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    Mahindra Prices

    Average Mahindra Price: R 175,250


    This Chart shows that the average price of a used Mahindra for sale over the past 90 days, which is R 175,250. The average Mahindra price has increased by 7.82% since the previous month.

    • If you’re considering buying a Mahindra for your next car purchase, but have not yet chosen the model of Mahindra you want, check out the more detailed prices for the models listed below.
    • If you are looking to sell your Mahindra, consider pricing it according to the average prices we see here on Gumtree to speed up your sale!

    Average Mahindra Price 175,250

    Mahindra Models

    Mahindra Models Review

    Mahindra is an Indian automobile manufacturer based in Mumbai. The company incorporated in 1945 as a steel company and eventually evolved into a manufacturer of automobiles, military vehicles and farm equipment.

    Mahindra offers many personal and commercial vehicles. Their personal automobile line includes such models as the Bolero, E2O, Scorpio, Thar, Verito, Xylo, Actyon, Chairman W, Korando, Kyron, Rexton, Xuv 500 and the Quantro. Many of these models are exclusively off road use. The E2O is an electric car that features seating for four adults and two children. The vehicle is so tech advanced that it will even send you a monthly statement about your carbon consumption.

    The Rodius is Korea's first multi-purpose vehicle. The manufacturer designed it to be first and foremost, a family car, so the safety rating on the Rodius is phenomenal. With the ability to transport items, buyers can also use it in the workplace as a supply van. Seats are removable and leave a large open spaced rear cargo area for hauling most items used in everyday life at home, and in the office. The Actyon Sport is a line of pickup trucks that also feature the sports utility vehicle stability. The first sports utility vehicle sold in Korea; the Actyon Sport appeals to both active individuals and families. It even features room for five.

    The Mahindra Xylo is one of the automobile manufacturers multi-use vehicles. This minivan type vehicle offers voice command technology that has over 30 different commands that controls the vehicle's actions. It is roomy enough to haul the kids and all their sports equipment, homework projects and even a month's worth of groceries. This vehicle even features mobile charging spaces and fold out eating trays in the backs of every seat, for easy travelling on long trips.

    Guide to Mahindra Sedans

    Guide to Mahindra Sedans

    Consumers look for cars that combine comfort, practicality and efficiency. Mahindra sedans offer style and functionality for budget-conscious shoppers. Their vehicles compact style loaded with features drivers love. Available in four-door and hatchback models, consumers have choices for which design meets their needs best. A spacious interior and refined style appeals to even the most distinguished tastes. From their advanced technology to their safety features, Mahindra sedans have options make them a practical and fun choice.

    Mahindra Verito

    The four-door Mahindra Verito comes in three trims and features a redesigned body with stylish curves. Power steering, heating and air conditioning are standard features on all trims, while power windows, remote locking and a 2 DIN music system come on specific models. The ample boot space offers plenty of room for storage, while the interior has comfortable seating for five.

    Mahindra Verito Exterior and Interior Features

    The exterior of the Mahindra Verito features body-coloured bumpers and a chrome front grille. Allow wheels, fog lights and narrow headlights create a streamlined look. Included roof rails make transporting gear easy, and the bumper includes integrated reflectors. On the interior of the Verito, the gear shifter features a silver finish, while the ergonomically-designed air conditioning controls blend with the centre console. Interior storage options include door panel and centre console storage as well as a bottle holder and mobile phone holder.

    Mahindra Verito Driving and Safety Features

    Safety features on the Mahindra Verito include side-impact beams and a driver airbag. Adjustable front seat belts and adjustable front and rear head restraints protect driver and passenger heads in the event of an accident. Anti-lock brakes with electronic brake distribution help the driver maintain control of the vehicle. Owners can use the transponder to turn on the anti-theft engine immobiliser and built-in childproof door and window locks keep children safe.

    Mahindra Verito Vibe

    The Mahindra Verito Vibe is a four-door hatchback model with generous boot space. The interior seats five with adjustable headrests for all passengers. Known for its handling capabilities, the Verito Vibe delivers performance and comfort with an efficient Renault CRDi engine. The additional options and features make it a car that suits families, retirees and professionals.

