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    Opel Prices

    Average Opel Price: R 107,635


    This Chart shows that the average price of a used Opel for sale over the past 90 days, which is R 107,635. The average Opel price has increased by 0.87% since the previous month.

    • If you’re considering buying a Opel for your next car purchase, but have not yet chosen the model of Opel you want, check out the more detailed prices for the models listed below.
    • If you are looking to sell your Opel, consider pricing it according to the average prices we see here on Gumtree to speed up your sale!

    Average Opel Price 107,635

    Opel Models

    Opel Models Review

    Opel is one of the oldest automobile manufacturers still in operation, tracing their heritage back to 1862 when the company was producing sewing machines. They began manufacturing bicycles in 1886, which then led to automobile production starting in 1899. The official name of the company is Adam Opel AG, but most consumers simply refer to it as Opel. Their headquarters is in Rsselsheim, Hesse, Germany. While Opel sells automobiles under the Opel name in many parts of the world, they also have strong partnerships with other car manufacturers and sell products through them in other markets as well.

    Opel offers the public an expansive line of vehicles that cover every category of car imaginable. Depending on the country, Opel may offer several models of each of their lineup for sale. Their product line includes city cars, superminis, family cars, MPVs, SUVs, crossovers, minivans and commercial trucks and vans. Each of these categories features several different models with a varied array of features and options. While this massive product line may be confusing to some consumers, it offers the ultimate choice in vehicles for any need.

    In the small car category, Opel sells a city car called the Adam, and a set of superminis called the Corsa D and Corsa E. Their product line for family cars includes smaller models like the Astra J and larger models such as the Insignia and Cascadia. Their full-sized offerings start with the Insignia Country Tourer, Insignia OPC and Ampera. Opel produces several MPV models that include the Zafira B, Meriva B, and Zafira Tourer C.

    Their selection gets even broader with several SUV offerings from Opel that include the Mokka and Antara. They built both of these on a 5-door hatchback chassis that provides a higher ground clearance and easy loading through the rear. One newer offering from the company is the Agila, which competes with other smaller city cars and provides a spacious interior and great mileage on a small frame for budget-conscious drivers.

    Top Considerations When Purchasing a Used Opel Sedan

    Top Considerations When Purchasing a Used Opel Sedan

    Opel offers its signature Astra sedan for consumers interested in a stylish yet functional and affordable vehicle. The Astra joins a wide selection of Opel cars, many of which include small and spirited hatchbacks. The four-door sedan provides ample room for families and those people who are travelling solo, along with an array of features and components for the modern consumer. Customers can find a selection of used Opel sedans for sale in South Africa.

    Available Opel Sedan Models

    Consumers will find a range of Astra models to choose from, including base level vehicles along with higher trim ones. To begin with, the Astra 1,6 Essentia offers a generous amount of standard equipment, such as power and heated side mirrors, a graphic information display, antilock braking system, child seat anchorage, and 17-inch alloy wheels. The 14,T Essentia is next, adding a turbo engine, six-speed manual transmission and other features to the base model.

    Consumers will find even more standard features than the Turbo Essentia with the 1,4T Enjoy, which has options such as the unique Enjoy trim, rain-sensing wipers, an anti-dazzle rear view mirror, chrome moulding belt line, and a leather steering wheel. The A/T version of the Enjoy has a six-speed automatic transmission along with hill start assist.

    The Astra 1,6T Cosmo completes the list, with features that include 18-inch alloy wheels, a lowered sport chassis, three-spoke sport steering wheel, ergonomic driver's sport seat, heated front seats, power lumbar driver's seat, a colour information display, and multispoke 18-inch alloy wheels.

    Opel Sedan Engine Types

    Many vehicles have an array of engine types and features for consumers, from base model engines that are more efficient to engines that produce plenty of power. The Astra offers several variations for consumers who may want to know a bit more about the different vehicle choices. For example, most modern Astra sedans come with an ECOTEC engine for improved performance and efficiency. Some vehicles come with a turbo engine, which offers more power and performance. Such models may include the 1,4T Essentia in manual and automatic form and the 1,6T Cosmo.

    Opel Sedan Transmission Options

    Most Astra models come standard with a manual transmission. Consumers can expect a five-speed manual transmission with the 1,6 Essentia, while most higher level trims come with a six-speed manual transmission. However, the 1,4T Enjoy AT is equipped with an automatic transmission. Regardless of the type of transmission the car contains, consumers can expect the Astra to be a front-wheel drive vehicle.

    Opel Sedan Style Choices

    Sleek, modern lines and a contemporary design makes the Astra a noticeable sedan on the road. This Opel sedan is a solid option for consumers interested in a functional sedan that can turn heads on the road. A balanced, flowing design means that every line and surface joins up with the next to create a sleek appearance. Despite modern touches, however, the Astra maintains many hallmark features.

    Opel Sedan Interiors

    For many consumers, a car's interior plays an important role in deciding whether or not to opt for a certain model or even a specific vehicle. The Opel Astra's interior features innovative touches along with modern lines and styling, with highlights that include textured main surfaces along with soft-touch material and high-quality grains. Drivers can expect sweeping lines on the inside along with a wraparound instrument panel and chrome accents in the cockpit, even on standard models. The driver-oriented cockpit offers easily reachable control elements.

