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    Peugeot Prices

    Average Peugeot Price: R 104,684


    This Chart shows that the average price of a used Peugeot for sale over the past 90 days, which is R 104,684. The average Peugeot price has decreased by 10.19% since the previous month.

    • If you’re considering buying a Peugeot for your next car purchase, but have not yet chosen the model of Peugeot you want, check out the more detailed prices for the models listed below.
    • If you are looking to sell your Peugeot, consider pricing it according to the average prices we see here on Gumtree to speed up your sale!

    Average Peugeot Price 104,684

    Peugeot Models

    Peugeot Models Review

    Peugeot is one of Europe's oldest automobile manufacturers established in the town of Sochaux, France in the year 1810. Their original business was manufacturing coffee mills and bicycles until 1890 when they produced their first car. Known for their stylish designs and attention to detail, Peugeot's strong engineering and development efforts helped to produce some of the most powerful and attractive vehicles in the world.

    Peugeot manufactures a dizzying array of vehicles sold in different configurations for the various regions. In some countries, they badge these cars with the Peugeot logo and other times collaborate with various manufacturers in other markets. Their product line includes a wide array of styles including compact, full-size sedans, crossovers, sports cars, SUVs, minivans and commercial vehicles. Each of these models presents a choice of options and upgrades that buyers can add to the base vehicle.

    Their 108 Series is their compact vehicle offering that sells as both a 3-door and 5-door hatchback. The 207cc is a similar chassis configured as a convertible. The slightly larger 208 Series features six different variants on the same frame including the 208 3-door, 208 5-door, 208 GTI, 208 Rolland Garros, 208 Style and the 208xy. Each of these models is about the same size but vary in body styles, engine size and other options. The 2008 Crossover and 2008 Crossway are SUVs based on a similar frame as the 208 line of cars. The 308cc is a larger version of these cars with a convertible top, and the chassis comes in an SUV configuration as the 3008 Crossover, 3008 Crossway and the 3008 Hybrid4.

    The Peugeot 508 Series are the largest passenger vehicles in the fleet and feature a 508 Sedan, two crossover models, the 508 SW and 508 RHX, and an MPV version called the 5008 MPV. The company's sports cars include the RCZ Coupe, RCZ R and RCZ Red Carbon models. Peugeot also makes an electric vehicle called the iOn in a 5-door hatchback designed for city driving. The company produces a line of small trucks called the Teepee in a variety of configurations that include a tipper van, panel van and MPV.

    How to Buy a Used Peugeot Sedan

    How to Buy a Used Peugeot Sedan

    The French automaker, Peugeot, offers a wide range of small and large vehicles ideal for young professionals, families and commercial customers. The company offers several luxury sedans that offer all the comforts and options that buyers of Peugeot vehicles could ever expect. With all of the features available, finding the perfect used Peugeot sedan will not be hard at all.


    Peugeot's sedans come in compact and luxury models. One of the compact models, the 2014 308, beat out several competitors to win European Car of the Year. This is an important distinction for an automaker that is little-known outside of Europe and select countries. In addition, the luxury sedan, Peugeot 508, received a five out of five safety rating for the 2011 model year.


    Peugeot sedans offer a wide range of variety in trim styles, models and options. Each sedan model offers several different engine styles and sizes, as well as at least two transmission choices. Body styles also vary, with many models having several body styles that include sedans, hatchbacks, estate cars and city cars.


    Engine sizes vary from 1.6 to 2.3-litre, depending on model, year and trim style. The power output from the sedan engines ranges from 80 to 150 kW. All sedans from 2012 and newer have an optional hybrid engines that allows for excellent fuel economy. In fact, the Peugeot sedans paired with the hybrid petrol/diesel and electric engines offer some of the highest fuel economy available. With each sedan is the choice of a petrol or diesel engine, as well as the hybrid variants.

    Transmissions and Other Features

    Being a French automobile, Peugeot sedans come standard with a manual transmission. The sedans have either a five or 6-speed transmission. An optional upgrade is the 6-speed automatic transmission. However, the 308 sedan is the only style that offers a semi-automatic 6-speed transmission, similar to the CVT transmissions in the Subaru crossovers.

    The Peugeot sedans come standard with front-wheel drive. Some models offer an all-wheel drive upgrade, especially the hybrid models. The fuel economy of the sedans is impressive, with an average of 3.13 litres per 100 kilometres. This fuel economy holds the record with Guinness World Records for the most fuel efficient mainstream automobile.

    Interior Features

    As a luxury automaker, Peugeot offers the highest amount of comfort in their sedans. The interior offers many standard features and upgrades with all power features, an entertainment centre, advanced on-board technology and excellent climate control. The interior offers fabric or leather seating and features, as well as several colour options depending on model year.


