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    Mitsubishi Prices

    Average Mitsubishi Price: R 179,974


    This Chart shows that the average price of a used Mitsubishi for sale over the past 90 days, which is R 179,974. The average Mitsubishi price has increased by 15.6% since the previous month.

    • If you’re considering buying a Mitsubishi for your next car purchase, but have not yet chosen the model of Mitsubishi you want, check out the more detailed prices for the models listed below.
    • If you are looking to sell your Mitsubishi, consider pricing it according to the average prices we see here on Gumtree to speed up your sale!

    Average Mitsubishi Price 179,974

    Mitsubishi Models

    Mitsubishi Models Review

    Even though their car-building heritage dates back to 1917, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation was not founded until 1970 when it succeeded from the automotive division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Over the last forty years the company grew to be the sixth largest auto manufacturer in Japan and today offers a great selection of both passenger cars, SUVs and electric vehicles.

    The Mitsubishi vehicle lineup features a total of seven vehicles that offer a wide range of options and upgrade packages for each model. Their passenger car offerings start with the Mirage, a 5-door Compact with a hatchback that seats five. This entry level vehicle includes a collection of options as standard that most other companies offer as upgrades for an additional cost. The Mirage includes a seven airbag safety system, power windows and locks and a USB port for music.

    The Mitsubishi Lancer is the next largest vehicle, and it has three versions including the base model Lancer, the Lancer Evolution and the Lancer Sportback. The Lancer and Lancer Evolution are 4-door sedans and include many of the same interior options and engine choices. The differences between them are that the Lancer Evolution includes more high-end treatments and appointments than the basic Lancer model. The Lancer Sportback is a rugged 5-door model with a hatchback to make carrying gear easier.

    Mitsubishi also produces two Crossover models, the Outlander and Outlander Sport. Both of these feature a 5-door hatchback with the Sport being slightly smaller and less luxurious than the standard Outlander. One final car in the Mitsubishi lineup is the I-MIEV, which is their electric vehicle offering. A set of heavy-duty batteries that provide a range of almost 100 miles on a single charge power this car.

    5 Things to Consider When Buying a Used Mitsubishi Sedan

    5 Things to Consider When Buying a Used Mitsubishi Sedan

    Mitsubishi's vehicles have won awards for everything from safety to being Earth-friendly, so if you are in the market for a used sedan, the company's Lancer, as well as its newer, sportier Lancer Evolution, might be worth exploring. The compact Lancer is currently in its tenth generation, according to the sixth largest Japanese automaker, and has been around since 1973. The Evolution, which is a high-performance sports sedan originally created for racing, has been around since 1992 and is also in its tenth generation.

    Lancer Vs. Evolution

    If you have ever driven the Lancer or the Evolution, which is sometime referred to as the 'Evo,' you might be surprised to learn that the automaker claims the Evolution is based on the Lancer. After all, the Lancer is essentially a run-of-the mill compact sedan, while the Lancer is a more powerful sports sedan. Each car's body and interior designs are very similar, but that's where it ends. When looking for used versions of each car, keep this in mind: The Lancer was not originally a very good car, but the newer it is, the better it will be. The latest models are a vast improvement over the generations before them. As for the Lancer Evolution, most people who buy the car but it because of its power. They want a car that accelerates quickly and drives fast, so be extra careful when shopping for a used one, because chances are the previous owner didn't simply drive the speed limit to work each day. The Evolution may also cost twice as much as the Lancer.

    Mitsubishi Sedan Engines

    The latest generation of the Lancer, which debuted in 2007, has come with at least seven different engines since its inception, including both diesel and petrol. The 2015 model has a 2,4-litre MIVEC engine, which is capable of up to 168 horsepower. It has front-wheel drive and comes with the option of a 5-speed manual transmission or a Continuously Variable Transmission. The 2014 Lancer Evolution comes standard with a turbocharged 2,0-litre DOHC MIVEC engine, which is capable of up to 291 horsepower. It also comes with a 5-speed manual transmission, Super-All Wheel Control and Front Helical and Rear Mechanical Limited Slip Differentials.

