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    Isuzu Prices

    Average Isuzu Price: R 138,862


    This Chart shows that the average price of a used Isuzu for sale over the past 90 days, which is R 138,862. The average Isuzu price has decreased by 30.66% since the previous month.

    • If you’re considering buying a Isuzu for your next car purchase, but have not yet chosen the model of Isuzu you want, check out the more detailed prices for the models listed below.
    • If you are looking to sell your Isuzu, consider pricing it according to the average prices we see here on Gumtree to speed up your sale!

    Average Isuzu Price 138,862

    Isuzu Models

    Isuzu Models Review

    Isuzu Motors Ltd. is an automobile and diesel engine manufacturer headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The Japanese oil and gas producer, Tokyo Gas Company founded Isuzu in 1916. By the year 2009, Isuzu Motors Ltd. had produced over 21 million diesel engines in automobiles that are sold all over the world. Isuzu built their first vehicle, the Wolseley A-9, in 1922 after a partnership with Wolseley Motors Limited. Later, the companies produced the CP truck. In the 1940s, Isuzu mainly produced heavy trucks until the 1960s; when they created their first car, the Bellel.

    Other models manufactured and produced by Isuzu Motors Ltd. include the Geo Storm, which ceased production in 1992. Through a strategic vehicle exchange agreement with Honda in 1994, Isuzu began to sell the Isuzu Rodeo and the Isuzu Trooper as the Honda Passport and Acura SLX. This agreement gave Honda the right to sell the Honda Odyssey as the Isuzu Oasis. On 30 January 2008, Isuzu Motors Ltd. announced that it would cease production and export of automobiles in the United States.

    In Africa and Asia, Isuzu Motors mainly produces light duty pickup trucks, SUVs and heavy commercial vehicles many of which carry their name; however, the company has many joint ventures that result in vehicles marketed under other brand names. Isuzu Motors Ltd. produced the Aska Sedan, Trooper, Amigo, Rodeo and the Vertex, to name a few of their passenger vehicles and SUVs. As of 2014, still manufacture the Panther van, D-Max pickup truck, Isuzu MU-7 midsize SUV, second generation Isuzu D-Max and Isuzu MU-X.

    Isuzu Motors Ltd. is mainly a producer of commercial vans and trucks. They offer both petrol and diesel vehicles. The company also produces heavy-duty diesel engines for both commercial and non-commercial vehicles. The commercial models range from light trucks to heavy trucks, vans, and large and small commercial buses. Some of their common commercial models include the Journey, CXZ heavy truck, NHR light truck and CNG City Bus.

    Isuzu Sedans

    Isuzu Sedans

    Isuzu sedans include the Isuzu Florian, the Isuzu Aska and the Isuzu Bellel. The Florian and Bellel classify as compact sedans, while the Aska is a slightly larger midsize vehicle. The different Isuzu sedans vary in style and features, but they all share the same classic four-door body design shared by other vehicles in the global sedan class. Its sedans enjoyed long periods of steady sales during the height of their production periods, but Isuzu ceased production of four-door passenger cars in 2002, choosing instead to focus on making commercial trucks and sport utility vehicles.

    Compact Cars

    Compact cars are a subcategory in the larger class of sedans. They are considered small family cars and typically see the highest volumes of sales amongst young families with one or two kids as well as commuters who need small, fuel-efficient vehicles. Compact cars are a bit larger than subcompacts, but they have smaller overall areas and less spacious cabins than midsize sedans. Compact cars include several types of vehicles, such as convertibles, station wagons, multi-purpose cars and SUVs but are most commonly found as sedans. Like other compact cars, the Isuzu Florian and the Isuzu Bellel are designed primarily for life in urban environments. These vehicles rest on relatively low platforms and have good fuel economies. They are narrow in design, which facilitates parking on narrow city streets but also means sacrificing some interior cabin room. Compact cars typically have 1.4-litre or 2.0-litre engines; engine size varies among manufacturers, and many models come with higher-end trims that have more powerful engines. A new or used Isuzu Florian is marketed with several different choices for engines, including a 1.6-litre, 1.8-litre and 2.0-litre engine. The 1.6-litre is available on the base model, while the 1.8-litre and 2.0-litre engines come with the higher-level trims. As with other cars, buyers should keep several things in mind when deciding which type of engine to get. Smaller engines are generally more fuel efficient than larger ones, but they deliver less power and speed. In contrast to the Florian, the Bellel only offers two engine choices: a 1.5-litre and a 2.0-litre. Both operate using diesel fuel.

