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    Renault Prices

    Average Renault Price: R 136,281


    This Chart shows that the average price of a used Renault for sale over the past 90 days, which is R 136,281. The average Renault price has increased by 2.79% since the previous month.

    • If you’re considering buying a Renault for your next car purchase, but have not yet chosen the model of Renault you want, check out the more detailed prices for the models listed below.
    • If you are looking to sell your Renault, consider pricing it according to the average prices we see here on Gumtree to speed up your sale!

    Average Renault Price 136,281

    Renault Models

    Renault Models Review

    Renault's headquarters calls Boulogne-Billancourt, France home, and the company founded in 1899. They produce a full line of passenger cars, convertibles and crossovers for customers all over the world. In 2011, they were Europe's third largest vehicle manufacturer and the ninth largest overall in the world. In addition to traditional petrol and diesel power vehicles, Renault devotes much of their research into electric vehicles and have two popular electric models available.

    Renault's smallest vehicle is the Twingo, which competes in the expanding city car market. The car is a 3-door hatchback and is also available with a folding fabric roof. The company's compact car is the Clio and has a slightly larger chassis than the Twingo with expanded interior space. A crossover model called the Captur uses the same chassis which features a higher ground clearance and sportier styling. Their mid-size offering is the Megane, and it comes in four different body styles. This vehicle comes as a standard 3-door coupe, cabriolet coupe as well as 5-door hatchback version. A slightly larger model, called the Megane Sport Tourer increases the engine size and wheelbase over the base models.

    Renault offers a selection of SUVs with their Scenic series of vehicles. This model comes in three basic versions, the Scenic, the Scenic XMOD and the larger Grand Scenic. All three of these models have a basic 5-door hatchback setup with varying options available for each vehicle type. Renault also manufactures two very popular Sports Cars, the smaller Cleo Renaultsport and the larger Megane Renaultsport. Each of these is available in a variety of packaged upgrades that allow customers to fine tune the vehicles for their needs.

    Finally, Renault sells two electric vehicles alongside their traditional cars. The Renault Twizy, which is a fun two-seater designed for city driving and the Zoe, a 3-door hatchback intended for longer drives. Both models offer various charging options and provide a cleaner alternative to traditional vehicles.

    The Six Most Important Considerations When Buying a Used Renault Sedan

    The Six Most Important Considerations When Buying a Used Renault Sedan

    Renault, a French automobile manufacturer, produces two models of sedans. The Fluence and Latitude are two very different sedans. The Fluence is a standard sedan that offers a decent set of upgrades while the Latitude is a luxury sedan. Despite these major differences, buyers should consider several main features before making a decision to buy either of the used Renault sedans.

    Engine and Transmission Specs

    Renault sedans have several different engine options. Buyers can choose from a 2.0-litre to a 3.5-litre petrol engine and a 2.0-litre diesel engine. Only the luxury sedan, the Latitude, offers a diesel engine. Both styles of 2.0L engines have four cylinders, but the 3.5L engine is a transverse V6. Power output range from 103 to 174 kW across all engine models.

    Two transmission types are available, and depend on the model and trim chosen. Buyers have the choice of a 6-speed automatic or a continuously variable transmission (CVT). The CVT transmission helps give the sedan better fuel efficiency. All models and trims have front-wheel drive, which is standard for most types of sedans.


    The stylish interior of the Renault sedans offer a touch of luxury. Buyers can choose from fabric or leather seats in several colours, depending on model year. Base models include many advanced features that are often in upgrades. This includes many comfort features such as heated and adjustable seats and Bluetooth audio streaming.

    Size and Storage

    Of the two Renault sedans, the boot space is one of the main highlights. The boot volume ranges from 477 to 530 cubic litres, which is large for a sedan. All models include a centre storage console that offers an armrest. Other standard storage compartments include a lit glove box, side door compartments and back seat pockets. Both front and rear centre consoles include cup holders for each passenger.


    Renault sedans offer a wide range of entertainment packed into each model. Standard audio systems include a touch-screen CD player with mp3 compatibility and four speakers. Bluetooth phone pairing and audio streaming are also standard, making hands free driving easy. The entertainment upgrade includes a Bose sound system with an amplifier, subwoofer and touchscreen controls. A secondary upgrade adds a satellite navigation system with a 17,78 cm touchscreen.


    Sedans offer a wide range of comfort options. Renault includes many luxury options as standard in their sedans in addition to their premium trim levels. Their sedans come with hand-free entry and a push-button ignition as standard in all models. Dual-zone climate control is a standard feature that allows the driver and passengers to control how warm or cool they are while inside the sedan.

    The climate control upgrades to a three-zone control. This means the driver, front passenger and rear have separate controls for the air and heat. A toxicity sensor ensures the air is clean when paired with a carbon filter. Luxury models also include a plasma ioniser with fragrance diffuser.

    Another area that Renault excels is seat comfort. A standard feature in all sedans is an eight-way adjustable heated and electric driver's seat. The front passenger seat manually adjusts six ways and includes heat. Upgraded models include a massage function for the driver seat and the added benefit of an eight-way electric adjustable front passenger seat. The rear seats fold flat with a 60/40 configuration, which maximises the boot space.