    Mitsubishi Sedan Size

    The latest Lancer models have a 2 635-millimetre wheelbase. They stand 1 490 millimetres high, 1 760 millimetres wide and 4 570 millimetres long. Each one has a curb weight between 1 230 and 1 415 kilogrammes. The four-door sedan seats five passengers. You might be surprised to learn that the Lancer Evolution is actually slightly larger than the original Lancer. It comes with a 2 650-millimetre wheelbase, and it has a curb weight of 1 420 to 1 600 kilogrammes. It stands at a height of 1 480 millimetres and is 1 810 millimetres wide and 4 495 millimetres long. The Evolution is also a four-door sedan that seats five people.

    Mitsubishi Sedan Safety Features

    Whether you are looking for security in the event your car is stolen or safety features because you always have your kids in the backseat, both the Lancer and Lancer Evolution come standard with plenty of safety and security features. Some of these include a BREMBO high performance braking system, Active Stability Control, Traction Control Logic, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, seven standard airbags (including a driver's knee airbag), three-point seatbelts and head restraints for all of the vehicle's seats, pretensioners for height-adjustable front shoulder belts, a LATCH child-restraint system, child safety rear door locks, an anti-theft security alarm system, an anti-theft engine immobiliser, front pedestrian impact crumple zones and a boot-entrapment release handle.

    Other Mitsubishi Sedan Features

    Of course, not all of the Lancer and Lancer Evolution sedans' features are about safety. Each car also comes with standard features that offer convenience, comfort and an overall better driving experience for you and your passengers. A few of these include fog lights, side marker lights, a high mount rear stop light, an aluminium bonnet with air vents, a rear window defroster with time, colour LCD multi-information display, boot lights, rear heater floor ducts, Micron air filtration, carpeted floor mats and soft-touch front door trim. Each sedan also comes with a number of optional packages and accessories like a sunroof, a fast key entry system, heated front seats and a navigation system.


    When making a decision about the type of Mitsubishi sedan you want, it all comes down to one question: Are you looking for a sporty, powerful vehicle that is fun to drive or are you looking for something sensible and reliable to get you from point A to point B? Once you've decided between the Lancer and the Lancer Evolution, you can pick and choose from packages and features and get an idea of exactly what you want. Your next step is to visit Gumtree and find out what kind of Mitsubishi sedans are available and whether or not they match your needs.

    Consumers' Guide to Mitsubishi SUVs

    Consumers' Guide to Mitsubishi SUVs

    Mitsubishi offers a wide range of sport utility vehicles for consumers, including smaller crossover SUVs and larger ones. Depending on the consumers' needs, budget, and vehicle preferences, there are various models and trim levels to consider. Mitsubishi SUVs contain modern technology and safety features, along with sleek lines and a well-rounded interior and exterior appearance. Consumers will find a number of used Mitsubishi SUVs for sale in South Africa to choose from.


    Consumers will find a number of Mitsubishi models to choose from, ranging from smaller SUVs to full-sized ones. The smallest SUV the company has to offer is the ASX, a crossover SUV with room for five people. Then there is the Pajero, a 4x4 SUV for five that comes in long wheelbase and short wheelbase forms. Mitsubishi also sells the Pajero Sport, which contains a 2,5-litre turbocharged diesel engine, and the Outlander, an SUV designed to seat seven people.


    There are several features for consumers to consider when looking at Mitsubishi SUVs. These features may even help consumers decide which SUV is optimal for their driving needs and lifestyle demands. As with most car companies, Mitsubishi offers base model vehicles with basic and essential features as well as higher trims with more features and options. Examples of what might come standard on any Mitsubishi SUV include full air conditioning, electric and one-touch windows, a multifunctional leather steering wheel with audio and cruise control, and an MP3 player and USB port.


