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    Nissan Prices

    Average Nissan Price: R 180,420


    This Chart shows that the average price of a used Nissan for sale over the past 90 days, which is R 180,420. The average Nissan price has decreased by 1.98% since the previous month.

    • If you’re considering buying a Nissan for your next car purchase, but have not yet chosen the model of Nissan you want, check out the more detailed prices for the models listed below.
    • If you are looking to sell your Nissan, consider pricing it according to the average prices we see here on Gumtree to speed up your sale!

    Average Nissan Price 180,420

    Nissan Models

    Nissan Models Review

    The Nissan Motor Corporation's long history dates back to its inception in 1934 when the company officially took over the manufacturer of Datsun automobiles from Tobata Casting. The company grew over the years to become the world's sixth largest auto producer, boasting an expansive selection of cars that include every model type from smaller electric vehicles to large, heavy-duty pickup trucks.

    Nissan designs and manufacturers vehicles in every class available including passenger cars, electrics and hybrids, sports cars, crossovers, minivans and trucks. Each of these vehicles is high quality and provides one of the best values available for their price. Nissan's smaller cars include the Versa and Sentra, both of which are 4-door sedans. The Versa is also sold as a Versa Note in a 5-door hatchback model with a slightly sportier design. The larger passenger cars include the Altima and Maxima series that come as 4-door sedans. The Altima is also a coupe with a somewhat smaller engine.

    The Nissan Leaf is the company's new electric vehicle that has a 5-door frame. Nissan also offers a hybrid vehicle on the Pathfinder chassis to provide drivers with a choice of several energy-efficient vehicles. The company builds three high-performance sports cars that include the 370Z Coupe, 370 Roadster and the GT-R. The two 370Z models share a similar design with the roadster adding a convertible top to the mix. Both of these coupes have more power than other cars in the Nissan lineup and provide improved handling. Their top of the line Sports model is the GT-R, which is available in both a Premium and Black model. This car includes all the engineering and performance improvements that Nissan developed for their automobiles to provide the ultimate driving experience.

    Nissan's largest category is their crossover SUV offerings that feature eight models of cars including the Juke, Rogue, Rogue Select, Xterra, Pathfinder, Armada, Murano and Murano Crosscabriolet. All of these vehicles are available with a wide range of options and trim packages. Finally, Nissan produces a line of minivans and pickup trucks that includes the Quest and NV Passenger vans, as well as the Frontier, Titan and NV Series of commercial vans.

    Nissan Sedan Buying Guide for Consumers

    Nissan Sedan Buying Guide for Consumers

    Nissan offers four-door sedans for individuals and families seeking an ample amount of space for both passengers and storage. Drivers in South Africa will find a relatively limited selection, with two sedans to choose from, the Almera and Sentra. Both vehicles offer modern features and amenities, along with comfort and performance for urban and suburban driving. Consumers will find a variety of used Nissan sedans for sale in South Africa to match their budget and performance needs.

    Sedan Models

    Modern consumers can choose between Nissan's two sedans in the South African market, the Almera and the Sentra. Each sedan has a slightly different appeal, from its interior layout and design to its performance and handling. The Almera has room for five passengers, and newer cars come with a range of features. Some of the Almera's features include electric door mirrors, remote central locking, manual air conditioning along with dedicated rear vents. Almera sedan options consist of the 1,5 Acenta with manual or automatic transmissions.

    Consumers who want to have a bit more room while staying within the sedan family may opt for the slightly larger Sentra sedan. Aside from spacious seating for up to five people, the Sentra offers a blend of performance and modern features. Examples of what consumers may find in late-model Sentra sedans include distinctive LED accent halogen headlights, chrome window surrounds and door handles, along with alloy wheels and sleek, modern lines on the inside and outside. Model choices for the Sentra include the 1,6 Acenta with a manual transmission and the 1,6 Acenta with a CVT transmission.


