impressive. With such a nice flat power and torque curve every day driving is now a far more relaxed and effortless exercise than in any previously M3 badged models.

Driving in and around town you can comfortably cruise around in higher gears and still have loads of power available when you feel you need it. Fuel economy for this calibre car is not to be sneezed at either, with a quoted combined figure of 8.3-litres per 100km. This M4 was also in a perfect mechanical condition as expected, especially with such low mileage.

Value For Money

  • R989 100

Fuel Economy

  • 8.3 Litres/100km


  • 0-100km/h in 4.1 seconds
  • Power and Torque at 317kW/550Nm

The Look

  • Muscular and stylish
  • Excellent build quality