    Buyers of used luxury sedans expect no less than the best in comfort. Peugeot delivers this with the best seating materials and highest quality trims. Modular seating allows both the driver and front passenger the ability to reach all of the controls easily. The front driver's seat is fully adjustable and offers optional heating. An additional upgrade allows the front passenger the same comforts. The spacious back seat flips forward to expand the boot and expose a large storage area.


    Buyers of Peugeot sedans receive the best in entertainment. A 7-inch touchscreen display offers Bluetooth support for streaming audio, a CD player and aux inputs for an external media player. Speaker upgrades are available that add two additional speakers to the four already inside of the sedan. The LCD display offers a navigation system and access to the rear parking cameras in upgraded models.

    Exterior Features

    One of the most notable features of the Peugeot sedan is the glass roof, available on upgraded trims on the 308 model. This glass filters the light, making it bright, but not too bright inside of the cockpit. The headlamps on all models are LED, and upgraded trims receive LED fog lamps. Boot space in some trims is as much as 660 litres, which is larger than most sedans can offer.


    For families, sedan safety is of high regard. All Peugeot models offer driver and front passenger airbags, front and rear curtain airbags and front side airbags. This keeps every passenger safe during a crash. All seats include three-point seatbelts and each model offers at least three infant seat anchors. Other safety features include anti-lock brakes, tyre pressure sensors and electronic stability control. Two other important features that come standard are the immobiliser and alarm system.


    For buyers looking for a luxury automobile, a Peugeot sedan offers friendly competition to other sedan models. Features that have the ability to sway buyers include the wide range of features, excellent safety system and the hybrid options. Used Peugeot sedans come in a wide variety of styles with many trims available. Buyers who want to help lower emissions and conserve the environment will find the fuel economy of the hybrid sedans stunning. When searching for a Peugeot sedan on Gumtree, buyers will find a set of features and comfort that will appeal to them and their family.

    Top Considerations When Purchasing a Used Peugeot SUV

    Top Considerations When Purchasing a Used Peugeot SUV

    Known for their commercial vans and cars, Peugeot has a small line of SUVs and crossovers that reflect the company's sleek and luxurious style. Most of the French company's vehicles have numbered designations rather than names, each falling under a certain style and frame. Their SUV line-up includes the 2008, 3008, 4007 and 4008 as well as several variations and trim levels of each. With many optional features and upgrades, car buyers have many choices when buying a used Peugeot SUV.

    Body Style and Size

    All of Peugeot's SUV models are compact or mini in design. This means that the SUVs are smaller in size than those of the East, but each model still seats five people comfortably. Each model offers a 5-door design, with some appearing more wagon-like than traditional crossovers. Of all the models, the 4007 is the largest; however, Peugeot discontinued the model in 2012.


    The Peugeot SUVs and crossovers offer a wide range of engine sizes and specifications across their models and in upgrades. With the wide range of options, most drivers will find a package that will suit their needs.


    Peugeot SUVs have many choices for engines, which depends on trim style. The smallest engines are 1.2-litre and the largest are 2.4-litre. The power output ranges from 68 to 125 kW depending on engine size. Most SUVs have the choice of petrol, diesel and hybrid diesel engines. Some models offer the choice of six different trims, all of which have different engines.

    Transmission and Other Features

    In addition to the many engine options, Peugeot offers many different transmission options as well. The types available depends on the trim and engine style and size. Some SUV trims come with a 4-speed automatic transmission, but this is rare. Many trims come with either a five or 6-speed manual transmission as standard. The hybrid versions of each SUV offer a 5-speed electronic gear control (EGC) transmission, which is similar to the CVT transmissions found in many Subaru models. This type of transmission helps to conserve fuel economy.

    The wheel size on the SUVs range from 15-inch to 17-inch, depending on the model. Peugeot offers a wide range of upgradeable rims for each SUV. Most SUVs come with front-wheel drive (FWD) as standard, but all-wheel drive (AWD) is available as an upgrade and is standard in a few of the premium trims.

    Interior Features

    Because of the many different models available, there are many options available for the interior. Each trim style does offer different interior features, but buyers can find vehicles with singular upgrades without an additional trim package. Common features of the base models include a CD player, power features, climate control and cloth trim.


    The standard interior is cloth, but buyers have the option of an all-leather interior. Both the driver and front passenger seats are adjustable, but electric seats is only available as an upgrade. Heated seats are another upgrade option for both the driver and front passenger. The rear seats fold flat with a 2/3-1/3 split. Dual zone climate control is available in premium trims and as an upgrade to base models.


    The Peugeot line of SUVs offers a diverse range of entertainment options. A CD player with aux input is standard. The upgraded audio system includes a 7-inch touch screen with Bluetooth control. Digital radio and option apps are also available at cost. Other extras include a navigation system and two additional speakers, making the grand total six.


