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    Tata Prices

    Average Tata Price: R 72,620


    This Chart shows that the average price of a used Tata for sale over the past 90 days, which is R 72,620. The average Tata price has decreased by 8.05% since the previous month.

    • If you’re considering buying a Tata for your next car purchase, but have not yet chosen the model of Tata you want, check out the more detailed prices for the models listed below.
    • If you are looking to sell your Tata, consider pricing it according to the average prices we see here on Gumtree to speed up your sale!

    Average Tata Price 72,620

    Tata Models

    Tata Models Review

    Tata Motors formed in 1945 and remains part of the larger Tata Group of companies. The company operates out of Mumbai, India and got their start manufacturing commercial vehicles and specialty trucks. They enjoy partnerships with several other major auto manufacturers who sell and distribute their products all over the world to markets that it does not serve directly.

    Tata Motors offers a variety of vehicles in every category to provide car buyers a wide choice of models. They produce three city car models that include the Tata Indica, Tata Vista and the Tata Nano. Each of these has a smaller chassis to make navigating in tight spaces easier.

    Their compact car offerings include the Tata Zest and the Tata Bolt. The Bolt is a 5-door hatchback, and the Zest is a 4-door sedan. The company offers two mid-sized cars, the Tata Indigo and the Tata Manza. Both of these models are a traditional 4-door sedan and offer several versions within each model with varying trim packages and options.

    Tata has several SUV models that include the Tata Safari DiCOR, Tata Safari Storme and Tata Aria. Each of these vehicles features a higher ground clearance, longer wheelbase and heavy duty suspension. In the MPV category Tata produces several products including the Tata Winger, Tata Sumo Gold and Tata Sumo Grande. These are some of the company's largest vehicles and include powerful engines, more durable drivetrains and other advanced technology. The Sumo Grande even provides third-row seating for a total of eight passengers.

    Tata sells two minivans, the Tata Venture and the unique Tata Iris. The Venture is a fairly standard model but the Iris is considered a Super Minivan that combines the small size of a city car with the carrying capacity of a van. This 2-seater can navigate into very tight spaces for deliveries that standard minivans couldn't handle.

    5 Things to Consider When Buying a Used Tata Sedan

    5 Things to Consider When Buying a Used Tata Sedan

    Tata Motors began in 1945 as a locomotives manufacturer, but by 1998, it began making passenger vehicles. By 2002, it was in the sedan business. The company that sells cars in 26 countries on four continents began making the Tata Indigo, a fuel-efficient vehicle that just happens to be Tata's second-best selling car. It comes with an array of different engines, exterior and interior features, safety features and a roomy, comfortable cabin perfect for long drives.

    Types of Tata Sedans

    Launched in 2002, the initial version of the Indigo fell into the subcompact car category. It came with both petrol and diesel engines, and only really underwent one major exterior change in 2006, when the company added dual chamber headlamps and changed the bumpers. However, Tata stopped making the original Indigo in 2009 after introducing other versions, including a second generation version of the original.

    Indigo XL

    In early 2007, Tata began selling the Indigo XL, a long-wheelbase version of the original Indigo. It came with either a diesel or petrol engine like the other original Indigo, but it was a much longer sedan with a more spacious cab. As of 2014, Tata continues to make this vehicle.

    Indigo CS

    A year later, in 2008, the company began selling the Indigo CS, which Tata claimed to be the shortest sedan in the world at the time. Like the others, it comes with diesel and petrol options. Since its inception, it has undergone a few upgrades, but it continues to be part of the Indigo lineup.

    Indigo Manza

    The second-generation version of the original Indigo, the Indigo Manza became available in late 2009. Again, the Manza allowed drivers to choose from a diesel or petrol engine, and it comes in four variations: the Aqua, the Aura, the Aura ABS and the Elan. Tata made some minor changes to the vehicle in 2011, but it says it will stand alone and not lead to more variations.

    Tata Sedan Engines

    As mentioned, all versions and variations of the Indigo come with either petrol or diesel engine options. The original version launched with 1.4-litre I4 engines. The Manza comes either a 1.4-litre petrol engine or a 1.3-litre diesel engine. The XL's petrol variation is a MPFI 16-valve twin-cam engine, and the diesel version is a DICOR. The CS petrol engine is a 1.2-litre MPFI engine, while the diesel version is a 1.4-litre TCIC engine.

    Tata Sedan Safety Features

    When it comes to keeping yourself and your passengers safe, the Indigo has a number of security features, but note that not every car has the exact same ones, depending on the age and variation of the vehicle. Some of these safety features include keyless entry, anti-lock brakes system, seat belt and door ajar warnings, central locking, collapsible steering, child safety locks on the rear doors, LED high mounted stop lamps and E-ORVM with third-lane visibility.