    One style component that many consumers pay close attention to is the exterior colour. Each Mitsubishi SUV comes with a variety of colours to choose from, including traditional shades such as white, black, and gray, along with vibrant hues, such as red, metallic, and pearl. The front of each SUV has the signature Mitsubishi logo, a red triangular-shaped design, along with a sweeping grille that wraps around the front of the vehicle. Modern Mitsubishi SUVs have well-equipped interiors with quality materials and products.


    Although interiors vary from one Mitsubishi SUV to the next, consumers can expect at least some of the same components and layout. For example, the ASX has 60/40 split-fold rear seats to help carry larger luggage loads, along with a keyless operating system and a multi-information display. The SUV also offers a stylish yet comfortable and practical dash for enhanced visibility and driving ease. The Pajero offers a unique leather and wooden steering wheel, which contains Bluetooth Handsfree voice control. The SUV also has fully automatic air conditioning with separate rear controls to keep all passengers comfortable. There is compass seating with a five-way power driver seat. The Pajero Sport is equipped with a rearview camera and a multi-information display as well as a quality six-speaker sound system. An innovative boot configuration makes it easy to fold down seats to easily store and carry larger items. Mitsubishi's Outlander offers a climate control system for maximum comfort along with a touchscreen audio display system and a finely tuned nine-speaker audio system.


    Appearance is another big component in many consumers' purchasing decisions. For higher trim models, consumers can expect a full-length panoramic roof, with LED lighting and a single touch retractable cover on the ASX SUV. Other exterior features come on all ASX models, including rear mud guards, roof rails, rear spoiler with high-mounted brake light, a heated rear window, and headlamp washer. The Pajero offers front and rear mudguards, fog lamps in the front, HID headlamps with automatic levelling function, 17-inch alloy wheels, and roof rails. The Outlander contains 18-inch alloy wheels, privacy glass, chrome belt-line moulding, electronically adjustable side mirrors, and rain-sensing windshield wipers.


    A vehicle's performance can help consumers make an informed purchasing decision. The ASX comes with a four cylinder multi-point fuel injection engine for added performance and efficiency. The Pajero's 3,2-litre Direct Injection diesel engine allows for more torque, particularly in low- and mid-rev ranges. Additionally, the Pajero Sports' 2,5-litre turbocharged engine comes with a variable geometry turbocharger, which allows for quiet and smooth performance and low emissions. The Outlander has a 2,4-litre 16-valve engine, paired with a six-speed CVT transmission. This SUV comes with a 4WD Eco mode along with 4WD auto and 4WD lock modes.


    Accidents happen, and Mitsubishi SUVs come equipped with the latest technology features to help prevent injuries in a crash. Examples of what many consumers will find on even the base model Mitsubishi SUV vehicles include an antilock braking system, electronic brake-force distribution, a brake assist system and side impact protection bars. Some models, depending on the year and trim level, might contain active stability control and electronic traction control along with a hill start assist system, rear-view camera or parking sensors, and a keyless operating system.


    Mitsubishi SUVs range in size from the ASX, a smaller crossover that seats up to five people, to the larger Outlander, which offers room for seven individuals. Although some interior and exterior designs and features remain the same across the Mitsubishi SUV lineup, there are some differences between the vehicles. Consumers who are in the market for a well-rounded SUV with a blend of performance and style will find several Mitsubishi SUVs to choose from. There is an array of secondhand Mitsubishi SUVs for sale in South Africa.

    Considerations When Buying a Mitsubishi Truck

    Considerations When Buying a Mitsubishi Truck

    This global Japanese automotive company has a variety of models and vehicle types for sale. Although there is a limited truck selection, consumers will find a well-rounded vehicle that combines efficiency, modern features, and performance. From hauling around work supplies to simply having extra storage space for larger items, the roomy exterior and interior of the truck is useful on a number of occasions. Consumers will find a selection of secondhand Mitsubishi trucks for sale in South Africa, particularly in areas with a denser population.