    Modern Sentra sedans feature some of the latest technology when it comes to performance, such as the continuously variable transmission. The CVT features a compact and lightweight construction along with an expanded gear ratio, enabling faster and more powerful acceleration along with enhanced fuel efficiency. Despite its smaller size, the Almera has a 1,5-litre petrol engine for manual and automatic cars, which provides a sufficient amount of power for drivers in various settings. In contrast, the Nissan Sentra has a 1,6-litre four-cylinder engine.


    The Almera and Sentra sedans offer a mix of style and practicality for various driving needs and personalities. The Almera comes with a range of colour options, such as red, brownish gray, silver and black. The interior of the car is equipped with an array of standard features as well as a cloth trim. The Sentra comes with many of the same colour options along with a stylish and ergonomically designed driver's seat.


    The way a car looks on the inside plays a significant role in the minds of many consumers. The Sentra's interior highlights driver visibility, which is particularly notable due to the sedan's large windows and thoughtful construction. The Sentra also has a driver-oriented interior, with a blend of sophistication, including soft-touch fabrics along with features such as rear centre armrests and ergonomic seats. Despite its generally small size, the Almera offers drivers ample amount of headroom along with plenty of comfort and space for passengers and luggage.


    The Sentra has a number of modern exterior features to help set it apart from other vehicles in its class. For example, consumers who opt for late-model Sentras can find features such as side mirrors with razor indicator lights along with chrome window surrounds and door handles. Additional exterior features are 16-inch alloy wheels and unique LED halogen headlights. Sleek lines add a modern look while keeping the vehicle as efficient as possible.

    Sleek yet smooth curves help to accentuate the Almera's body style while keeping fuel consumption to a minimum. Other exterior features of the sedan include its sporty headlamps along with 15-inch alloy wheels and a window profile similar to that of a coupe. The automaker's hallmark front grille spans the front part of the Almera.

    Comfort and Features

    Both sedans offer consumers many different comfort options and features. Some examples of what consumers can expect to find in the Almera include a height-adjustable driver's seat, a steering wheel with tilt adjustment, remote central locking and speed-sensitive auto-locking doors. Other features may include a trip computer that has two trip metres along with instant and average fuel economy readings and a tank range.

    Aside from ample head and legroom, the Sentra has generally high quality finishes, including soft-touch fabrics on the interior door trims and the rear centre armrests as well as ergonomic seat design. For drivers who want to stay in tune with the vehicle on trips of any length, the Multi-Function Drive Computer offers vital information in one convenient location, so that drivers can stay aware of the car's fuel consumption, outside temperature and driving range. Another feature is the Bluetooth system with handsfree connectivity, which enables drivers to make calls while on the road safely.


    Both the Sentra and Almera come with a wide range of safety technologies, which help to prevent accidents and provide plenty of protection in the event of an accident. Examples of what consumers can expect to find on the sedans include multiple airbags in the front and sides to keep the driver and any passengers protected. Additionally, drivers can expect an antilock braking system along with a brake assist and electronic brakeforce distribution for emergency stops and fast braking.


    Consumers will find plenty of safety and comfort features in Nissan's sedans, the Almera and the slightly larger Sentra. Driver-centric interiors and modern, stylish exteriors make both sedans optimal choices for a variety of drivers. There is a wide selection of secondhand Nissan sedans for sale throughout South Africa.

    Considerations for Nissan SUV Consumers

    Considerations for Nissan SUV Consumers

    In 2012, Nissan was the sixth largest automaker on the planet, competing with well-known brands such as Volkswagen, Hyundai, Toyota, General Motors and Ford. The Japanese brand stands out for its steady history of reliability and style. The selection of sport utility vehicles from Nissan includes rugged vehicles with ample ground clearance, allowing for sufficient performance and function on and off the road. Consumers can find a range of used Nissan SUVs for sale in South Africa.


    Nissan offers three different SUVs for the modern consumer, including the Patrol, Pathfinder, and X-Trail. Each SUV offers an array of modern safety features as well as performance options and capabilities. Consumers should note that Nissan's SUVs are generally larger than the brands crossover vehicles. Nissan SUVs have 4x4 systems that allow the driver to maintain ample control on the vehicle even in adverse weather and road conditions.