    Tata Sedan Exterior Appearance and Features

    The Indigo is a smaller, compact four-door sedan with a number of exterior features that add to the car's appearance and functionality. Again, not all variations have the same features, but on most Tata sedans you may find a diamond chrome grille, sporty dual-tone bumpers, chrome strip on the bonnet, smoked headlamps, wheel caps, rear chrome garnish and body-coloured door handles.

    Tata Sedan Interior Appearance and Features

    Like many Tata passenger vehicles, the Indigo sedan is popular with drivers because of its interior features. Fabric lined seats, an anti-acoustic chamber, a premium finish centre console, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, a front power outlet, a coin and pen holder in the glove compartment, a tachometer and a vanity mirror on the driver's side are just some of the features you might find on your Tata sedan. If you are looking for comfort, you might choose an Indigo with power steering and windows, air conditioning, adjustable headrests in front, a boot lamp, glove box cooling, rear seat armrests, a bottle holder on the front door, magazine pockets on the rear seats, remote boot and fuel lid openers, an FR and RR cabin light with two spot lights and a height-adjustable driver's seat.


    There are not too many decisions to make when you choose a used Tata sedan. You need to decide if you prefer an engine that takes petrol or diesel fuel. You need to decide if you want a longer or shorter car, as well as what kinds of amenities, safety features and appearances you prefer. While a used Tata sedan may not be the first option that pops into your mind when you do look for a new vehicle, the spacious, comfortable cabin of the Indigo is worth taking a look at, especially if you want a decent car at a good value. Take a look at used Tata sedans on Gumtree to find out what's available and compare variations before making your next purchase.

    5 Things to Consider When You Buy a Used Tata SU

    5 Things to Consider When You Buy a Used Tata SUV

    In 1998, the Tata Safari became the first sports utility vehicle manufactured in India. Since then, it has received a number of major upgrades and overhauls, namely in 2003, 2007 and 2012, and has become a popular mid-size SUV for people who enjoy off-roading activities, as well as families who just need extra space for everyone and their belongings. Even the Indian Prime Minister uses them as part of the official convoy. Though the Safari is not as fast or powerful as some people would like, it does handle well and drive smoothly, and many people consider it a comfortable, practical vehicle.

    Tata Safari Storme Vs. Dicor SUVs

    The original Tata Safari may sometimes be referred to as the Tata Dicor. This is merely a reference to the SUV's Dicor engine. However, in 2012, Tata unveiled a new generation of SUV called the Tata Safari Storme. The Storme offers a more aggressive appearance, a new type of engine and a higher quality interior than the original Safari. The company continues to manufacture both vehicles today, and each one continues to receive exterior and interior enhancements.

    Tata SUV Size and Appearance

    Both the original Safari and the Safari Storme can seat up to seven passengers. Some newer models feature beige leather interiors, as well as leather wrapped steering wheels and gear knobs and exterior back view mirrors. The original comes in five colours, shades of blue, grey and white, while the Storme is available in nine colours, including black, gold and red, as well as blues, greys and white. The Storm weighs 2,095 kilogrammes, while the original version is slightly lighter at 1,920 kilogrammes. As for size, the original is 4,650 millimetres long, 1,918 millimetres wide and 1,925 millimetres tall. The storm is slightly larger at 4,655 millimetres long, 1,965 millimetres wide and 1,922 millimetres tall. Many people recognise the vehicle based on its sporty, masculine appearance and shiny chrome grille.

    Tata SUV Engine

    A used Tata Safari will have one of four different engines: the 2.0L turbodiesel I4, the 3.0L Dicor turbodiesel, the 2.2L Dicor VTT turbodiesel I4 or the 2.2L Varicolor turbodiesel I4, depending on the age of vehicle. It comes in both two and four-wheel drive and only has a manual five-speed transmission. The Tata Safari Storme also comes only with a five-speed manual transmission, and it has a 2.2L VariCOR engine. The engine provides the vehicle with 140PS power and 320 Nm torque. Both engines feature Variable Turbine Technology, which allows the Safari to become more powerful while burning less fuel at lower speeds. Newer models of original Safari feature Hydraulic Lash Adjusters and Roller Finger Followers, which make the engine quieter during drive time.

    Tata SUV Safety Features

    If you want a safe vehicle, the Safari Storme comes loaded with extra features for driver and passenger security. These include six airbags, an anti-lock brake system, central locking, electronic stability control, electronic brake distribution, brake assist, parking sensors, fog lamps and traction control. The Safari Dicor has its own share of safety features, as well. New models come equipped with airbags, fog lamps, electronic brake distribution, an anti-lock brake system, rear defoggers and remote central locking.