    Opel Sedan Exteriors

    Aside from its fluid movements, the Astra sedan's exterior turns heads for other reasons as well. The car's headlights and front grilles maintain a refined and typical Astra appearance, drawing attention to the vehicle's front without being over the top. Additionally, the rear lights maintain a typical Opel appearance. Modern exterior features include the sweeping roofline, which flows from the passenger cabin to the rear screen. The sculpted aerodynamic lip at the end of the car's short rear deck gives it a sportier appearance.


    Opel Astra engines feature a blend of performance and fuel efficiency, along with low emissions. This combination suits eco-conscious consumers driving in urban as well as suburban areas. Modern Astra sedans have innovative technology for enhanced performance and efficiency, with unique Opel Astra ECOTEC engines that help the Astra stand out in terms of performance and fuel efficiency in its class.

    Safety Features

    Modern Astra sedans come with an array of safety features, many of which feature new and innovative technology. Some examples of what consumers might expect to find in newer Astra sedans includes cruise control with a speed limiter function, which allows the car to drive under a set speed, along with park assist for both the front and the rear. Additional safety features include durable bumpers and efficient energy absorption systems.


    Consumers who are in the market for a four-door sedan that is modern, stylish, and efficient should take a look at the Opel Astra. There are many used Opel Astra sedans for sale in South Africa, particularly in major cities and towns. The Astra has a performance-ready yet efficient engine along with state-of-the-art safety features, including a durable passenger cage. South Africa has a number of secondhand Opel Astra sedans for sale to meet a variety of driver demands and budgets.

    Top Considerations for Buying an Opel Compact Car

    Top Considerations for Buying an Opel Compact Car

    In the world of cars, compact cars fill the demands of consumers who desire a capable car that works particularly well for fitting into tight spaces. This ability makes the compact car a prime choice for city driving, although most compact cars are versatile and useful for other types of driving and living situations. Opel has several compact cars for consumers from which to choose. There is a variety of used Opel compact cars for sale in South Africa.


    Knowing the available Opel compact car models can help consumers make an informed purchasing decision. Opel offers a range of compact cars, including two-door vehicles along with hatchbacks and sedans. The models offered by Open are the five-door and three-door Corsa, the Astra sedan, GTC and OPC. Despite their similarities in size, these cars vary in terms of features, components and performance.

    Corsa Five-Door

    This vehicle caters to young families as well as individuals who want a practical yet spirited ride. Newer vehicles feature improvements in the chassis and engines for more power and better performance. Consumers will find two models to choose from, including the 1,4 Essentia, which is a well-equipped base model, followed by the 1,4T Enjoy. The Essentia contains standard features that range from radio controls on the steering wheel to a mobile phone portal with Bluetooth, while the Enjoy has the standard Essentia features along with a 1,4T engine and a five-speed manual transmission.

    Corsa Three-Door

    The Corsa three-door, the OPC, is a small sports car that ensures enhanced driving performance. Aside from its ample amount of power, the OPC also has modern styling and touches. The available model has an array of features, such as hill start assist, 18-inch alloy wheels and a 6-speed transmission.

    Astra Hatchback

    The Astra hatchback features a refreshed exterior style and new and improved driving components. Examples of what modern consumers can find the car include a powerful engine and a generous amount of standard features. Consumers will find several Astra hatchback models to choose from, starting with the base 1,6 Essentia. Turbo-charged models come next, with offerings that include the 1,4 Turbo Essentia, 1,4 Turbo Enjoy and the 1,6 Turbo Sport.

    Astra Sedan

    The Astra sedan offers ample space for front and backseat passengers. A modern design and numerous features makes this vehicle a particularly strong options for families who want a car for urban or suburban driving. The elegant saloon car comes in several different models, ranging from the 1,6 Essentia to the 1,4 T Essentia, the 1,4 Enjoy with standard transmission, the 1,4 Enjoy with an automatic transmission and the 1,6 T Cosmo.

    Astra GTC

    Opel's GTC builds off of the Astra's basic features, but in a more compact and coupe style. The car's exterior design is sporty yet sleek and modern. There are two Astra GTC models for consumers to choose from, the 1,4 T Enjoy and the 1,6 T Sport.

    Astra OPC

    The sporty Astra OPC is a performance-enhanced version of the Astra GTC. The general components of the two vehicles are similar, although the OPC contains a more powerful engine and sports-oriented suspension and components. There is just one OPC model on the market.

    Interior Features

    The five-door Corsa contains radio controls on the steering wheel along with a height- and reach-adjustable steering wheel, air conditioning, power front windows with a one-touch function and a USB port. The higher-end 1,4 T Enjoy also has a matte chrome air nozzle, unique Enjoy trim, a black instrument panel with translucent, printed rings and a gear shift lever with a chrome ring. The three-door Corsa contains power, heated mirrors, a deflation detection system, leather trim, Recaro sports seats and an adjustable luggage compartment floor. Base features for the Astra sedan include daytime running lights, front and rear power windows, a radio CD player with Graphic Info Display and a leather steering wheel. Higher trim levels may offer rain sensor wipers, anti-dazzle rearview mirrors, premium interior leather and a colour information display.