    The Patrol maintains its image as a durable SUV capable of providing on- and off-road agility. This SUV has a 4x4 system for control in various types of weather as well as style and refinement for the modern driver. Drivers may opt for the 3,0 TD GL 4x4 with a manual transmission, which has a 16-valve four cylinder direct injection engine, as well as a 4,8 Tiptronic GRX 4x4 with an automatic transmission. The GRX has a 24-valve six cylinder engine. Both vehicles are part-time four-wheel drive, with the rear-wheel driven in two-wheel drive.


    Power output is one of the primary features of the Pathfinder, from off-road driving to towing a trailer. Newer Pathfinders contain direct injection V6 turbo diesel engines for a combination of driving performance and efficient fuel economy. Drivers can choose from a range of models, starting with the base 2,5 dCi SE with a manual transmission. The same model with an automatic transmission follows, along with a 2,5 dCi LE automatic transmission with a navigation system and a top tier 3,0 dCi V6 LE automatic transmission with navigation.


    The X-Trail is a well-rounded SUV for on- and off-road driving. The SUV contains a powerful engine and interior space with plenty of versatility, as well as a ALL MODE 4x4-i system to handle a range of driving conditions and surfaces. Consumers will find several variations of the X-Trail, including the 2,0 dCi 4x2 XE with a manual transmission, followed by the 2,0 dCi 4x4 6 SE with an automatic transmission. The 2,0 dCi 4x4 6 LE with an automatic transmission completes the X-Trail lineup.


    Although Nissan SUVs share some of the same exterior styling and features, they differ slightly from one to the next. The Patrol has a smooth steel body for enhanced style and durability, along with a strong ladder frame chassis to improve performance and enhance the vehicle's powerful stance. Along with large windows for the passengers and driver, this SUV has a distinctive front grille with the Nissan logo along with a long wheelbase.

    Exterior features on the Pathfinder include a tall and wide-shouldered body as well as 17-inch alloy wheels and roof rails. This vehicle features sleek and modern lines for enhanced performance and exterior styling. The X-Trail contains extended wheel arches along with an aggressive front bumper design, features that give the X-Trail a more imposing stance. There is a low waistline to help with driver visibility and interior space.


    Interior features of the Patrol include modern touches, such as a dual-tone finish, that complements the vehicle's dashboard as well as a multi-dial and easy-to-read instrument panel. The seats are comfortable and supportive, and the SUV includes leather trim along with soft material on all passenger-facing surfaces. Ample room on the inside is the hallmark feature of the Pathfinder, which offers seven seats and numerous ways to arrange those seats. There are hidden storage spaces along with a multifunction steering wheel. The X-Trail has an array of interior features, including an intelligent key system, rearview mirror with an integrated reverse parking camera, heated and reclining seats and steering wheel controls.


    Aside from a 4,8-litre petrol engine, the Patrol offers an automatic transmission with a manual shift mode along with the capability of switching directly from 2WD to 4WD when the vehicle is moving. The Pathfinder includes a 4x4 system along with cruise control for maximum performance and handling. The X-Trail has a stiff and sturdy platform along with a long-travel suspension an intelligent 4x4 system for standout handling on a variety of surfaces.


    Consumers in the market for a Nissan SUV have several options, ranging from the Patrol to the Pathfinder and the X-Trail. Depending on the vehicle and model, these SUVs comfortably seat between five and seven passengers. Along with rugged off-road capabilities, these Nissan SUVs also have modern features, comfort and technology on the inside, ranging from leather seats to steering wheel-mounted controls. There is a wide selection of used Nissan SUVs for sale on the market.

    Top Considerations for Buying Nissan Trucks

    Top Considerations for Buying Nissan Trucks

    Nissan offers a versatile and expansive selection of trucks for commercial and personal use. The Japanese automaker has an array of pickup trucks and bakkies, which either have one or two rows for passengers. Depending on the consumer's preferences, drivers may opt for sportier trucks or those designed for hauling around large loads. There is a varied selection of used Nissan trucks for sale in South Africa, depending on budget and consumer needs.


