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    Toyota Prices

    Average Toyota Price: R 167,242


    This Chart shows that the average price of a used Toyota for sale over the past 90 days, which is R 167,242. The average Toyota price has decreased by 3.63% since the previous month.

    • If you’re considering buying a Toyota for your next car purchase, but have not yet chosen the model of Toyota you want, check out the more detailed prices for the models listed below.
    • If you are looking to sell your Toyota, consider pricing it according to the average prices we see here on Gumtree to speed up your sale!

    Average Toyota Price 167,242

    Toyota Models

    Toyota Models Review

    Founded in Japan in 1937; Toyota Motor Corporation is the largest manufacturer of automobiles in the world and the first to manufacture more than ten million vehicles in a single year. The company produces a complete line of cars, SUVs, hybrids and trucks under its name as well as sister brands Lexus and Scion.

    Toyota produces five main car models and one minivan that offer many options and different body styles. Their main line of passenger cars includes the Toyota Yaris, Corolla, Camry and Avalon. The Yaris is the smallest car in their lineup designed for city driving in tight spaces. Toyota designed it on a 5-door hatchback chassis and offers all of the modern technology upgrades that savvy drivers crave.

    The Corolla, Camry and Avalon are larger vehicles that are all 4-door sedans. These provide a higher level of luxury for the driver with higher-end options such as leather seating and navigation as options. Both the Camry and the Avalon are available as hybrids that offer better fuel efficiency.

    Toyota offers eight models of cars that have hybrid options, sporting one of the largest lineups of alternative energy vehicles on the market. These hybrids include the Prius, Prius c, Prius v, Prius Plug-in, Camry, Avalon, Highlander and Rav4. Some of these models have the option of standard engines under their respective model names.

    Toyota sells several crossover and SUV models including the Venza, Rav4, Highlander, FJ Cruiser, 4Runner, Sequoia and Land Cruiser. Each of these models comes on a different chassis and offer a wide selection of upgrades and options to further customise the vehicle. Their minivan offering is the Sienna, which comfortably seats up to eight passengers and offers a full range of options for storage and carrying gear. The Tacoma and Tundra are the two models of pickups that Toyota manufactures, and both of these models feature a dual cab interior with a short bed design in the rear. The Tundra is the larger of the two models with an extended towing capacity and upgraded suspension for carrying larger loads.

    What to Consider When Buying a Used Toyota Sedan

    What to Consider When Buying a Used Toyota Sedan

    Toyota is a name drivers have come to trust and respect over the years because it has manufactured cars since 1934. Toyota sedans are roomy, get excellent petrol and diesel economy and are dependable. Best of all, they hold their resale extremely well, and no matter for what capacity their cars are used - transporting children, getting back and forth to work or taking a much needed holiday - drivers can rest easy knowing their Toyotas will never let them down.

    Why You Should Choose a Sedan

    In today's economy, many people find themselves purchasing a sedan for its convenient size and will readily choose one over a small compact car or large SUV. Sedans comfortably hold four people and are roomy enough to haul small amounts of cargo without needing a larger, petrol-guzzling bakkie. Sedans come in many styles, which offer drivers plenty of flexibility. Two-door, four-door and hatchback models make loading and unloading children, pets and cargo easy, and Toyota's cars are easy to maintain and fun to drive.

    Body Styles

    Sedans come in a variety of body styles including hatchback, two-door and four-door models. Hatchbacks may have three or five doors, with the hatchback leading to a large boot. These are ideal for consumers who will use their sedan to haul large, bulky items or carry larger pets that need to be quickly loaded and unloaded. Two-door sedans are typically all single people need, and four-door versions offer easy loading and unloading for children and other passengers. All Toyota sedans offer comfortable, roomy seating for four adults.


    Toyota sedans are safe vehicles that give drivers peace of mind when travelling with loved ones. Each newer model comes equipped with driver's side airbags, side curtain and passenger airbags, anti-lock brakes and stability control. Some high-end models feature backup cameras and seat belt pretensioners that automatically tighten to keep the seat's occupant in place in the event of a crash.

    Engine Sizes

    Although sedans are family vehicles not often associated with speed and power, Toyota puts quality engines into each of its sedans that give you more horsepower than you may have thought possible. Cars like the Camry and Yaris have engine sizes that range from 2.5 to 3.5 litres and pump out more than 195 horsepower. These engines also get excellent fuel economy, which means you can travel farther on a single tank of petrol or diesel.


