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    Lexus Es Prices

    Average Lexus Es Price: R 353,328

    The current average price for a Lexus Es for sale is R 353,328 This has increased by 4.95% since the previous month.

    • Buyers: You can use this average price to figure out if a Lexus Es you’re looking at is a good price for you.
    • Sellers: You can use this average price to make sure you are setting a competitive price for your Lexus Es.
    Average Lexus Es Price 353,328

    This chart shows the average price per year for a Lexus Es. There is a lot to learn from the price of a car per year! For example:

    • What is the best year to buy a Lexus Es? If you are looking to buy a Lexus Es, you can see which years hold their value the best. Check out the Dark Green Bar to see the Gumtree Recommended Year to Buy for a Lexus Es.
    • When should I sell my used Lexus Es? If you want to sell your car, this chart makes it easy to see what your Lexus Es car is worth right now, compared to other years.

    This chart shows the average price by mileage for the Lexus Es based on kilometers of the car.

    • How many kms are too many on a used Lexus Es? Use this chart to see the average price for a Lexus Es depending on the kms driven, and decide which price and mileage combination works for you.

    This chart shows the number of ads for a Lexus Es for sale per fuel type listed on Gumtree. If you’re looking to specifically find a diesel or petrol Lexus Es car, you’ll know what the availability is of each type so you can make your decision.

    This chart shows the number of ads in each colour for a Lexus Es car for sale listed on Gumtree. Here you can see how many Lexus Es cars there are in your dream colour, and get exactly the car you want!

    NOTE: This list includes only new and used cars for sale on Gumtree which have enough information to calculate an accurate average price.

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