    Verito Vibe Exterior and Interior Features

    The exterior of Mahindra's Verito Vibe features smoked-glass headlamps, champagne alloy wheels, and a wing-shaped rear chrome emblem. Its dual-tone rear bumper and streamlined ski racks add to the sporty look. On the inside, plush fabric upholstery blends with the fabric on the door panels. Centre console and front door pocket storage help keep the interior from looking cluttered. Consumers can store mobile phones on the parcel shelf and keep their drinks nearby in the bottle holder.

    Verito Vibe Driving and Safety Features

    Front disc brakes with electronic brake distribution and anti-lock braking aid handling even in less-than-ideal conditions. Side-impact beams with a cross member in the boot and a driver airbag offer protection during an impact. The steering wheel includes a collapsible steering column. An interior LCD display relays information about fuel consumption, average speed and distance to empty to keep drivers informed about what is going on with their car.

    Buying a Mahindra Sedan

    Consumers looking for a fuel-efficient and stylish sedan have solid options with Mahindra. The Verito and Verito Vibe have features that appeal to a variety of drivers, from students to families. For long trips, the spacious seating offers comfort, while the storage space offers room to haul luggage, groceries or outdoor gear. Premium safety features put control of the car firmly in the hands of the driver with superior handling. To choose between the two, consumers need to decide whether they prefer the hatchback design and need the extra boot space.

    How to Choose a Mahindra SUV

    How to Choose a Mahindra SUV

    An SUV is a practical choice for owners who want to capitalise on space and versatility. Mahindra offers a choice of models from traditional SUVs to crossover MPV and XUV designs. Each has its own special features that make it appeal to different groups of people. To find the right model, consumers need to compare the options on each model and match them to their needs. Seating capacity, towing capacity, off-road capabilities and storage are just a few the areas to compare.

    Mahindra SUV Seating Options

    All Mahindra SUVs offer ample seating space, but the Mahindra Xylo MPV offers the largest seating capacity, with room for up to eight people. Auditorium-style seating allows all passengers to participate in conversation, while the seats also fold flat into beds. It also allows consumers to adjust the seating configuration to meet their needs. Mahindra's XUV 500 seats up to seven and includes bolstered front seats, while the Quanto and Scorpio SUVs each seat five with a split bench seat in the back.

    Mahindra SUV Safety Features

    Safety and security are top concerns for many drivers. Mahindra SUVs offer a number of safety features to give drivers and passengers peace of mind. The Xylo, Quanto and Scorpio all come equipped with driver and passenger airbags, while the XUV 500 also includes side and curtain airbags for a total of six. Other features that make driving Mahindra SUVs safer include anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, traction control and electronic brake-force distribution. Side-impact beams, collapsible steering columns, crash protection crumple zones and flame-retardant fabrics also add to the safety features. Some models also come with an anti-theft engine immobiliser.

    Comparing Mahindra SUV Features

    Each of the Mahindra SUVs has its own feature and options that make them a good fit for different consumers. From comfort and convenience options like leather seating and power windows, to technological and storage options, consumers have a number of choices.

    Mahindra Xylo XPV

    The Mahindra Xylo XPV features a two-tone dashboard and a 2-DIN MP3 audio system which allows consumers to plug in their MP3 players and listen to their favourite songs. Leather seats offers style and comfort and are easy to clean. Drivers and passengers can also make use of the under-seat storage space, laptop and cell phone charging ports, foldable snack tables and convenient bottle holders.

    Mahindra XUV 500

    The Mahindra XUV 500 features individual climate control vents, allowing each person in the vehicle to adjust the air conditioning to their preferences. It has a centre console with a built-in cool box, so drinks and snacks stay fresh on long drives. The XUV 500's all-wheel-drive system helps the vehicle maintain traction and control on any terrain and micro-hybrid technology helps drivers conserve fuel.

    Mahindra Quanto

    The Mahindra Quanto features high ground clearance and built-in roof bars as well as a flexible seating set up. Magazine pockets, under-seat storage, a floor console, and cup and bottle holders offer plenty of storage space. It also includes foldable stack trays and driver armrests. The integrated audio system includes a CD player, MP3 plugs and a radio. The Quanto also offers power windows and steering, central locking, mobile charging ports and a rear-window demister.

