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    A Seller's Guide to Gumtree

    Gumtree is an online classifieds marketplace where you can buy and sell new and used items

    It's as easy as one, two, three!

    How to Get the Most Responses to Your Ad
    People can find your ad two ways:
    Search – When people type directly into the search bar to find the items they want.
    Browse – When people click the categories and filters from the home page, or on the left side on the page.
    Always imagine you are the buyer – what would you want to see?

    The Anatomy of an Ad

    Title: What Exactly Are You Selling?

    • A good rule to follow is to make your title approximately 50-70 characters. Example: (65 characters)
    • Imagine you are a buyer – what title would catch your attention? What information do you need to know?


    Good Condition 2007 Toyota Prius for sale with Leather Seats


    Toyota Prius

    Photos: Ads With Good Photos Get More Replies

    • A good ad has at least 3 high quality photos
    Good Photos
    • Bright lighting (Daylight works!)
    • Well-arranged items with no clutter in the background
    • Cover every angle of the item, including the condition
    Bad Photos
    • Dark or poorly lit
    • Only one photo which does not show the condition of the items
    • A photo pulled from the internet (i.e. a Stock Photo of a phone vs. the actual phone)

    Categories & Extra Fields: Browsing Buyers Find Your Ad

    Description: Why Should a Buyer Choose Your Item?

    • Include 3-5 popular related words that people are searching for – See our suggesstions below!
    • Keep it Relevant – Make sure the description and all words used are related to your item, or people will leave your ad for a more informative ad.
    • Details Matter – Selling tyres? Include the measurements. Selling on iPhone? Which model is it? Selling a shelf? List the measurements so a potential buyer can identify if it fits in their home
    • Be honest – Describe your item accurately, scratches, dings, and issues included. The right buyer will find your item and want it, flaws and all.

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