    Drivers need a strong, reliable transmission and drivetrain to accompany a strong, powerful engine. Toyota sedans come with either a manual or an automatic transmission and range from four to six speeds. Most Toyota sedans have front-wheel drive, although with a little persistence, it is possible to find a four-wheel drive sedan.

    Popular Used Toyotas

    While shopping for a used Toyota, consumers may become overwhelmed by the number of choices available. Popular Toyota models in South Africa include the Etios, which is a four-door model relatively new to the country. The Toyota Yaris started out as a small hatchback sedan but as interest from the public grew, Toyota began producing a two-door and four-door version. Consumers wanting to do their part to help the environment will enjoy the Toyota Prius, a small hybrid sedan and the first hybrid to make its way to South Africa.

    Shopping for Used Toyota Sedans

    The process of buying a used Toyota sedan should never be rushed. Although consumers save money by purchasing a used vehicle, they are still spending a lot of money on something they expect to last for years. When shopping, prospective owners should set aside enough time to thoroughly inspect the vehicle inside and out. Check under the bonnet for signs of leaks or burning fluids. Check under the vehicle to make sure there are no oil or water leaks. Plenty of time should be devoted to test-driving the car to notice any engine smoking or odd noises coming from the mechanisms. Finally, it is important that the vehicle shift through the gears silently and smoothly. Consumers should walk away if they feel there is something wrong with the vehicle or the owner is not being completely honest about its condition.


    Before shopping for a Toyota or any new or used sedan, it is important for consumers to decide what automobile fits best in their price range and what features are most important to them. Drivers with families will benefit more from having a four-door sedan, and those who have to transport cargo for work or recreation will benefit from a hatchback. Although some Toyota sedans are more expensive than other brands, it may be worth paying the extra money for the peace of mind Toyota offers. It is not uncommon to find older Toyotas with more than 300 000 kilometres still on the road, and with proper preventive maintenance and upkeep, a Toyota can last for many years. Consumers can browse the latest listings on Gumtree to find the Toyota sedan that is right for them.

    Buying a Used Toyota SUV

    Buying a Used Toyota SUV

    Although many people are familiar with the name Toyota, some fail to realise what a dependable, safe and economical brand it is. Toyotas hold on to their resale value more than most brands and with regular preventive maintenance, many are still on the road with more than 300 000 kilometres on the odometer. Whether a consumer is buying a new or used sport utility vehicle, Toyota should be one of the first brands considered.

    Toyota SUV Body Styles

    Unlike cars, SUVs have body styles more similar to bakkies. One may have an extended cab while another has a short cab. All Toyota SUVs, except models built before the 1980s come with four doors and a hatchback that opens up into a large boot. Most standard sized SUVs have two full rows of seats that can accommodate from four to six passengers comfortably. Boot space varies depending on the model.

    Engine Sizes

    The engines Toyota uses in its SUVs vary but all are available in petrol or diesel versions. Typical engine sizes range from a small four cylinder engines to a 176-horsepower V6 to a 360-horsepower V8 on higher-end models. Generally, the smaller the vehicle, the less powerful the engine will be.

    Drivetrain Options

    Consumers should research drivetrain options if they will use the SUV for hauling heavy loads or pulling another vehicle such as a boat. The drivetrain is the system that connects the transmission to the axles and towing or hauling can put quite a strain on the drivetrain. Because front-wheel drive vehicles only use the front two tyres and wheels to do a majority of the lifting and pulling, consumers who will be towing should opt for a four-wheel drive system, sometimes referred to as 'all-wheel drive.' Four-wheel drive vehicles cost more, but are worth the extra expense in the long run.

    Towing Capacity

    For many people, towing capacity is very important. The towing capacity lets a consumer know how much weight they can safely tow with a vehicle. For example, a four-cylinder Rav4 has a towing capacity of around 680 kilogrammes and a Highlander with a V6 engine can safely tow 2 267 kilogrammes. Towing capacity is higher with an empty vehicle and lower in a weighed-down SUV. Generally, towing capacity only relates to bakkies and SUVs.

    Safety Features

    Today more than ever, families are putting importance on automobile safety. Toyota takes the safety of its customers very seriously and, because of that, has implemented enough safety features in its vehicles that in recent years, 21 Toyota vehicles have ranked as Top Safety Picks with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in America. Standard safety features included in many Toyota SUVs include anti-lock brakes, side-impact and driver's side air bags, seats that lessen the chance of receiving whiplash in a rear-end collision and front and rear crumple zones.