    Midsize Cars

    Midsize cars, such as the Isuzu Aska, are a bit larger than subcompact cars. As their name implies, these vehicles fall in the middle area of standard car sizes. Midsize cars began to appear on the market in the mid-1950s to accommodate growing families who needed to transport their children locally and also wanted a car large enough to take on vacations. The Isuzu Aska emerged as a competitor in the midsize class during the early 1980s and gained in sales through 2002, when Isuzu ceased production. During the course of its production years, the Aska underwent several name changes. As with other midsize sedans, the Aska conforms to precise dimensions in terms of its interior cabin space, body frame, boot space and wheel base.

    Isuzu Sedan Engines

    The Isuzu Aska comes with several different types of engines, including those that operate using standard petrol as well as those that require diesel. The engines found in the Aska vary depending on the year of production: those that equip the first and second-generation models are smaller, while later models have larger and more powerful engines. The various engines in the Aska bring different results to the driving experience. Cars with smaller engines are less powerful and are slower to accelerate than those with larger engines, but they have better fuel economies. The Isuzu Florian also has several variations in standard engines. As with the Aska, the earliest versions come with the 1.6-litre and 1.8-litre engines, while later models come with a standard 2.0-litre engine. The Aska is available in a standard petrol option as well as diesel, although only the 2.0-litre engines run on diesel fuel. When shopping for a new or used Isuzu sedan, consumers should note that as with engine size, fuel requirements should be taken into consideration. Standard petrol is typically less expensive and more readily available than diesel, although cars with diesel engines have a slightly better performance.


    Although this Japanese automaker pulled out of the sedan market in 2002 to pursue sales in the commercial truck and SUV vehicle categories, the few sedans it produced before that time enjoyed long periods of solid sales. The Isuzu Aska, Bellel and Florian are popular sedans, especially with small families and those who like to travel. The Bellel and Florian are a bit smaller and classify as compact sedans, while the larger Aska has a roomier cabin, more boot space and a longer frame, putting it in the class of midsize sedans. Isuzu's sedans vary in the type of fuel they require and engines, which are important factors to consider when shopping for cars.

    Top Considerations for Buying a Used Isuzu SUV

    Top Considerations for Buying a Used Isuzu SUV

    Isuzu primarily manufactures SUVs and trucks, giving buyers looking for an SUV several models to choose from. Isuzu SUVs tend to be reliable and durable, although the vehicles have a reputation for not offering the most refined driver or passenger experience. This reputation is primarily due to the sluggish handling and minimal passenger room that characterise the brand's models. Overall, Isuzu SUVs still tend to be a good value for the cost and have the advantage of coming with very reliable dealer service, depending on where and how the consumer purchases the vehicle.

    Mid-Size vs. Compact Isuzu SUVs

    Isuzu offers SUVs in both the midsize and compact range. The three-door Isuzu MU and the Isuzu Amigo are compact SUVs. These compact SUVs offer more fuel efficiency than their mid-sized counterparts. However, mid-sized Isuzu SUVs, such as the Trooper, Rodeo and MU-X, offer better off-road experiences and also have more room for the passengers of the vehicles. The consumer's needs will ultimately determine whether a compact SUV or mid-sized SUV rests is preferable.