    Nissan offers four different models of trucks for its consumers. Although the styles are generally the same, with a cab in the front and an open back for storage and transportation, each model varies in terms of its performance and capabilities as well as features and components. There are smaller trucks as well as those with more powerful engines.


    The Nissan Navara hit the market in the later part of 2010, bringing a stylish and performance-ready truck to the market. The vehicle has a 3,0-litre V6 turbo diesel engine, a combination that enhances the truck's driving capabilities and efficiency. A standout feature of this truck is its low idle speed, which at 650 rpm means a lack of traditional vibrations and noises that often accompany diesel trucks. Consumers may opt for the base 2,5 dCi 4x2 XE K/K along with the 2,5 dCi 4x2 XE D/C and the 2,5 dCi 4x4 D/C MT LE. All Navara models come standard with a six-speed manual transmission.


    Nissan's NP200 is a smaller pickup truck from the automaker's lineup, combining a spirited drive and hauling capabilities when necessary. There is one model to choose from, the 1,6 8V base A/C with safety pack. This Nissan truck comes standard with a five-speed manual transmission and two-wheel drive.


    Also known as the Nissan NP300 Hardbody, this light commercial vehicle provides durability and stability for work and pleasure driving needs. The truck contains a diesel engine renowned for its clean firing along with smooth acceleration and performance. An innovative diesel engine design also means more ride comfort and less noise. Consumers can find the NP300 in four unique models, starting with the 2,5 TDi HI-RIDER S/CAB and followed by the 2,4 HI-RIDER D/CAB. Additional models include the 2,4 HI-RIDER 4x4 D/CAB as well as the 2,5 TDi HI-RIDER D/CAB.


    New for 2014, the Patrol pickup builds on Nissan's SUV Patrol vehicle. This pickup comes with a 3,0-litre common rail diesel engine with notable off-road capabilities to conquer South Africa's varied terrain. There is one model choice for the Nissan Patrol, the 3,0 Di 4x4.


    Knowing the comfort and available features of a vehicle's interior can help consumers make a more informed buying decision. The Navara has room for up to five individuals in its double cab setting. There is ample storage space inside this truck, with a large double deck glove box as well as a central dashboard box, a centre console and storage pockets in the doors. Modern trucks have comfort and luxury elements, such as tilt adjustable power steering, heated power mirrors, driver's seat lumbar and height adjustment and a six-CD auto changer. The NP200 has a simple yet effective interior, with extensive storage capacity. Highlights of the interior include high-quality trim, air conditioning, power steering, central locking and an audio system.

    Inside the NP300, consumers can expect to find a combination leather and textile trim in the front along with a leather gearshift knob and steering wheel. Additional interior features include front and rear headrests along with a sliding rear window. The redesigned pillar seals allow for protection against water seepage, dust and road noise. The Patrol Pickup includes high-quality cloth seats with head restraints that help reduce fatigue. Other features include air conditioning, power windows, a tilt adjustable steering column with power steering, and a footrest for the driver that offers support on varied terrain.


    From style to function, a vehicle's exterior features are another key consideration for a number of consumers. Highlights of the Navara's exterior design include its raised bonnet profile and unique honeycomb grille, with a high stance and wide-flared wheel arches. The truck also has a large load box area for carrying cargo along with a streamlined, tubular rack for increased wind resistance. The NP200's exterior features smooth surfaces with a relatively low stance for added stability and durability.

    On the outside of the NP300, consumers can expect to find durable, grooved load-box inner panels that allow a board to be inserted to separate front and rear loading sections when needed. There is also oval tubing, which matches the truck's side-step style. In keeping with its rugged appearance, the Patrol pickup has a wide and aggressive stance along with overfenders, which add to its sturdy stand on- and off-road. There is also a wide cargo bed to carry larger items.


    Consumers who are searching for a rugged yet stylish and practical truck will find a number of selections from Nissan. The automaker offers four distinct trucks, the Navara, NP200, NP300 and the Patrol. There is a selection of used Nissan trucks for sale to meet various driving preferences and budgets.

