Features & Specs

BMW 320D (A) F30

Luxury sedan under R475k

If you are on the look-out for a vehicle that combines luxury, German engineering, economy and performance in one affordable package, you need to look no further than a BMW 320D. Any BMW 3-series is good, but to be honest the 320D model most probably offers the best value in the range. Therefore, demand on the used car market for these vehicles are high and thus resale values are very strong too.

The 2-litre turbo diesel has been steadily improved over the years to produce more power and the 2015 version is good for 140 Kilowatts and 400Nm of torque. This translates into very decent performance figures. The 0-100km/h dash can be dispatched in 7.2-seconds, while the Beemer will top out at around 230Km/h.

The interior too appears quite sporty, the aluminium trim inside the cabin is exquisite. The superb driving position, supportive seats and simple dash also ensures stress-free driving. As expected build quality is beyond reproach, while all the materials used throughout the cabin seem of a very high quality.

As a premium used car buy, the BMW320D promises excellent value for money at the price, while also boasting high residual values. Throw in the long list of luxury features, strong performance and fantastic fuel economy, the BMW 320D is a strong contender for the crown.

Value For Money

  • R371 300

Fuel Economy

  • 4.0 Litres/100km


  • 0-100km/h in 7.2 seconds
  • 2 Litre 4-cylinder Turbo Diesel
  • Power and Torque at 140kW/400Nm

The Look

  • Sporty with no defects