    Exterior Features

    Standard versions of Renault sedans have sleek styling, but few features. Included are body side mouldings, heated door mirrors and 16 or 17-inch alloy wheels, depending on model. The V6 sedans include dual chrome exhaust and have larger rims and tyres. Exterior upgrades include a sunroof, larger wheels of either 17 or 18 inches and Bose badging.


    Renault sedans offer many safety features, most of which come standard. The sedans have driver and passenger front and side airbags, as well as front and rear curtain airbags. Electronic stability control and electronic brake-force distribution both come standard, which are integral in poor driving conditions. Premium packages include rear parking sensors, a rear camera and an automatic parking brake.


    Buyers might find that used Renault sedans include extra accessories in the interior. Three common accessories are cargo nets, boot trays and carpet mat sets. Other accessories include coat hangers, tablet support and fragrance diffusers. In addition, some sedans might have aftermarket accessories, but this varies by the owner or dealer.


    Buyers know Renault for their stylish and sleek autos, and their sedans are no exception. Before purchasing a sedan, it must meet the needs of the consumer. With as many choices as buyers have when considering a used Renault sedan, especially on Gumtree, they must consider all of the major features available. These sedans appeal to both small families and those who can appreciate a luxury sedan packed with advanced features. With both base and premium models including a wide range of features, buyers can find great value in any used sedan they choose.

    Buying a Used Renault Van

    Buying a Used Renault Van

    Commercial businesses need vehicles to transport their goods or services to different places. Both small and large used vans are available from Renault. The company produces three main models that include the Kangoo, Trafic and Master Van. Buyer may also find older vans and discontinued models with customised features. When shopping, they should consider budget, features and cargo space when making a decision.

    Body Styles and Size

    Used Renault vans all come in a similar body style for the early and mid-2010s. From the 1980s until 2010, the vans had a boxy appearance, but came in many different sizes and configurations. Some models included three doors, four door and five doors. What type of use the buyer has in mind should determine the body style purchased.

    The size of the light duty van is very important. Buyers need to make sure that the van offers enough space for their equipment. They have to choose from many different van sizes ranging from 3 cubic metres to 17 cubic metres. Small delivery services will not need more space than 3 cubic metres, but a moving service would need a very large van, such as the 17 cubic metre van.

    Exterior Features and Options

    Because they are light commercial vans, the exterior of each model is pretty plain. Generally, buyers add their own paint and graphics to the exterior after purchase. This is why most used Renault vans come in neutral colours such as white and grey. Aside from the colour and overall lack of stylistic features, the most important part of the vans are the doors.

    Door Configurations

    Buyers have the choice of many different door configurations. The smallest light vans have two doors in the cab and back bay doors. Another variation includes two cab, two side cargo and back bay doors. Usually the side cargo doors slide open, similar to the doors on a minivan. The back bay doors can include two doors or a large hatch that lifts up.

    Interior Features

    The driver's compartment is spacious and offers a lot of the comforts a truck has. The Renault vans offer a small variety of features. The base radio is very basic, as are many of the dashboard components. Some models come with a laptop mount, multifunction display and multiple cup holders. Fabric seats are standard, but buyers can get leather seats in an upgrade.

    Seating and Storage

    Seating configurations in the vans vary by upgrade and model. Some models offer bench seating in the back, so they can carry up to five people. The driver and passenger seats are standard bucket seats. Buyers can choose the materials in some models, which include fabric and leather.

    The storage area of the vans is in the back. Most commercial vans seat only two and have the whole back for hauling supplies and storage. The size of the back and how tall the van is varies by model and upgrade. Each model offers several different size configurations to choose from. The amount of seats in the van is another upgrade. Base models include two bucket seats, but an additional bench seat can be an addition.

    Additional Features

    Surprisingly, Renault vans offer a wide variety of standard and premium interior options. In the cargo area, some models include an overhead storage area, timber floor and power outlets. Standard features in most models include cargo area lining, good lighting and tie downs in the floor to hold cargo. Buyers can also choose from models with or without windows in the rear. In one of the premium packages, a rear camera is one of the extras.

    Engine Styles and Transmission

    All Renault vans have 4-cylinder engines, but some offer different configurations, which affect power output and load transport. For example, the Master vans have a turbocharged diesel engine. The maximum power output ranges from 79 to 110 kW for both the diesel and petrol engines. Only the Kangoo model comes with a petrol fuelled van.

    Buyers have the option of a manual or automatic transmission for most model types. Manual transmission come in either a 5 or 6-speed variant. The automatic transmissions come in 4 and 6-speed variants. Another option buyers should consider is front or rear wheel drive. Several models offer the choice between the two.

    How to Choose a Used Renault Van for Commercial Transport

    Keeping in mind the type and amount of cargo is essential for buyers to come to a decision on the size van they need. Once the buyer chooses the size of van needed, they can focus on all the options available. All Renault vans offer the same advanced safety package standard with each model, but other options such as interior and exterior components differ from model to model.


    Commercial buyers need to make an informed decision when buying a used Renault van. These vans offer many different options in order to serve many needs. Buyers need to consider what type of cargo they plan to transport before purchasing a van to make sure it would live up to expectations of size, as this is the most important aspect. Browse Gumtree's extensive listings to find the used Renault van that is right for you.

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