    Shopping for a Used Toyota SUV

    Buying a used vehicle naturally makes some people a little nervous. Buyers never truly know what the owner has put the vehicle through but one of the advantages of buying a Toyota is that they are built to last. Car buyers who decide used is the way to go can save a tonne of money and end up with a quality automobile that with proper maintenance, will last for several years. Buyers should definitely check for things like fluid leaks, odd engine noises, rough transmission shifting and other abnormal things before buying a particular SUV.

    Toyota SUVs in South Africa

    Toyota's 4Runner is a five-door, mid-size SUV with a host of available options and is very popular all over the country. The Fortuner is very popular as well due to its large cargo area and excellent fuel economy. The Prado comes with either a petrol or diesel engine and is slightly smaller, making it perfect for people who want the flexibility of an SUV without the large size of a bakkie. The Land Cruiser may be the best-known Toyota SUV and later models are reminiscent of luxury vehicles due to their stylish interior and wide selection of standard options.


    Besides offering excellent fuel economy, good looks and a safe, smooth ride, Toyotas are built to last and can take almost any abuse a driver may put them through. Even used Toyotas with thousands of kilometres on them can run for years and be the perfect mode of transportation for families everywhere. Toyota always includes a host of valuable standard and optional equipment to make the driving experience a pleasurable one. Before looking for a perfect SUV, shoppers should take the time to figure out what features are important and how much they can safely spend on a used vehicle. With all the different options available, finding the perfect Toyota SUV is as easy as visiting Gumtree and checking out the latest listings.

    Top Seven Things to Consider When Shopping for a Toyota Truck

    Top Seven Things to Consider When Shopping for a Toyota Truck

    Buying a bakkie can be a daunting task. There are so many different choices available and each bakkie seems to have a different set of features, so it can be difficult to narrow down the search. Before setting out to buy, a consumer must know what features he wants in his bakkie and the amount he can safely spend on one. The decision whether to buy new or used must also be a consideration. Toyotas are some of the most dependable bakkies on the market today, and even used, many have a lot of life left in them.

    Body Style

    Before shopping for a bakkie, learning the different types of body styles available can be a huge help. Toyota makes a bakkie with what is called a double cab. A double cab is a bakkie with four doors and rear passenger seats and usually the rear seats are full-size. Toyota also manufactures bakkies with smaller rear seats and more space behind the seats. This is called an access cab. Generally, the rear seats in an access cab fold down. Sometimes, a Toyota bakkie may have what is called a crew max cab and this refers to large bakkies that have full rear seats and enough room to recline. These terms may change, but Toyota is typically more consistent with its naming than other companies may be.

    Engine Size

    Engine size is important and the size a consumer needs should be determined before shopping begins. Small or compact trucks usually have four or six-cylinder engines. These smaller engines are better when it comes to fuel economy, but depending on what is being hauled or towed, or how rugged a regularly travelled terrain may be, a driver may need the eight-cylinder power of a mid-size or full size bakkie. Today's Toyota bakkies come with fuel-injected motors ranging from a 2.0-litre inline 4 to a 3.0-litre intercooled diesel inline 4.


    Most bakkies in South Africa come with either a manual or an automatic transmission. Several offer the option between front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. Again, this decision should be based on how much a consumer hopes to haul or tow with his truck. Those wanting to go off-roading or driving on rough terrain should look into buying a bakkie with hill descent or locking differentials.

    Bed Length

    Generally, Toyotas come with beds ranging from 1.5 metres to 2.5 metres long. The size of the bed a consumer will need depends on what he is hoping to be able to safely haul in it. Heavy, bulky items like stone or soil will fit nicely in a short bed while long items such as lumber may require a longer bed. Toyotas have standard sized beds so consumers can easily find toppers and bed liners to fit.

    New or Used

    It is common for people to feel as though they have to buy new in order to ensure they get the high quality they are looking for. However, as is the case with Toyota bakkies, not only will consumers save a tonne of money buying used, they will get a quality bakkie that will last for years, no matter what the previous owner may have put it through. Toyotas with more than 200 000 or 300 000 kilometres on them are common and with proper upkeep, almost any Toyota will last for many years.


    Many Toyota bakkie models come with accessories that increase its value. Entertainment packages include things like a DVD player and other accessory packages add things like larger wheels, fog lights, running boards and leather seats. Be aware that these and other packages raise the price of the bakkie but also help it to retain its resale value. Some packages are designed specifically for off-roading and others add a new look to the bakkie.

    Popular Toyota Models

    In South Africa, it is easier to find some Toyota models more than others. The Toyota Hilux is a popular bakkie and readily available as is the Land Cruiser pickup. Occasionally, there may be a Tundra or Tacoma for sale, but those are generally rare and may be much more expensive.