    Truck Models

    For modern consumers, Mitsubishi offers the Triton, a truck with a variety of types of styles. Although the Triton is Mitsubishi's sole truck in its lineup, consumers will find an array of types and trims from which to choose. The Triton replaces Mitsubishi's well-known Colt, a truck known for its workhorse capabilities. In fact, the Triton builds upon the Colt's legacy, with a few notable additions and changes, including a more durable design and a high rider suspension.

    Truck Types

    Enhanced reliability and a tough design, for those who want to work and play in their vehicle, are just some of Mitsubishi trucks' standout features. The Triton comes with several body variations to help meet the different needs and demands of various consumers. Regardless of truck type, the Triton offers modern safety features and technology as well as premium comfort for both driver and passengers.

    SC Hi Rider

    The Triton SC Hi Rider stems from the auto manufacturer's legendary Colt workhorse. This Mitsubishi truck offers improved build technology and a sturdier design when compared with its predecessor, along with features, such as a double-walled rear body, dual airbags and a tilt adjustable and collapsible steering column. The truck has enough cab room to seat a driver and one or two passengers comfortably, and comes standard with a five-speed manual transmission.

    Triton ClubCab

    Mitsubishi's Triton ClubCab has capable off-roading abilities, which is evident from features, such as four-wheel drive and a generous payload and towing capacity. Standard features include air conditioning, power windows, and supportive seats. The truck's turbocharged diesel engine provides a mix of power, performance, and efficiency for on- or off-roading adventures. The ClubCab also has seating for a driver and passenger and a small middle seat.

    Triton Double Cab

    The Double Cab has a 4WD system to help drivers conquer off-road terrain and poor road conditions. A larger cab ensures seating for the driver and multiple passengers. This truck contains modern features, such as Bluetooth connectivity along with a multifunction leather steering wheel and full electric windows in the front and rear.


    Certain features may play a role in determining whether the consumer decides on a specific model or trim level. The Triton truck has a variety of features for consumers to choose from, including basic conveniences to more advanced features. Examples of what prospective drivers might find on a Triton truck include power windows in the front along with air conditioning and a radio with a CD player. On the inside, the Triton Single Cab contains vinyl seats and flooring along with a three-seat bench with a separate driver's seat, which can slide and recline. On the outside, more height and a durable suspension system ensures a comfortable ride through varied terrain. All truck models make heated seats available as well as adjustable seats and a multi-information display that provides information regarding the vehicle's fuel level, the outside temperature, and the current date and time.


    Regardless of which Triton truck consumers opt for, there are numerous safety features. Some examples of features that may come standard on Triton trucks include dual airbags, traction control, an antilock brake system, front door impact bars, collapsible steering column, and an immobiliser. Triton trucks have a double wall gate construction for enhanced safety and durability. The ClubCab also features a unique body construction called RISE, or Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution, in addition to rear collision energy absorption, powerful brakes and a durable ladder frame for enhanced stability and durability. The Double Cab provides an anti-intrusion brake pedal along with an impact-absorbing steering wheel column and motion locking doors for added safety and vehicle security.

    Off-Road Capabilities

    For truck owners who will spend some time off-roading, it can be important to know which trucks offer off-roading features and capabilities. The Triton has a 4WD system for enhanced traction and control on off-road surfaces, along with fog lamps for improved visibility. The trucks come with sturdy and eye-catching alloy wheels for navigating more difficult terrain.


    Consumers in the market for a Mitsubishi truck will find an array of vehicles from which to choose. Although the Triton is the manufacturer's current sole truck offering, there are several trim levels and truck types. For example, some trucks have room for up to three individuals while the Double Cab offers plenty of seating with its two rows of seats. Standard and optional features along with performance capabilities can help consumers decide on a specific truck. There are many secondhand Mitsubishi trucks to choose from in South Africa.

    Mitsubishi Compact Car Purchasing Considerations

    Mitsubishi Compact Car Purchasing Considerations

    Compact cars serve a useful purpose for drivers who want a convenient and relatively affordable form of transportation. Mitsubishi offers two smaller vehicles for consumers from which to choose: the Lancer and Mirage. Both cars have a combination of modern styling and technology along with performance. Although compact cars fit nicely into small and tight spaces, making them a practical choice for city driving, they also work for suburban driving. There is a wide selection of used Mitsubishi compact cars for sale in South Africa.