    Isuzu Safety Features

    The safety rankings for Isuzu's SUVs are hard to determine. Many of the Isuzu SUVs are not rated for front and side impact safety, although they do come with a number of safety measures in place. Most of the SUVs available for resale come with anti-lock brakes and anti-theft measures. Many of the SUVs, including the mid-size Axiom, come equipped with adjustable upper belts in the front and back. The Axiom has also scored highly in the front and side impact tests. The SUVs have tested well for rollover resistance too.

    Isuzu SUV Engine

    Isuzu SUVs offer a range of engine options. The right option for the consumer depends on how the consumer intends to use the SUV and what size the SUV is. Some available options include the I4, I6, V8 and diesel engines. Compact and mid-sized SUVs tend to have similar engine options, although there is some variance due to the increased vehicle size of the mid-sized SUVs. The engine options available also change depending on the model year of the SUV.

    Isuzu MU-X Engine Options

    Built to be a great family vehicle as well as a vehicle perfectly suited to handle off-road terrain, the Isuzu MU-X comes with Isuzu's signature diesel engine. Equipped with a 3L turbo-diesel engine, this engine option gives this SUV power and torque on demand. This engine can handle towing a fully loaded trailer uphill easily and will still allow for smooth acceleration.

    Isuzu Ascender Engine Options

    The Isuzu Ascender, another mid-sized SUV, offers a 4.2L I6 engine. The I6 engine produces between 285 and 291 horsepower. Older models of the Ascender have the option of a 290 horsepower, 5.3L V8 engine. Though it is higher powered, the V8 engine does not have the same level of fuel efficiency as the I6 engine does. If fuel cost is a major consideration for the buyer, the buyer should consider purchasing a newer Ascender to take advantage of the more fuel-efficient I6 engine.

    Isuzu Handling

    Some of the Isuzu SUVs handle better than others. During testing, drivers found the Isuzu Ascender to handle sloppily with feedback to the driver being generally slow and clunky. These issues make the Ascender not well-suited for drivers who will use it primarily for city driving. The MU-X handles much more efficiently than the Ascender and shifts gears easily, making both city driving and off-road driving much better experiences overall.

    Isuzu Driver and Passenger Comfort

    The comfort of the vehicle depends greatly on driver preferences and which model is in question. Overall, Isuzu is not ranked highly in passenger and driver comfort. MU-X reviews state that driving the vehicle feels more like driving a truck than an SUV, although some drivers may prefer this. Other models don't offer much in the way of passenger room. Overall, drivers hoping for a true SUV experience will be disappointed by the experience of driving an Isuzu.


    Buyers looking into purchasing an Isuzu SUV need to determine several things prior to purchase. First, they will need to determine whether or not they'd like a compact SUV or midsize SUV. They will also need to determine how much engine power they desire and what kind of driving the vehicle will be used for. Drivers relying on an SUV to be both their family vehicle and a vehicle that has the ability to haul a trailer would do better looking at an MU-X or another mid-sized Isuzu that has a high-powered diesel engine. Handling and safety issues should also be taken into consideration prior to purchase as these can affect one's driving experience. For a buyer on a budget, an Isuzu SUV makes a sound choice for a vehicle due to its overall reliability, even though it lacks in overall driver and passenger experience.

    Top Considerations for Buying a Used Isuzu Truck

    Top Considerations for Buying a Used Isuzu Truck

    Isuzu has been manufacturing trucks since the early 20th century. Through the years, the company has partnered with American General Motors to produce rugged, medium-duty trucks that are not known for their comfort or style. Instead, the trucks are known for their economy pricing, substandard parts, engines and driver experience when compared to competitors. Nonetheless, buyers looking into pickup trucks may find the options Isuzu offers and the economy pricing worth a look.

    Isuzu iSeries Trucks

    Isuzu's iSeries offers a nearly identical design to General Motor's Chevrolet Colorado and the GMC Canyon. The iSeries offers both single and double cab options. The quality of the workmanship and materials is behind similar models produced in the early 2000s. The trucks feature a step that helps individuals get in and outside of the cab. The interior sports roomy first row seating but cramped back row seating. The materials used to produce the cab range in quality from poor to average. There are limited amenities that include air conditioning and cruise control in their ?S? option, with the addition of bucket seats, power controls and a radio with six speakers in the ?LS? edition.