    Tata SUV Special Features and Packages

    The Safari Dicor may come in one of five trim levels: the LX, EX, GX, VX or VX four-wheel drive. The Storme comes in four trim levels: the LX, EX, VX and VX four-wheel drive. All Tata Safari SUVs have a reputation for providing drivers and passengers with a smooth, comfortable ride. Part of the reason for this might be the number of extra features each one possesses. Some of these include ORVM indicators, alloys, headrests, power steering and windows, key-less entry, adjustable driver's seats, tachometers, roof lamps, audio systems, air conditioning, digital trip metres and foldable rear seats. While a CD player is a standard option on the Dicor, it is not for the Storme.


    In 2007, in the SUV category, the original Tata Safari with the 3.0L Dicor turbodisel engine won the Motor Forum's Car of the Year award, beating out the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V and Land Rover Freelander. For this reason, the vehicle remains popular in India and other countries throughout the world where it is available. Drivers love it because it is roomy and comfortable - perfect for a long holiday drive. The newer Tata Safari Storme is not quite as popular as the original Safari, despite the fact that it gets better gas mileage, but it is still worth taking a look at. When you choose a used Tata SUV, you must decide how powerful an engine you want, what sort of additional features you desire, and what type of exterior appeals to you. A search on Gumtree will help you find all of that and more before you make a final decision.

    Buying a Used Tata Truck

    Buying a Used Tata Truck

    Tata Motors has been around since 1945 but at that time, the company focused strictly on locomotives. The company knows what it is doing and produces cars, bakkies, work trucks and buses for several different industries. Tata has assembly plants in Sanand, India, Dharwad, Thailand and the United Kingdom, as well as in South Africa. Tata owners depend on their vehicles for business and pleasure and Tata is a name people can count on.

    Tata Trucks

    Tata makes a wide variety of work trucks ranging from the medium 2-tonne Tipper to the huge 75-tonne truck tractor. Those needing a unique truck for work will be pleased to learn that Tata also makes specialty trucks like cement mixers and 4x4 cargo haulers. Many Tata work trucks are built to spec and have features not found on other brands.

    Engine Sizes

    With so many models available, there is a wide variety of different engines from which to choose. Small trucks have engines such as an inline 6 and larger, more powerful trucks have powerful Cummins diesel engines. Many models have the option of a petrol or diesel engine and if anything does go wrong with a Tata motor, spare engine parts are easy to find and often quite inexpensive.


    Generally, work trucks come with manual transmissions. This makes for easier driving in a variety of situations such as bad weather and heavy road congestion and is the preferred transmission type for drivers. Small work trucks typically come with a five-speed manual transmission and large trucks such as the 75-tonne truck tractor are equipped with an 18-speed automatic transmission.

    Standard Features

    Tata makes its work trucks comfortable and easy to drive. They have huge fuel tanks up to 400 litres, which means less fuel stops for those travelling long distances. Large bucket seats keep the driver and passenger comfortable and each Tata truck has a wide windscreen for increased visibility, which aids in the driver's eye comfort as well as in safety. Many models come with a radio and some are equipped with CD players. Each Tata is built to drown out road noise and the cabins are specifically built to allow companies or individual drivers to outfit the cabin with custom equipment.

    Safety Features

    Every Tata truck comes equipped with features that keep cargo, drivers and passengers safe. Seat belts with pretensioners keep the belt tight and secure in the event of a collision. Large windscreens with oversized wipers give drivers unsurpassed visibility and a vacuum tank-equipped braking system with disc brakes on the front and rear wheels ensures drivers will be able to stop when stopping is crucial. Newer Tata models have tubeless tyres for better road traction and stability.

    Fuel Economy

    Despite the large size of Tata's work trucks, drivers actually enjoy decent fuel economy on an engine that has received regular upkeep. Smaller work trucks get from 16 to 24 kilometres per litre and the large trucks get slightly less than this amount. Each truck comes with a large fuel tank that helps to keep fill-ups to a minimum.

    What to Consider When Buying a Used Tata Truck

    It is no secret that large work trucks can be very expensive. To keep costs down, many people choose to purchase a used truck and because Tata's trucks are built to last, used trucks can be a viable alternative to spending hundreds of thousands of Rand on a new truck. Used trucks offer truck drivers a vehicle that has already been broken in and in most cases, owners take very good care of their vehicles. Gumtree has up-to-date listings of trucks for sale so it will not take buyers long to find the truck that will best meet their needs.

