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    Iveco Prices

    Average Iveco Price: R 139,900


    This Chart shows that the average price of a used Iveco for sale over the past 90 days, which is R 139,900. The average Iveco price has decreased by 11.66% since the previous month.

    • If you’re considering buying a Iveco for your next car purchase, but have not yet chosen the model of Iveco you want, check out the more detailed prices for the models listed below.
    • If you are looking to sell your Iveco, consider pricing it according to the average prices we see here on Gumtree to speed up your sale!

    Average Iveco Price 139,900

    Iveco Models

    Iveco Models Review

    The Iveco name first appeared on the market in 1971 following a strategic combination of French, German and Italian brands. The Iveco name is itself an acronym for Industrial Vehicles Corporation. The company has its headquarters in Turin, Italy. The company both designs and builds different weights of commercial vehicles, quarry/construction site vehicles, city and intercity buses and special vehicles. The vehicles fell into the light, medium and heavy weight categories, and buyers used them for firefighting, off-road missions, the military and civil defence.

    In the Iveco line of light, medium, and heavy vehicles, the range of light vehicles includes the New Daily, with versions from 2.8 T to 7.0 T and a few with the 4x4 drive. The medium line of vehicles includes the Eurocargo, which is available from 7 T to 19T and with either a 4x2 or 4x4 drive. Their heavy line includes the Stralis and Trakker, from 19 T to 72 T. These come with the option of two, three, or four-axle versions with either all-wheel drive or two-wheel drive.

    In 1996, Iveco and Nanjing Auto formed a joint venture called Nanjing Iveco Automobile Co Ltd. This company was responsible for the production and manufacture of the Iveco Daily, sold in China. In 2007, the joint company acquired the truck manufacturing components of Yuejin Motor Co. The acquisition of the Yuejin Motor Co. in 2007 led to the subsidiary, Yuejin Light Truck Co., being formed by Nanjing Iveco Automobile Co Ltd. The Yuejin Light Truck Co manufactures light duty trucks that carry the Yuejin brand name.

    While most of the vehicles produced by Iveco are commercial vehicles, they still produce the Daily. The Daily is a bus that offers both commercial and personal use. Most of the company mainly focuses on their commercial vehicles and engine production lines, which buyers use the world over.

    Iveco Trucks

    Top Considerations for Buying a Used Iveco Truck

    Iveco primarily manufactures commercial vehicles that include trucks and construction vehicles, giving buyers seeking a commercial truck various choices. Iveco trucks offer a driving experience similar to that of driving a car or light van. Drivers experience overall comfort when driving these trucks due to their roomy cabs and an above average number of comfort amenities for drivers. Despite the overall comfort of Iveco trucks for drivers, they may not be the most durable trucks available and will not withstand more than average wear and tear. These trucks are best suited to be driven by one or two drivers rather than to be shared by a whole team of drivers.

    On-Road vs. Off-Road Iveco Trucks

    Iveco offers both on-road and off-road trucks. The needs of the purchaser and the intended use of the truck should be taken into account prior to making a buying decision. On-road trucks are generally used to transport a variety of commercial goods via standard highway and city driving. The on-road Iveco trucks come in three weights: medium, heavy and extra heavy. Each weight class offers different advantages and disadvantages. Off-road trucks are better suited for being used as construction vehicles or as vehicles for transporting goods in an area with poorly paved roads. As with the on-road trucks, Iveco off-road trucks are available in medium, heavy and extra heavy weights, and all weights have distinct advantages and disadvantages

    Medium Weight Trucks

    Iveco's medium weight road truck is the New Daily Chassis Cab. This truck features industrial hauling capabilities with the driving experience of a lighter van. Built for fixed and tipping bodies and special applications, it offers the truck owner a wide variety of useful applications from hauling to waste collection and to even attaching a motor home. The Iveco medium weight off-road truck, the New Daily 4x4, is an all-wheel drive vehicle suited for quarries and worksites. The 146 horsepower truck features a towing capacity of up to three and a half tons, making it well suited for hauling. The New Daily 4x4's off-road ability suits it to nearly any driving climate imaginable, allowing the owner to access more remote places if needed.

    Heavy Weight Trucks

    Iveco's heavy weight road truck is the Euro Cargo, which is known for its versatility and ease of driving. Its compact cab allows for maximum manoeuvrability even in crowded cities. The truck's 300 horsepower engine allows it to power through long or difficult trips with ease. The Euro Cargo 4x4 is the Iveco heavy weight off-road truck. Featuring many additions to protect its structure, including steel bumpers and a specially designed radiator guard, the Euro Cargo 4x4 handles challenging off-road work. It features a 6-cylinder, 240 horsepower engine, providing power despite challenging conditions.

    Ultra Heavy Weight Trucks

    Iveco's ultra heavy weight trucks include the on-road New Stralis Hi-Way and the versatile New Trakker. Weighing in at more than 16 tons, these trucks are both suited for hauling the most demanding of heavy loads. The New Stralis Hi-Way features advanced ergonomics, allowing for ultimate driving control, and fuel-saving technology, allowing for a cost effective way to haul heavy loads. The uniquely designed cab offers the driver a comfortable driving experience. The New Trakker offers the versatility to serve as an on-road or off-road vehicle. Featuring a sturdy steel frame that allows it to drive in the harshest off-road conditions, its ergonomic and fuel-efficient engine suits it for on-road hauls as well.