    Mahindra Scorpio

    The 2-DIN audio system in the Mahindra Scorpio supports CDs, MP3s, SD Cards and even USB drives, giving drivers and passengers plenty of entertainment options. It also has a mobile charging port for the front and rear seats as well as power windows, power steering, central locking and cruise control. Buttons on the multi-function steering wheel give the driver easy access to convenience controls and the mHawk diesel engine provides the car with power.

    Buying a Mahindra SUV

    To choose the right Mahindra SUV, shoppers need to decide on their priorities. A large family that requires a lot of space needs a larger model, like the XUV 500 or Xylo. For people that enjoy off-roading, the all-wheel-drive XUV 500 makes a good choice. The built-in snack trays and storage options of the Scorpio and Quanto makes them wide choices for families that travel.

    How to Choose a Mahindra Truck

    How to Choose a Mahindra Truck

    Trucks are versatile vehicles that function for work and family transportation. Mahindra offers work truck and leisure trucks that offer a variety of seating options and features. Consumers can choose a truck for sport that hauls their rock climbing gear from place to place on the weekends, but also hauls their heavy equipment for work during the week. To choose a Mahindra truck, consumers need to identify their needs, and then choose the truck that best meets those needs.

    Single Cab vs. Double Cab

    Mahindra offers six truck models with the choices of single or double cab designs. Single cab vehicles generally offer seating for just two or three people, so they do not work well as a family vehicle. However, some single cab models have larger beds, making them better for hauling. Double cab models lose some of their bed length, but make up for it by offering seating for more people inside. Deciding on a single or double cab truck largely depends on how consumers use the truck most often. Someone who needs a truck strictly for work purposes generally does not need as much room as someone who wants a truck for work and family purposes.

    Mahindra Truck Performance and Power

    Mahindra trucks come equipped with performance and power features that make them ideal for hard work and off-road driving. The Mahindra Bolero has a 2.5-litre diesel engine that offers 74 kW of power. Trucks from their Genio line utilise a 2.2-litre 4-cylinder Common Rail Diesel Engine that provides 89 kW of power. On the Mahindra Scorpio consumers can find an efficient 2.2-litre mHawk diesel engine with a two-stage chain drive system.

    Mahindra Truck Models

    Choosing a Mahindra truck model requires consumers to get familiar with the options and features offered by each one. Aside from single and double-cab models, each truck also includes different comfort and convenience features as well. From basic, functional work trucks, to more luxurious options, the Mahindra range meets many needs.

    Mahindra Scorpio Trucks

    Mahindra Scorpio trucks feature a design that begs to go off road. Its high fuel efficiency makes a good work truck, while the comfortable plush interior makes it perfect for road trips with family and friends. Single and double cab trucks come with high ground clearance, roof racks, sport front and rear bumpers, and a snorkel. Inside, the double cab seats five people while the single cab seats two. Fabric seats and air conditioning add to driver and passenger comfort, while the 2-DIN music system supports CDs, MP3s, SD cards and USB drives.

    Mahindra Genio Trucks

    Mahindra Genio Trucks also come with single or double cab options. Designed primarily as a work truck, they still provide comfortable interiors. A glove box provides storage room while the floor console has room for a bottle holder, mobile phone charging stations, and space to store a wallet. Business owners can choose from a number of design configurations including a flat bed or a box truck design.

    Mahindra Bolero

    The Mahindra Bolero provides even more options for consumers. It comes in 4X4 and 4X2 models and has the option of choosing from a loadbox or dropside design. Perfect for work that involves hauling, landscapers can use the dropside feature to easily load and unload fill dirt and mulch. Inside, the single cab seats two people and offers vinyl upholstery, armrests, air conditioning and rubber floors.

    Buying a Mahindra Truck

    With the numerous choices Mahindra trucks offer, consumers have no problem finding one that gives them what they want. From a stylish double cab that is at home in the woods and at the grocery store, to a single cab rugged workhorse, Mahindra designs accommodate many tastes. This makes it easy for consumers to find a truck that fits their lifestyle.