    Isuzu iSeries Truck Engines

    The iSeries offers two varieties of engines in 2.9L and 3.7L versions. The 2.9L engine offers 185 horsepower, whereas the 3.7L engine offers 242 horsepower. Both engines offer four-speed transmissions with the 3.7L also offering four-wheel drive options. Neither engine is as strong as similar sized truck engines, leaving their hauling and towing capabilities limited compared to competitors.

    Isuzu iSeries Handling

    Both versions of the ISeries truck offer solid handling and comfort. The suspension on the iSeries is able to handle most road bumps and potholes without the driver or passengers feeling them. The trucks' wheels stay firmly on the road, and the steering gives accurate feedback so that the driver has firm control over the truck. The iSeries loses some points on its off-road handling experience, leaving much to be desired in how it adapts to the unevenness and uncertainty of the off-road environment.

    Isuzu Hombre Trucks

    Like the iSeries trucks that copied their design from General Motors, the Hombre is a clone of the Chevrolet S-10 and offers nearly identical design features. Similar to other Isuzu trucks, the Hombre has a basic design that lacks certain feature amenities and nuances. The Hombre offers a spacious interior, giving plenty of leg and body room. The heavier build of suspension design takes on heavier loads and makes riding with an empty bed less comfortable because the driver and passenger feel all bumps in the road. However, the Hombre handles off-road driving quite well.

    Isuzu Hombre Engine Options

    The Isuzu Hombre offers 2.2L, 4.3L V6 and a 4.3L Vortec engine options. The 2.2L engine offers 120 horsepower. The 4.3L varieties offered with the four-wheel drive Isuzu Hombre maxes out horsepower at 195, giving the 4.3L engine much more torque. The standard V6 engine offers the most horsepower at 175, allowing for the greatest torque. If equipped with four-wheel drive and the Vortec V6, the Hombre is a very capable off-road truck, easily navigating over rocky or muddy terrain.

    Isuzu D-Max Trucks

    The Isuzu D-Max, also known as the Rodeo, received an update in 2012 to its design and offerings. The D-Max's overall design is based on Chevrolet's Colorado pickup and has slight changes to the front and a different engine. The D-Max offers drivers the choice between manual and automatic transmissions and offers more features than previous models. The additional features include an improved interior design with more upscale finishes, plenty of legroom, a car-like cabin with plenty of storage space and comfortable seating. The D-Max features improved handling both on and off the road when it's compared to earlier versions. Its wheels stay planted on the ground, giving the driver good control when turning. The improved suspension also offers a smoother ride over bumpy terrain.

    Isuzu D-Max Engine Options

    The D-Max offers a 2.5L diesel engine that is a major improvement over the previous Rodeo model and features more torque. The D-Max also rewards drivers with a strong and punchy response when they give the pedal a push. The D-Max pulls large loads without issue, and though it doesn't have the strongest engine available, the engine is well equipped on the chassis. The five-speed manual gearbox offers easy transitions, but the time between them is quite long. The automatic transmission can be sluggish in shifting gears. Overall, the D-Max engine is quite well-suited and gets the job done.


    Isuzu offers buyers economy pricing for trucks that offer adequate performance for most jobs. Buyers should be aware of the various engine options and what they will mean for towing and load capabilities. Buyers should also expect that most Isuzu truck models will have a functional interior with few perks other than what is absolutely necessary. Isuzu attracts buyers to its trucks through its overall cheaper pricing and the ability to handle most of the work that other pricier trucks are capable of handling.

    Top Considerations for Buying a Used Isuzu Van

    Top Considerations for Buying a Used Isuzu Van

    Isuzu primarily manufactures SUVs and trucks, giving buyers looking for a van very limited choices. Isuzu vans offer durable and reliability, despite their lack of reputation for a stylish driving experience. Although the vans may not provide a smooth driving experience, some models offer car-like features and have roomy interiors that create a comfortable passenger experience. Overall, Isuzu vans tend to be a good value for the cost.

