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You’re in the right place. Over 100 000 small businesses have been created and found success on Gumtree. Speak to over 5 million potential customers with a click.

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Gumtree success stories

Whether it's turning your passion into a second income stream, or starting a side hustle that becomes your sole hustle, here's how real people are finding success on Gumtree.

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Gumtree offers digital reach and exposure on a scale that can take years to build from scratch. Our localised targeting can give you instant access to your potential customer base.

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With Gumtree, you can instantly connect to potential customers already searching for your product or service. Here's a snapshot of monthly active

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105 000+
Gumtree product
950 000+
Gumtree product
230 000+
Gumtree product
500 000+
Gumtree product
100 000+
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All figures represent monthly active users as per Gumtree SA site data. September 2021.