    Things to Know About the Mahindra Van

    Things to Know About the Mahindra Van

    When it comes to vans, the Mahindra Maxximo Mini Van is probably unlike anything else you have ever seen. Built with safety in mind, the van is ideal for anyone who needs a spacious vehicle for hauling a large family or who often hauls several passengers at once. The automaker claims its van is comfortable, runs on an advanced engine and features high-end technology not usually found in the van's competition vehicles. Mahindra uses similar technology to build its own school bus. Before deciding on a used Mahindra Maxximo Mini Van, get to know its features.

    Mahindra Van Engine and Performance

    According to Mahindra, its Maxximo Mini Van's 2-cylinder C2 CRDe engine is the first of its kind in the world. It has four valves per cylinder, Double Overhead Camshafts, a chain driven system, pilot injection and free pedal fuel cut off. It also gets up to 25 horsepower and 55 Nm/5,5 kilogrammes torque at 2 200 to 2 400 RPM. The Mini Van features a manual four-speed transmission and front disc and rear drum brakes. The steering wheel come with Front-IFS with McPherson Strut and a Rear-Leaf spring with shock absorbers. The vehicle's curb weight is 1 090 kilogrammes.

    Mahindra Van Safety Features

    Designers built the van's actual body structure with extreme safety in mind. It's rigid structure can prevent crushing during an accidental rollover, and the van is designed to recover after driving on rough terrain. It also has a monocoque structure, which means that even when the van is driving at high speeds, technology can help keep it stable. The tailgate is an actual door with fixed glass for back-row passenger safety. Each van also has a Vacuum Assisted Booster and Load Sensing Proportionate Valve, which regulates tyre pressure to help keep brakes working when you haul an extra-heavy load and to prevent the wheels from locking up during wet road conditions. Its drive-by-wire accelerator technology pays attention to how you drive and responds to how you press the gas pedal, so that even if you don't usually push it hard, the van will pick up and go anyway.

    Mahindra Van Exterior and Interior Features

    If you are worried about appearances, the Mahindra Maxximo Mini Van comes with a number of interior and exterior features that help distinguish it from other vans. Its wrap-around headlights with multi-focal reflectors sit on either side of the van's signature grille and not only do they improve your visibility, they also help other cars see you faster and more efficiently. The glove compartment, which can be locked, is spacious and the seats feature two-tone plush material. The Maxximo Mini Van sits up to eight passengers, including the driver. As for colours, the van comes in Appy Red, Diamond White and School Yellow.

    Mahindra Maxximo Mini Van VX

    A VX version of the Maxximo Mini Van is also available. It features wide-open sliding doors that provide plenty of space for getting people and items into and out of the van. It seats are ergonomically-designed and offer extra padding and headrests. The VX comes with a two-cylinder 0,9L 2CY CRDe NA BSIII Direct Injection Diesel Engine. It gets up to 25 horsepower and 55 NM/5.5 kilogrammes of torque at 1 800 to 2 200 rpm. It also comes with a four-speed manual transmission, a single plate dry clutch, disc and drum brakes and a 33-litre fuel tank. The VX weighs 1 790 kilogrammes, and it seats up to eight people, including the driver. The second row face the rear, while the third seat faces the front.

    Mahindra Maxximo School Bus

    In February, 2014, Mahindra announced that it had given its Maxximo van a new look and added some new technology in order to make a school bus. One of its most noteworthy features is its SafeEye technology, which incorporates GPS tracking of children that parents and teachers can follow on their smartphones. It also features a notification system that is in place in case of an emergency and allows parents to keep up with how close their children are to home, as well as how safe the driver is driving. Cameras placed in the front and back of the vehicle provide live video feed. Even if you are not a school administrator, the bus is on the market for public consumption and available with and without the technology and cameras.


    If you have more than three kids, you know how difficult it is to find safe, spacious ways to get everyone from one place to another without having to take more than one car. If the kids bring friends along, forget it. With the Mahindra Maxximo Mini Van, space is no longer an issue. Not only do you have room for everyone in the family, you also have space for luggage, school projects, bikes, the family pet, sporting equipment, and anything else you have to haul around on a regular basis. Once you decide whether or not a Mahindra van is the right vehicle for you, visit Gumtree to find out if one is available near you.

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