    Commercial Vans vs. Consumer Vans

    Isuzu offers both commercial vans and consumer vans. The needs of the purchaser should be taken into account prior to making a purchasing decision. A commercial-grade Isuzu van, such as the Reach, offers the buyer opportunities to use the vehicle for moving items or transporting products or equipment for a bakery or general contracting business, among other needs. A consume-grade Isuzu van like the Oasis doesn't offer the versatile functionality that a commercial-grade van like the Reach offers, but it would make a good alternative to an SUV for a family vehicle. Meanwhile, the Isuzu Fargo is an option for buyers looking for a van that functions as a motor home as well. The Fargo may not be the best option for either business use or family use, but it could serve a buyer planning to go on many long sightseeing trips well.

    Isuzu Van Safety Features

    The Isuzu Oasis comes highly rated for safety and has scored four out of five for front impact. It is also very highly rated for side impact for both the front and back passengers. The Oasis comes standard with anti-lock brakes. The commercial-grade Reach was designed with safety in mind. The Oasis comes standard with integrated cab entry and ergonomic dashboard controls. An optional feature includes a backup camera with an LCD monitor.

    Isuzu Van Door and Passenger Options

    Isuzu vans offer a range of door and passenger options. The right option for the buyer relies on a number of factors, including how the buyer intends to use the van, such as if it is for commercial or private use. The number of passengers the buyer will have at any one time and the buyer's preference for a certain number or kind of door will also need to be considered.

    Isuzu Oasis

    The Isuzu Oasis seats six to seven passengers. It comes equipped with a folding rear seat to allow for extra passengers. It comes standard with four doors that are more like the doors of an SUV or sedan rather than the standard sliding doors of a van. The four doors make passenger loading and unloading efficient and easy.

    Isuzu Fargo

    The Isuzu Fargo is a van with two or three doors. The Fargo offers seating for up to six, but it may be more awkward for passenger loading and unloading due to only having two or three doors instead of the four doors that the Oasis offers. This may be a consideration for buyers who have young children or elderly people who would be regular passengers in this vehicle.

    Isuzu Reach

    The Isuzu Reach commercial van doesn't have an extended passenger capacity. It seats the driver comfortably with ample leg room, and it provides a customisable cargo hold instead of extra seating. Because the cargo hold can be customised, the amount of storage space can be adjusted to accommodate the needs of the buyer.

    Isuzu Van Handling

    The Isuzu vans all handle differently. The Oasis handles well overall, but reviewers have suggested upgrading the tyres and keeping a watchful eye on the brakes to maximise handling. The lightweight ergonomic design of the Reach allows this commercial model to handle better than comparative commercial vans from other manufacturers. The Fargo handles adequately but does not have any special features that would make it more enjoyable to drive.

    Isuzu Van Driver and Passenger Comfort

    The overall comfort of the vehicle depends heavily on whether or not the van is for transporting a family or for commercial purposes. The Isuzu Oasis does not rank highly for driver comfort, but with a roomy backseat, it offers lots of legroom, providing the passengers with more comfort. The Isuzu Fargo offers little in the way of driver or passenger experience with its clunky appearance and basic features. It does, however, offer an easy driving experience, if not a refined one, making it a fine choice for a driver's first vehicle. The Reach provides the driver of this commercial van with an above average amount of comfort when compared to other commercial vans. The Reach features a walk-through design and a sliding door to keep drivers shielded from the elements.


    Buyers looking into purchasing an Isuzu van should take several factors into account prior to purchase, including what the primary use of the van will be, how many passengers or cargo need to be able to fit inside the van and how many doors the buyer would prefer. Drivers relying on a van for a growing family would do best to consider an Isuzu Oasis. A small business owner looking for a cargo van would do better considering the Isuzu Reach. Any Isuzu van purchased generally ranks as a safe, reliable choice.

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