    The exterior offers slightly less options as the interior, but the amount available are impressive. Roof bars and the rear sports spoiler comes standard with all Peugeot SUVs. Optional equipment includes fog lamps, different grille styles, chrome door mirrors and heated mirrors. Peugeot also offers the choice of solid or metallic paint.


    Peugeot's line of SUVs offer top-notch safety features and several additional options, depending on model. Most of their SUVs offer electronic stability, speed limiter, anti-lock brakes and tyre pressure sensors. Each SUV has driver and passenger airbags, front side airbags and front and rear curtain airbags. An additional feature is grip control, available in the premium trims.

    Each SUV offers several security options. A standard alarm and immobiliser is available in all Peugeot SUVs. An upgrade to the alarm is an ultrasonic alarm system, which notified authorities silently without anyone near the car hearing it.


    Peugeot's SUVs each offer a wide range of options and trim styles for car buyers to choose. Of the four models available used, the 2008 and 3008 offer a 2014 and 2015 model. Each SUV offers a comfortable ride for up to five passengers, which makes it a reliable and stylish family vehicle. With a car of the year award under its belt for the line-up of SUVs, Peugeot offers a modern vehicle with enough extras for anyone to find the features and options they crave. Search local listings on Gumtree to find the used Peugeot SUV that is right for you.

    Important Things to Consider When Buying a Used Peugeot Truck

    Important Things to Consider When Buying a Used Peugeot Truck

    Known for their award-winning cars and vans, the French company Peugeot offers a small assortment of current and discontinued lightweight commercial trucks. Buyers looking for a dependable truck should consider purchasing a used Peugeot truck for their commercial and personal needs. However, buyers should research the type of truck they need in order to choose a quality truck that meets their commercial needs.

    Body Styles

    Peugeot used trucks come in similar body styles, but have one model vastly different from the others. Most trucks have a van-like front that closely resembles the Peugeot Boxer or Fiat Ducato. These trucks have a flat-bed versus a standard truck bed. Most Peugeot trucks will feature custom beds, since the manufacturer only makes the vehicles with a flat bed. However, the Hoggar has a vastly different body style from most trucks. It is a small pickup utility vehicle that features the 207 frame and styling.

    Commercial buyers should consider the bed size they require when buying a Peugeot truck. The sizes vary depending on the type of van model Peugeot styles the truck after. The largest trucks feature the Boxer frame. The Hoggar is not a commercial-minded vehicle. Buyers needing a recreational or utility vehicle would benefit from the car/truck hybrid.

    Light Trucks

    Peugeot trucks are light trucks, which means that most drivers do not require a special licence to drive them. Buyers with a delivery business might find light trucks more attractive because their employees can drive them at will. In addition, light trucks handle much like the commercial vans from which they share a chassis. The Hoggar does not fit into this class of vehicles. Peugeot describes it as a coupe utility vehicle.

    Exterior Features

    The most notable exterior feature of Peugeot trucks is the flatbed and small 2-door cab. The flatbed serves the purpose of hauling equipment, other vehicles and many other things. Buyers considering this type of truck are likely to be business owners who run a delivery business or business that hauls large pieces of equipment. Another option is the cut-away, which is a 2-seat cab with an empty rear frame. Buyers often use this body style for creating a caravan.

    Interior Styling

    Peugeot trucks share the same interior as their van counterparts. In the small two to 3-person cabin, drivers can expect a fully-adjustable driver's seat. Seat material is fabric, but leather is available in an upgrade. A centre console flips down out of the middle seat, which includes a writing tablet and cup holders.

    Climate control comes standard, as does a touchscreen CD player compatible with mp3 files. A Tom-Tom navigation system is an optional upgrade that is part of the audio centre in compatible models. Inside the cab, there is also a fair amount of storage space. All seats are spacious, and compartments are close to both the driver and passenger seat positions.


    Because Peugeot manufactures their trucks under many different names and brands, specifications vary from vehicle to vehicle. However, their 2014 line of 2-door pickups closely resemble the Boxer van. Their trucks do have many different engines, due in part to the different brands the company manufactures vehicles for, which includes Citroen, Fiat and Ram.


    Engine styles vary from truck to truck, but in general they range from 2.2-litre to 3.6-litre 4-cylinder 16-valve engines. Power output ranges widely, but is 81 kW at the low end and 130 kW at the higher end. Engines come in both petrol and diesel variants, with one engine available that is a 3.0-litre EcoDiesel model.


    All Peugeot truck variants have a 6-speed GM M40 manual transmission except for the Ram ProMaster. The Ram ProMaster is a model available in the United States, which only comes with an automatic transmission. The Ram trucks are also the only ones that come with the EcoDiesel engine.