    When shopping for a used truck, it is important to gather as much history on the truck as possible. Consumers must take time and care to inspect the truck inside and out and to test-drive it for as long as possible to listen for any odd sounds coming from the motor or transmission. The engine and transmission should both run very smoothly. Buying used can save drivers a lot of money and is well-worth the time it takes to find the perfect vehicle.


    There are few auto manufacturers that command respect like Tata. The company takes the time to produce trucks for every need and does not spare expense when it comes to comfort and safety. Tata is constantly upgrading its vehicles, making each one better than the last and when drivers are searching for a truck that is built solid and meant to last, they often turn to Tata for its unsurpassed quality and high resale value. Whether a driver is looking for a small hauler or a large mixer, Tata has a truck for any kind of job. Consumers can begin their search for a reliable Tata on Gumtree.

    Tips for Shopping Used Tata Vans

    Tips for Shopping Used Tata Vans

    Tata is the name of an auto manufacturer people have known and trusted for more than 60 years. Many Tata automobiles are passed down from generation to generation due to their superior quality. There are many Tatas on the road today with hundreds of thousands of kilometres on them, and they are still running strong. People looking for a dependable, reliable van for business or pleasure will love what Tata has to offer.

    Why Used Is Better Than New

    When a consumer chooses to buy used rather than new, they may do so for a variety of reasons. Used vans are already broken in and depending how the previous owner cared for the van, it may still be in like-new condition. Finding a good bargain on a used van is not as difficult as many people think and the savings can be substantial, not to mention well worth the time it takes to find the perfect vehicle. Sites like Gumtree have the latest listings for used vans, which often gives buyers a larger selection than what can be found new.

    South African Tata Vans

    Tata may be an Indian manufacturer, but many models are made right in South Africa. Popular models in the area include the Winger and the Venture. The Winger comes in five different variations, each with a diesel engine and each seating up to 13 passengers. The Venture is slightly smaller but still seats seven to eight adults comfortably. Each van comes with a wealth of standard options to make driving fun and hassle-free.

    Engine Sizes

    The Winger, in all its variations, comes standard with a 2.0-litre diesel engine and this is the same engine used in the Tata Sumo. This 1948 cubic centimetre engine is turbocharged and intercooled. The Venture is run by a 4-cylinder diesel engine that is also turbocharged and intercooled. Each engine offers a quiet ride with phenomenal fuel economy. Many Tata vans have a fuel economy at or above 15 kilometres per litre.

    Safety Features

    Safety is one of Tata's primary concerns. Each of its vans is equipped with safety features like childproof locks on the sliding doors, anti-lock brakes, side-impact beams and seat belts with pretensioners to keep the driver and passengers in their seats in the event of a collision. All Tata's vans are also equipped with anti-roll bars in the front and rear of the vehicle.

    Standard Features

    Every Tata van comes with standard features that not only make it functional, but fun to drive as well. Dual air conditioning with vents in the roof gives passengers a comfortable travelling experience and front facing seats allow for more legroom. The interior of Tata vans offers hardboard door trims, vinyl anti-skid flooring for easy clean up and vacuum formed side trims. The instrument panels are brightly lit and there is an aisle lamp in the passenger saloon. Finally, each Tata van comes with a music system that allows passengers all the way in the back of the van to enjoy music as if they were sitting up front.

    Convenience Features

    Driving a large van for the first time may be a little intimidating for some. Thankfully, Tata has implemented features to make it easy and convenient for anyone to operate a van. Each of their vans has a turning radius of 4.5 millimetres or less and power steering that helps with the tightest turns. Mirrors on Tata vans are conveniently placed and easily adjustable for drivers of any size. Many newer models also offer keyless entry so drivers can effortlessly lock and unlock the doors.

    How to Buy a Used Tata Van

    New Tata vans may cost hundreds of thousands of Rand more than used so consumers stand to save much money by purchasing used. Before browsing the classified ads to find a used van, it may be worthwhile for a prospective buyer to decide how much space he will need since no one wants to buy more space than they need. Fuel economy is also something a person should look into before deciding on a specific make or model. Once a budget and space requirements have been decided, the rest simply involves finding the right van. Visual inspection and a thorough test drive should also be given top priority.


    Tata vans offer consumers innovative design with the comfort of a luxury car. The company builds low maintenance vehicles with more than enough space for up to 13 passengers and they the perfect vehicles for large family outings. Despite their large size, Tata vans produce little road noise and vibration, and the ride is so quiet and smooth that people might think they are riding in a car rather than a van. By purchasing a used Tata van, not only will consumers save money, they will be purchasing a van that requires little maintenance and will last for years to come. Consumers can begin their search for affordable Tata vans in South Africa on Gumtree.

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