    Compact Car Models

    Mitsubishi currently offers the Lancer and Mirage in its selection of compact cars. The cars vary in terms of style and performance, although consumers will find some similarities as well. Examples include the seating arrangements as both vehicles seat five individuals, along with notable efficiency and economy.


    The rally-inspired Lancer combines modern style for the city streets along with refined technology and a proven performance record. Along with plenty of power, the car has ample strength for a variety of driving situations. There is one model of the Lancer, the petrol-powered 2,0 GLS with a manual transmission.

    Lancer Evo X

    Mitsubishi's Evo X builds off of the traditional Lancer, offering a higher level of performance for drivers who crave speed on the road. Some of the features that separate the Evo X from the traditional Lancer is sport-oriented racing seats and an aggressive front end with a signature grille across the front. The available Evo X model is a 16-valve, 2,0-litre turbocharged engine.


    The Mirage is Mitsubishi's smaller compact vehicle, which stands out for its fuel economy and safety. The Mirage comes in several models, each of which is petrol-powered and that comes with a 5-speed manual transmission. Available Mirage models include the 1,2 MIVEC GL, followed by the 1,2 MIVEC GLX and the 1,2 MIVEC GLS.


    Each of Mitsubishi's compact cars has a unique interior style with an array of features. On the inside of the Lancer, consumers may find a single-zone climate control, rearview camera, power windows in the front and back, a three-spoke leather steering wheel with an airbag, a split rear seat with boot through and centre arm, handsfree voice control and an AM/FM radio and CD player front loader with MP3 capabilities. Other interior features on this vehicle may include a multi-information display with information such as fuel levels, average speed and fuel consumption, outside temperature and service indicator, a multifunction steering wheel with Bluetooth and a USB port. The Evo X has racing seats in front along with a premium sound system with nine speakers and surround sound.

    The Mirage distinguishes itself from the Lancer with interior features such as a pollen filter and an eco-lamp indicator. Other interior features of the compact car include a foldable rear seat, a driver's seat that slides, reclines and that is height-adjustable, air conditioning, electric power steering, a multi-information display and a multifunction leather steering wheel with audio controls on some trim levels.


    The two Lancer models and the Mirage also have their own exterior features. On the traditional Lancer, consumers will likely find colour-keyed door handles along with a high-mounted stop light on the boot lid, 16-inch alloy wheels and front fog lamps. Additional exterior features include halogen headlamps with an auto off system, front and rear mudguards and unique coming home and welcome lights, where the headlights remain on for 30 seconds after locking the vehicle. The sportier Evo X has a rear spoiler, bonnet vents on the front, a rear diffuser exhaust, and an aggressive stance.

    On the outside of the Mirage, consumers will likely find an intermittent windscreen wiper and washer along with 14-inch steel wheels and a 14-inch steel spare wheel along with a tailgate with a high mounted stop lamp. There is also a colour-coded front and rear bumper as well as halogen headlamps. Some vehicles might contain front fog lamps and colour-coded mirror covers and door handles.


    The inside of the Lancer contains a bench type rear seat with three headrests along with a day and night rearview mirror and a door pocket with bottle holders on the front doors. Additionally, the vehicle contains a sun visor with a vanity mirror, lid and ticket holder on both the driver and passenger sides. Consumers will find paddle shifters on the Evo X for engaging ride along with bi-xenon high intensity discharge headlights with levelling control. The Mirage offers a unique fashionista package with an armrest console, rear park distance control, premium carpets, a navigation system and a cargo organiser.


    Consumers in the market for a well-rounded compact car from Mitsubishi can choose from the car company's current offerings, the Lancer and the Mirage. The Lancer is slightly sportier, with a premium Evo X model, while the Mirage combines efficiency and modern performance, making it an optimal choice for those seeking value. Consumers will find an array of secondhand Mitsubishi compact cars for sale.

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