    Historic Trucks

    Buyers who favour historic vehicles should consider the Peugeot DMA. They manufactured the light truck between 1941 and 1948 for commercial purposes. Many body configurations for this particular model of truck exist, all based on the function and use of the truck. Another historic light truck is the Peugeot Q3A. This truck replaced the DMA in 1948 and only offered two model years. This truck was commonly a military vehicle, making it popular amongst collectors.


    Though Peugeot offers only a small selection of trucks, buyers can still find a commercial vehicle that meets their needs. Bed size and composition varies from model to model, and some owners customise the bed, leaving buyers with many options. Even with a small cab, their trucks offer the ability to seat up to three and offer many of the comforts of a traditional pickup. Upgrades do exist and add more features to the interior. Historic car enthusiasts will appreciate both older models of the Peugeot trucks. Consumers can browse the latest listings at Gumtree to find the used Peugeot that is right for them.

    What to Consider When Purchasing a Used Peugeot Van

    What to Consider When Purchasing a Used Peugeot Van

    Known for their commercial vans, the French company Peugeot offers many different varieties of light commercial vehicles under their own name and under Ram, Fiat and Citroen. With all of the various brands and styles available, buyers have many options for their next used Peugeot van. Each van offers commercial customers features that appeal to many different types of businesses including ambulance services, delivery services and other service personnel.


    Peugeot vans range in size from compact to light vans. The compact vans offer a total length of 4 380 mm to 4 628 mm. The light vans are slightly larger in size, but offer similar dimensions. Length and height is different depending on the make and model of each Peugeot van. Buyers must make sure that the size van they choose will fit their regular payloads.


    Style is an important attribute for buyers to consider when choosing a Peugeot van. Their vans come in several styles including compact, panel, window and conversion vans. All styles except conversion vans are popular with small and large businesses. Small businesses that offer delivery services would benefit from either a compact or panel van. Window vans are ideal for taxi and shuttle services, as they are people movers. However, conversion vans appeal more to non-commercial customers who prefer a full-sized van.

    Body Configuration

    All Peugeot van models have five door openings. There is a front and front passenger door, two sliding side doors and the back doors. This gives commercial customers the ability to load the van the way they want it. Most vans have the driver's compartment connected to the cargo area, but some models are separate. This gives buyers the ability to add different types of rear compartments on the van, such as a caravan or flatbed.


    Buyers should feel at ease in their commercial van. Even used Peugeot vans have an excellent safety package. The vans contain both driver and passenger airbags, as well as 3-point seatbelts. ABS comes standard on all models to help with braking. Vehicle stability control is another safety feature that helps drivers keep control of their vehicle.


    Considering a majority of the Peugeot line of vans are commercial, the interior is surprisingly comfortable. Each van offers the ability to seat up to three passengers in the base models, and additional seats are available with different upgrades. Buyers will enjoy the amount of space in the front cabin area and the modern features.

    Comfort Features

    The cab of most Peugeot vans offer a lot of room for the driver and passengers. Climate control is standard in all models. Included is a CD player with mp3 compatibility, however, some models include a LCD touchscreen display. The on-board computer activates the windshield wipers when it rains and includes a navigation device in an upgrade package. One last upgrade includes a rear camera and parking package.


    These vans offer an ideal amount of storage space both in the passenger compartment and in the back of the van. Inside of the passenger compartment are several closed storage compartments, including a centre console that flips down from the middle bench seat. This console also contains drink holders.

    The rear offers many storage possibilities for buyers. From the compact to the full-sized van, each model offers a reasonable amount of storage space. Different packages exist that determine the type of flooring in the back of each van, which is either plastic or wood. Some models offer an additional rear flap at the roof, which works well for oversized items. Many models also offer ceiling storage compartments in the rear of the van.


    With such a large selection of vehicles, specifications will vary greatly from model to model. However, the larger selection means that buyers have an easier time finding what type of van they want. Though it is not essential, most drivers feel the need to make note of the engine and transmission features of each commercial van they purchase.

    Engine and Transmission

    All non-American models of the Peugeot vans include a 2.0 to 3.0-litre 4-cylinder engine. All of the engines also take diesel fuel. Only the Ram ProMaster comes with an automatic engine. This particular vehicle also has a larger engine, a 3.6-litre V6 petrol. Though many models are similar, multiple engine brands exist in the 2014 model year. Just like with the engines, all models come with a 6-speed manual transmission. Only the American model comes with an automatic transmission.


    Under their own name, Peugeot offers a wide range of vans including Partner, Bipper, Expert Van, Expert Crew Van, Boxer Van and their window vans. In addition to this, the company manufactures vans for many other companies. This gives commercial buyers a wide variety of used vans to choose from for many different uses. Start your search for a used Peugeot van on Gumtree today.

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