    Iveco Long-Term Durability

    While Iveco trucks hold up well in the short term, they do not last as well long term as similar trucks. The trucks don't use the highest quality materials in their construction, and as a result, they tend to show more wear and tear after a short amount of time and require more routine maintenance. Wear and tear will happen even faster if a fleet of drivers shares one of these trucks. This is because one or two drivers may be more apt to take better care of the vehicle.

    Iveco Driver Comfort

    Overall, Iveco prides itself on offering drivers great comfort. The trucks generally feature roomy cabs and are very easy to drive. These trucks go above the standard comfort features of other similar trucks, offering drivers refrigerators, freezers and many electric features including electric blinds. Similar trucks of different makes are not as well equipped for driver comfort as the Iveco trucks are.

    Iveco Truck Handling

    Iveco trucks all handle differently depending on their weights and whether they are meant for on-road or off-road use. A common concern with Iveco truck handling includes less than amazing traction. Reviewers have noted that the trucks may struggle with traction and lift depending on the conditions.


    Buyers looking into purchasing an Iveco truck should consider several factors prior to purchase, including the weight and size of the truck needed and the primary use of the truck, such as on-road or off-road driving. In the short term, an Iveco truck is a solid purchase, offering adequate handling and hauling capabilities and superior driver comfort. Some downsides that should be considered include traction and durability issues.

    Top Considerations for Buying a Used Iveco Daily Van

    Top Considerations for Buying a Used Iveco Daily Van

    Iveco has been producing its aptly named Iveco Daily van since the 1970's. From its beginnings, the Daily has provided businesses a reliable, durable van for their work needs. Iveco has had several remakes of its popular van through the years, making it easy to find many varieties of its van still on the market. Each van offers similar features, but some of the variations and nuances may make finding the right fit somewhat challenging.

    Iveco Van Design

    The Iveco Daily was one of the first commercial-grade vans in its class to offer rear wheel drive, allowing for excellent performance with heavy loads. The Daily offers a customisable interior that is built off its chassis, and this has allowed for numerous commercial applications. The Daily's cargo area has been customised for different consumers over the years to fit the needs of the customer buying the vehicle at the time. Though the variety available may make finding a used Iveco easy, finding just the right one might be challenging if it was originally outfitted for a different purpose than what a buyer is currently looking for.

    Original Design

    Despite having only one van model, Iveco's Daily offers a surprising amount of variation in what it can carry. The gross weight of the Daily ranges from 3.3 to 7 tonnes, while the length of the van ranges from 7,3 cubic metres to 19,6 cubic meters. Interior heights are offered from 1 545 millimetres to 2 100 millimetres, which will allow most people to move around the cargo bay upright. Coupled with two engine options and power rating options ranging from 106 horsepower to 205 horsepower, the Daily offers many options to choose from. When searching for a van on the used market, the buyer needs to be sure to look for a van that was designed for a purpose similar to what the buyer needs.

    Iveco Van Engine

    The Iveco Daily offers two engine varieties based on light and heavy duty applications. The engine is diesel-powered and stands up to wear and tear quite well. The Daily's heavy-duty version is capable of carrying large cargo loads. In 1999, the Daily received a boost with a newly designed turbo-diesel engine, which was well-known for its fuel economy and minimal impact on the environment. In 2014, the new Daily featured continued improvements to the engine design that allowed for continued efficiencies in fuel consumption and less ecological impact. When buying a used van, the buyer should be sure to check which engine was placed in the Daily and should get the specifications to make sure it fits the buyer's needs.

    Iveco Van Strength

    The Daily has traditionally offered sturdy construction that has translated well into efficiency, reliability and residual value. Iveco boasts that none of its competitors' models in the same class can match the payload and reliability of the Daily. This is due to its construction being based on a truck chassis and the increasing thickness of the frame as the payload increases. When considering a used Iveco Daily, the buyer should be sure to get specifications on the payload it can handle because not all Daily vans were built to carry the same payload.

    Iveco Van Handling

    The Iveco Daily offers overall good manoeuvrability. The Daily is well-suited for manoeuvering into tight areas because it has a tight turning radius that makes it adept at urban driving conditions. The small frame makes driving the Daily van feel more like driving a car, and this is especially the case with the 2014 design.

    Iveco Van Comfort

    Driver comfort has not been a major problem for Iveco's Daily. The 2014 version offers improved an driver seat, a smaller steering wheel, a more ergonomic dashboard that allows the driver to comfortably reach all the controls and more efficient climate control. Previous models of the vehicle also offered comfort features for the driver.

    Iveco Van Part Availability

    The Daily has been produced since the 1970's. This makes buying replacement parts a bit easier for the average consumer looking to maintain a used Iveco van. Used parts can be found for the van online or potentially be ordered through a mechanic's shop. The ability to work on and fix potential issues has made the Iveco a good choice for buying a used van.


    Iveco's Daily van is a versatile workhorse that can provide consumers with the right option to fit their needs. The number of variations in what it can handle and do may make buying it on the used market a bit difficult. Buyers need to be aware of the differences between what each variation can handle in terms of payload and what it was initially designed to carry. A buyers of used Iveco van can be reasonably assured that the van will be good quality and will be well worth the investment.

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