    Considerations for Buying a Nissan Van

    Considerations for Buying a Nissan Van

    Nissan vans offer plenty of space for storing luggage, tools, and other goods, along with multiple passengers. Such vans work well for personal and commercial use. This Japanese automaker offers several vans from which to choose, all of which have their own unique style and features. For example, some vans have more windows or passenger seating than others. There are several secondhand Nissan vans for sale in South Africa.


    Nissan currently offers three distinct van models, the NV350 Impendulo, NV200 and NV350. These vans are durable enough to handle urban and suburban driving while providing modern comfort and conveniences for passengers. From taxis to personal vehicles and work vans to haul around larger objects, these vans serve a variety of purposes for consumers in South Africa.

    NV350 Impendulo

    The NV350 Impendulo was born in 1973 as the Nissan E20, a large van that stood out among Nissan's vehicle fleet as an innovative symbol of the Golden City on the move. Shortly after its introduction to the market, the van filled the lanes of highways and city streets alike, particularly in South African locations such as Durban, Cape Town, and Port Elizabeth. The van made a name for itself as the chief taxi of South Africa. The NV350 Impendulo comes as a single vehicle model with a five-speed manual transmission in 2WD.


    The NV200 comes as two unique vehicles, the Combi and the panel van. The Combi is a compact yet spacious vehicle that can transport plenty of goods and passengers. Its versatility makes the NV200 van a suitable choice for drivers in urban or suburban settings. This van's economical engines ensure optimal power while keeping the vehicle as fuel efficient as possible. In contrast to the Combi, the panel van best suits consumers who want a van to carry work supplies. As a result, the van offers a spacious and business-oriented cargo area with doors that open 180 degrees for easy loading. Consumers will find two models of each NV200 van, including the NV200 1,6i P/van and the NV200 1,5 dCi P/van, both of which come standard with a 5-speed manual transmission and two-wheel drive. For the Combi, options include the NV200 1,6i and the NV200 1,5 dCi, which also have a 5-speed manual transmission and two-wheel drive.


    In the commercial van category, consumers will find the NV350. This work-oriented van has an expansive cargo area along with innovative and modern styling. With its lightweight construction and durability, the van is a staple in Nissan's commercial van category. There are three different models for consumers to choose from, starting with the 2,5 P-Van Narrow Body followed by the 2,5 DSL P-Van Wide Body and the 2,5 P-Van Wide Body. All models come standard with a 5-speed manual transmission and two-wheel drive.


    When looking at a car, exterior features and design often catch the eye first. Some of the NV350 Impendulo's most notable exterior features include its angled strut grille, which wraps around the front of the vehicle and contains the automaker's signature logo as well as a durable front bumper and a large windshield. Despite its smaller size in comparison to other Nissan vans, the NV200 Combi has a bold and sleek design with an assertive appearance, signifying its status as a personal and commercial vehicle. The NV350 also has an angled strut grille along with a modern bold design for the business-oriented consumer.


    The NV350 Impendulo offers comfortable seating and ample space for up to 15 passengers. Interior features include an aisle seat that folds down easily for better entry and exit, along with a large sliding door that opens wide and high. Modern side windows and back rests add to the van's style and comfort. A spacious interior with ample room for passengers and equipment may surprise some consumers as the NV200 appears smaller on the outside. Another highlight of the NV200 Combi's interior is its versatility, as seats fold and move for easy storage and access to objects.

    The NV200 panel van allows for maximum storage of cargo and luggage. There is a load platform along with a wide sliding door on the side for easy loading and removing. This van also has a back door for storage as well. The NV350 has a large load capacity and a wide body and high roof to store larger items such as ladders and various work supplies. Additional interior features include embedded mounting nuts on the inside side panels, which act as anchor points for hooks, shelves and other items, along with flattened wheel arches that allow consumers to load more items.


    Consumers in the market for a Nissan van will find an array of options, including the NV350 Impendulo, the NV200 in Combi and panel form, and the NV350. Some vans, such as the Impendulo and Combi, carry passengers as well as cargo while the NV200 panel van and the NV350 work best for hauling cargo and luggage. Consumers will find a variety of used Nissan vans for sale in South Africa.

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