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    Mini Prices

    Average Mini Price: R 182,073


    This Chart shows that the average price of a used Mini for sale over the past 90 days, which is R 182,073. The average Mini price has decreased by 6.57% since the previous month.

    • If you’re considering buying a Mini for your next car purchase, but have not yet chosen the model of Mini you want, check out the more detailed prices for the models listed below.
    • If you are looking to sell your Mini, consider pricing it according to the average prices we see here on Gumtree to speed up your sale!

    Average Mini Price 182,073

    Mini Models

    Mini Models Review

    The Mini is an economical, small car manufactured by the British Motor Corporation. Manufacturers first produced the Mini in 1959, and it enjoys relative success. While the Mini has gone through many different design changes, the pickup version and the van versions are no longer produced. Both the van and the pickup production lines ended in 1982.

    Available models of the Mini include the Hardtop models. These models favour the original hardtops but feature a modern design. The hardtop models come with two trim levels, the Cooper and the Cooper S. The Mini line also includes a coupe version. Sportier than the hardtop line, the coupe line is a two seater line that is ideal for those who are looking for a speedier version of a mini. The coupe editions feature both the Cooper, and the Cooper S trim line. The coupe is also available with the John Cooper Works trim.

    Minis come in a convertible model. It features a hard top base with a 3-in-1 soft top base. The convertible also comes equipped with a powered sunroof and heated rear window. The convertible mini is also available with all three trim packages. The Mini Roadster is a speedier version of the convertible. It has a sportier, more stocky design while featuring the same soft top roof. The roadster is available in nine different colour schemes with all three trim packages available for purchase.

    The British Motor Corporation built the Paceman Mini for the family. It features four-person seating to take along the kids, or your friends. The Paceman features the standard three trim lines but also comes with an ALL4 trim package as well. The Paceman features all-wheel drive to enhance the already stellar safety design. The Countryman Mini is the largest mini in the line. It features seating for five and has an impeccable safety rating for the driver and all five passenger seats. The Countryman also has the same four trim lines as the Paceman model.

    Things to Know About Buying a Used MINI Coupe

    Things to Know About Buying a Used MINI Coupe

    BMW may have purchased British automaker MINI in 1994, but the company still makes the iconic boxy little coupes that helped put it on the map. During the mid 1990s, Autocar magazine named the original MINI the 'Car of the Century,' while Classic & Sports Car magazine named it the 'Number One Classic Car of All Time.' The MINI Cooper was the 2003 'North American Car of the Year.' Some of the MINIs are no longer in production, but you can still find them used, and MINI makes several modern noteworthy coupes.

    Coupe Vs. Roadster

    In 2011, MINI began making a compact sports car called the MINI Coupe, and in 2012, it added the MINI Roadster to its lineup of passenger vehicles. They were the first two cars produced by the company to have only two seats. The major difference between the two vehicles is that the MINI Roadster is convertible. Each one comes in different models with different engines and some different features, but otherwise, they are very similar vehicles. The MINI Coupe is based on the MINI Cabriolet.

    MINI Hardtops

    In 2001, MINI introduced a new hatchback Hardtop car, which came in the Cooper and sportier Cooper S Trims that many people were familiar with from years past. In 2007, the Hardtop got a bit of a makeover and entered its second generation. It received a more fuel-efficient engine, an entirely new platform, better safety features and some changes to the look of the car. The Hardtop that MINI makes today comes with both two and four-door options and is loaded with modern technology options, like a six-disc DVD changer, HD radio, rear-view camera and PDC, MINI Head-Up Display and more. It also comes with over a dozen different packages, ranging from premium and fully loaded to media and cold weather.

    MINI Coupe Engine and Performance

    The MINI Coupe and the MINI Roadster both come with either six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmissions, and either a 1,6-litre I4 petrol engines or a 2,0-litre I4 diesel engine. All models feature a fully electronic throttle, dual-cone sychronisers and fully electric engine speed sensitive variable power assisted steering. The Hardtop on the market from 2001 to 2006 had either 1,4-litre or 1,6-litre I4 Tritec engines and 433-millimetre racing wheels. The 2007 to 2013 version of the Hardtop featured 2,0-litre diesel Prince engines. The 2014 hardtops, both two and four-door, come with MINI TwinPower Turbo engines, including a 1,5-litre 3-cylinder engine and a 2,0-litre 4-cylinder engine. Each one offers turbo charging, direct injection, Dual VANOS and VALVETRONIC.

    MINI Coupe Safety Features

    With any MINI vehicle you buy, the more modern it is, the better safety features it will have, because every time the automakers gives one of its vehicles a facelift or creates a new generation, it makes adjustments to meet new standard government safety requirements. For example, when MINI made over its Hardtop in 2007, it ended up becoming 60 millimetres longer because of new safety regulations. All Coupes and Roadsters come equipped with a variety of standard safety features, including the MINI Maintenance Programme and Roadside Assistance, a rigid body, sculpted headlights, anti-lock brakes, a tyre pressure monitoring system, corner brake control, driver and front seat passenger frontal and side-impact airbags, side-impact door beams with an interlocking anchoring system, and engine immobiliser with coded driveaway protection, remote keyless entry, a battery misconnection alarm, child restraint seat anchorages, safety belts with automatic pretensioners and force limiters and a crash sensor that automatically turns on your hazard and interior lights and unlocks your doors in the event of an accident. It also cuts off the fuel to the vehicle if your airbags deploy.

    MINI Coupe Size

    Though they are all compact cars, each of the MINI vehicles has some slight variations to its dimensions and wheelbase. Both the Coupe and Roadster have a wheelbase that is 2 466 millimetres. However the Coupe is 3 729 millimetres long, 1 684 millimetres wide and 1 384 millimetres tall, while the Roadster has some slight variations. It is 3,734 millimetres long, 1 684 millimetres wide and 1 389 millimetres tall. The Hardtop produced from 2007 to 2013 has a curb weight of 1 210 kilogrammes. It is 3 713 millimetres long, 1 684 millimetres wide and 1 407 millimetres tall. Despite the cars' smaller exteriors, each one offers a fair amount of interior space for drivers and passengers.


    There are few European autos more recognisable and iconic than the MINI. Whether you choose a sporty Coupe or a four-door Hardtop, the car's boxy yet sleek design, while it has changed over the decades, has maintained its unique appearance that drivers love so much. When choosing a used MINI Coupe or any other vehicle, it's important to pay attention to its features, because the automaker offers such a variety on everything from entertainment to aesthetic details like colour. You will also want to pay close attention to the car's safety features. Once you decide what you want in a MINI, visit Gumtree to research and learn more about what kinds of used MINIs are available.

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