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    Jeep Prices

    Average Jeep Price: R 258,772


    This Chart shows that the average price of a used Jeep for sale over the past 90 days, which is R 258,772. The average Jeep price has decreased by 7.93% since the previous month.

    • If you’re considering buying a Jeep for your next car purchase, but have not yet chosen the model of Jeep you want, check out the more detailed prices for the models listed below.
    • If you are looking to sell your Jeep, consider pricing it according to the average prices we see here on Gumtree to speed up your sale!

    Average Jeep Price 258,772

    Jeep Models

    Jeep Models Review


    The Jeep name brand is synonymous with off road, tough vehicles. Jeep is a division of the American automobile manufacturer, Chrysler Group LLC., which in turn is a wholly owned subsidiary of Italian automaker, Fiat S.p.A. Chrysler acquired the Jeep name from American Motors in 1987. The Jeep line of vehicles include, as of 2014, sports utility vehicles and off-road vehicles, but has included pickup trucks in the past. Buyers can find Jeeps available around the world, including in Iran, Argentina, Korea, Australia and China.

    In 1941, Jeep manufactured the first Willys MB Jeeps for military use. They became available to the public in 1945. These first vehicles were the inspiration for the production of the Land Rovers. Jeep was at first, only manufacturing vehicles that were to be used by the military. These vehicles included the Bantam reconnaissance car, the Ford Pygmy and the Willys MB.

    After the war, surplus jeeps were made available to the general public to purchase. The latest of these available Jeep lines is the Humvee. Jeep models available to the public include the Jeep CJ, DJ, SJ, Cherokee, Comanche, Wrangler and Grand Cherokee.

    Known for its off-road capabilities, Jeep vehicles use a variety of different four-wheel drive systems. The most basic system is one in which the driver has to put the vehicle into the four-wheel drive position manually, via a lever control, to a fully integrated system that can change itself from two-wheel to four-wheel drive, automatically. Some of the more well known off road vehicles include the Jeep Rubicon brands.

    There are five models of Jeep vehicles produced. These models are the Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Compass, Jeep Patriot and the Jeep Cherokee KL. Future models that are in planning stages for Jeep in 2014 include the Jeep Renegade BU, a sports utility vehicle, and the Jeep Wagoneer, which will be a full sized SUV.

    Top Considerations for Buying a Used Jeep SUV

    Top Considerations for Buying a Used Jeep SUV

    Known for its rugged, durable vehicles, Jeep manufactures a wide variety of SUVs. A Jeep SUV offers the driver the versatility to go off the road with ease and is still enjoyable to drive on the road. Jeep manufactures a variety of SUVs ranging from compact to full-size vehicles. Buyers should consider their personal preferences before deciding whether to purchase a smaller crossover SUV like the Compass or a midsize SUV like the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

    Jeep CUV vs. SUV

    Jeep manufacturers a subset of SUVs called CUVs. Shorthand for Crossover Utility Vehicle, these Jeep vehicles are built on a car platform but include a number of traditional SUV features. CUVs generally offer a smoother ride than standard SUVs, but the vehicles may sacrifice some of their rugged off-road ability to accommodate the better ride. Jeep crossover vehicles include the Cherokee and Renegade. Compared to the similarly sized Jeep Wrangler and Patriot vehicles, the Cherokee and Renegade perform better on gas mileage and offer a more comfortable passenger experience. On the other hand, Jeep SUVs perform much better in rugged off-road conditions.

    Crossover Jeep SUVs

    The crossover Jeep Cherokee comes highly rated. This vehicle features a smooth ride and has a spacious interior area for maximum passenger comfort. The Cherokee provide a good driving experience in all types of weather and ranks highly in safety, giving it a reputation for quality and performance. The second-generation Jeep Cherokees are more luxurious when compared to the first generation's almost austere design, making later models better suited to consumers looking for an overall better driving experience. However, both older and new models of the Cherokee have a reputation for being durable and reliable and retain their values relatively well when compared with other vehicles. The lesser-known Jeep Renegade isn't as highly ranked as the Jeep Cherokee. Smaller than the Cherokee, it offers less passenger room but still features a quality engine choice and all-wheel drive capabilities on select vehicles.

    Small Jeep SUVs

    Jeep's small SUVs include the classic Jeep Wrangler and the Jeep Patriot. The Jeep Wrangler offers drivers and passengers a quintessential open air, rugged driving experience. Featuring great off-road capability and standard four-wheel drive, the Wrangler ranks high in performance. However, drivers concerned with getting the safest vehicle on the road should avoid the Wrangler. While it performs well on front-impact tests, it lacks in side-impact safety and has a reputation for rolling over easily. The Jeep Patriot, on the other hand, lacks the quintessential Jeep driving experience. Built on a similar platform as the discontinued Dodge Caliber hatchback, the Patriot offers four-wheel drive but offers little else in the way of substance behind its classic boxy Jeep style, and it falls short on fuel economy and overall experience.

    Mid-Size SUVs

    Jeep offers a variety of mid-size SUVs for consumers seeking a larger vehicle with more power and more interior room. The flagship vehicle of Jeep's midsize SUVs is the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Around since 1993 with its earliest predecessor dating back to 1983, the Grand Cherokee has a long history of reliability, performance, safety and driving experience. The luxurious reputation the Cherokee has is due to its high rankings in driver satisfaction. Standard features for even its earliest models include four-wheel drive, anti-lock brakes, power windows, power doors and cruise control. Premium models come fully equipped with added luxuries like heated seats, keyless entry and DVD players in newer models. While the first generation of Jeep Grand Cherokees offered a fairly smooth driving experience, later models have refined the on-road experience even more with upgraded suspension systems providing an even smoother and quieter ride.

    Jeep Safety Considerations and Reliability

    Both the Cherokee and the Grand Cherokee come highly rated for safety and reliability. Most years for both vehicles scored well for front- and side-impact tests as well as roof strength. Both resist flipping, unlike the Wrangler, making either of these vehicles a choice for a safe family vehicle. The Cherokee and Grand Cherokee also handle impeccably, resisting tyre blowouts and performing well in poor driving conditions. However, other Jeep SUVs do not compare to the safety and reliability of the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee. Though the Wrangler offers a fun driving experience, it does not handle nearly as well as either Cherokee and offers little roof strength in the event of a flip. The Renegade and Patriot score somewhere in between the Cherokee vehicles and Wrangler in terms of safety and handling, but they do not hold up over the long term as well as the aforementioned vehicles.


    Buyers considering a Jeep SUV are no doubt either attracted to the luxury ride and impeccable reputation offered by the Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee or are attracted to the unique driving experience offered by the Jeep Wrangler. Lesser known models of Jeep SUVs tend to be less experience but do not offer the same driving experience as the better known vehicles. The purchaser should consider several factors before purchase, including the size of vehicle needed and whether it will be primarily a family vehicle or a vehicle used for the unique off-roading experience a Jeep Wrangler offers.

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