    Once a consumer has decided what features he wants in a bakkie, sites like Gumtree make it easy to find the best Toyota bakkie for the money. Auto dealers often run specials that, with a good credit rating, will allow for a lower down payment and lower monthly payments on both new and used vehicles. Used Toyota bakkies are very easy to find and many have been very well cared for and are reasonably priced when purchased through a private seller. When shopping for a new or used Toyota truck on Gumtree, it is important to take the time to weigh all the options, only buy a bakkie with useful options and shop wisely.

    Things to Consider When Shopping for a Toyota Van

    Things to Consider When Shopping for a Toyota Van

    Toyota vans have large powerful engines, a wide array of safety features and better fuel economy than other brands. Each model holds its resale value very well and is built to last through any kind of terrain and every driving habit. Whether a consumer is looking for a van to use for work or one to transport a large family or heavy cargo, chances are, they will find exactly what they are looking for in a Toyota van.

    Toyota Van Models

    In South Africa, there are a couple of Toyota vans from which to choose. The Quantum is a popular choice because of its unsurpassed interior space and a powerful engine that can meet any transportation need. Those needing a smaller van might opt for the Toyota Avanza or Conquest. Each of these small vans offers plenty of seating and cargo space and may be the perfect choice for a small family or an independent business owner that frequently hauls products.

    Body Styles

    Buying a van with a body style that will suit your needs is very important. The Toyota Quantum is the largest of Toyota's van line-up and can seat from 10 to 14 people comfortably. The Avanza is smaller and has two or three rows of seating available with the rear rows able to fold down. The Toyota Conquest is the smallest and can seat up to six. Each Toyota van has a large cargo area perfect for hauling everything from large, bulky items to pets.

    Engine Sizes

    All Toyota vans have either a petrol or diesel powered engine. Engine sizes range from a 1.0-litre inline 4 engine in the Conquest to a 2.7-litre diesel engine in the Quantum. Despite the Quantum's large size, it has decent fuel economy, coming in at around 12 kilometres per litre. Fuel economy on the smaller Avanza and Conquest is slightly better, at around 16 kilometres per litre.

    Safety Features

    As is the case with all its vehicles, Toyota puts many safety features into each of its vans. Toyota vans have large windscreens to increase driver visibility, anti-lock brakes and cruise control. Newer models have safety features such as a blind spot monitor, all-wheel drive and some will even alert the driver to rear cross-traffic to make backing up easy and safe. All Toyota vans come standard with front driver and passenger airbags and rack and pinion assisted power steering.

    Transmission and Drivetrain Options

    Even empty, Toyota vans are heavy and they need powerful transmissions and drivetrains to keep them running smoothly. Transmissions vary between a five-speed manual and a six-speed automatic. The towing capacity of the largest Toyota van, the Quantum is 1 400 kilogrammes, while the towing capacity of the Avanza and the Conquest is right around 500 kilogrammes.

    Standard Features

    All Toyota vans come with a plethora of standard features to improve and enhance driver and passenger comfort and convenience. Most models come with electronic fuel injection, electric windows, rear windscreen demister and wipers, tinted side windows and rear windscreen, CD player and a security system already installed.

    Optional Features

    Many Toyota vans are equipped with extra, optional features. These features include GPS navigation, entertainment systems with a DVD player, removable seats and a rear sliding window. These options raise the price of the vehicle but also increase its resale value. Generally, all Toyota vans come with standard air conditioning, but older models may not have the feature.

    Buying Used

    Once a consumer has researched the available models and decided which features are most important, he can take a look through the classified ads to find one to meet his needs. There are usually several for sale, and many have been properly cared for, making them an excellent bargain. When the time comes to evaluate the vans for sale, a consumer should set aside enough time to thoroughly inspect the van to look for leaking fluids, dents and dings on the exterior, worn tyres and other oddities that may affect the life of the vehicle. Test-driving a van should include listening for strange, abnormal noises and noticing how smoothly the transmission shifts gears. The owner should be able to provide documentation about how the vehicle has been serviced in the past and any ongoing problems there have been.


    Vans make the perfect mode of transportation for those who need something larger than a SUV but like the convenience of a large cargo space and passenger comfort. Vans are not as good on fuel economy as smaller SUVs, but for many people, they are willing to sacrifice economy for the other benefits a van will offer. Buying used can save a lot of money, and thanks to Toyota's unsurpassed quality, consumers know they can always count on their Toyota van to be there when they need it. Find used Toyota vans at affordable prices through listings on Gumtree.

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