    The GTC's features include heated power mirrors in the vehicle's body colour, ambient lighting, a particle, carbon and odour filter, a centre console with two cupholders and open storage and decor mouldings. The higher end GTC also contains a dual-zone electronic climate control, full leather sports seats, an adjustable armrest in front, instruments with chrome ring accents and translucent accent lighting and door sill plates. The OPC's features include aero fins on the tailgate, a perforated leather sports steering wheel, instruments with chrome ring accents and translucent accent lighting and bi-xenon front headlamps.


    Consumers in the market for a compact car from Opel will find a variety of models and body types from which to choose. Options include the family-oriented Corsa along with the sporty Astra OPC. There is a varied selection of used Opel cars to choose from depending on the consumer's driving needs and budget.

    Opel Van Buying Guide for Consumers

    Opel Van Buying Guide for Consumers

    Opel currently offers one van for consumers, the Vivaro. This van, which falls into the medium van category, offers innovative and reliable technology and construction along with an economical engine for maximum performance. The Vivaro meets the demands of consumers in search of a van that can carry passengers as well as luggage and cargo. Consumers will find a variety of used Open vans for sale throughout South Africa.


    The Vivaro comes as a variety of models, including the 2,0 Panel Van, 1,9 CTDi Panel Van, and the 1,9 CDTi Bus. This flexible Opel van offers both long and short wheelbases as well as high and low roofs. There are traditional or double cabs for transporting passengers as well as dropside or floor cabs for conversions.

    2,0 Panel Van

    The 2,0 Panel Van comes with a petrol engine and offers an array of rear door configuration solutions, allowing for maximum transportation and loading. There is also a second sliding door on the side of the van along with various bulkheads. The Panel Van best suits consumers with an interest in having a work-oriented van to carry supplies and tools.

    1,9 CTDi Panel Van

    The 1,9 CTDi van comes with a diesel engine. As with its petrol engine counterpart, the diesel van provides ease of use and storage in the back and the side of the van. Large windows on the front passenger and driver's side and a spacious windshield enable enhanced visibility during a ride.

    1,9 CTDi Bus

    This bus works best for consumers with an interest in transporting luggage, goods and passengers. The bus provides plenty of space for its passenger, with multiple rows for seating and ample space to stretch out. A powerful yet efficient engine ensures commendable fuel economy and performance.


    The Vivaro has a well-appointed interior with modern features and conveniences. Depending on the model, consumers can expect an interior that is geared more towards passengers or hauling cargo. Examples of standard equipment consumers can expect to find in all Vivaro models include a driver's airbag, air conditioning, a radio and tuner and a lockable fuel flap.

    However, each model comes with its own unique interior features. For example, the 2,0 Panel Van may include oversized electric mirrors and air conditioning in the front. The 1,9 CTDi Panel Van contains many of the same interior features as the 2,0 Panel Van along with an array of load area options. The 1,9 CDTi Bus interior is more passenger friendly with interior features like driver and passenger airbags, park assist, front and rear air conditioning and radio controls on the steering wheel. There is also a radio and CD player along with side-sliding windows.


    The outside of a van and its exterior features can help consumers make an informed purchasing decision. On the 2,0 Panel Van and 1,9 CTDi Panel Van, exterior features include double rear doors, a high-mounted stop lamp, heat-reflective windscreen, 16-inch steel wheels and matching door and tailgate handles. For the 1,9 CDTi Bus, exterior features may include heated exterior mirrors, twin lens split view exterior door mirrors as well as a tailgate and heated rear window. Additional exterior features are a rear window wash and wiper as well as a tow hitch and 16-inch alloy wheels.


    Interior and exterior features can help to sway consumers in one direction or another when it comes to deciding on which van to purchase. Each van has its own interior and exterior features. For example, the 1,9 CTDi Panel Van comes with an adjustable driver's seat and a front passenger bench along with adjustable head restraints and a cloth trim. Consumers can expect to find a power-assisted tiltable steering wheel along with a clock. On the 2,0 Petrol Panel Van, consumers will find many of the same features as with the 1,9 model, which includes fog lamps and front air conditioning.

    Consumers will find more interior and exterior features on the 1,9 CDTi Bus. Examples include colour-coded bumpers, heated mirrors, side-sliding windows, tow hitch, and alloy wheels. On the inside of the van, there is a removable second and third row bench as well as air conditioning in the front and rear and a radio/CD front loader with an MP3 player. There is also a warning buzzer for headlamps available along with cupholders integrated into the dash and a luggage cover with a safety net.


    When buying a van, most consumers take into consideration their driving demands and preferences along with budget. Opel offers one model, the Vivaro, which comes in a number of variations. For example, there are panel vans along with a bus for transporting passengers. Consumers will find a wide range of used Opel vans to choose from in South Africa.

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