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    Geely Prices

    Average Geely Price: R 50,000


    This Chart shows that the average price of a used Geely for sale over the past 90 days, which is R 50,000. The average Geely price has increased by 12.22% since the previous month.

    • If you’re considering buying a Geely for your next car purchase, but have not yet chosen the model of Geely you want, check out the more detailed prices for the models listed below.
    • If you are looking to sell your Geely, consider pricing it according to the average prices we see here on Gumtree to speed up your sale!

    Average Geely Price 50,000

    Geely Models

    Geely Models Review

    Investors founded Geely in 1986 but has grown to be a very large Chinese car producer over its short history, recently acquiring the Volvo segment of cars from the Ford Motor Company. Geely is also the only Chinese car company that started with private funds and remains separate from other companies with state involvement. The company produces a collection of passenger cars for sale in China and recently the UK market.

    Their offerings include two categories, their standard vehicles and their high-end Emgrand models. Each of these categories include a variety of body styles and options. Their standard models start with the Geely GC2, which was designed to be a 5-door hatchback. Its front-sloping fenders and headlight placement give it the appearance of a panda and has become very popular with younger buyers. The GX2 is a crossover version of this chassis and adds a little bit of interior room and a slightly higher clearance to the vehicle. This model is also a 5-door hatchback with a more traditional SUV look and feel. The Geely GC5 is a 5-door hatchback that is bit larger than the GC2 with a wider variety of options and upgrades.

    The GC7 is Geely's sedan design which is similar to the stylings of the smaller cars, but provides a very spacious interior and more power. The Geely CK, MK and MK Cross are the luxury class of vehicles from the company. The CK has a more traditional Sedan styling where the MK is sportier. The MK Cross is an SUV version of the MK with similar appointments and options.

    The Emgrand series includes four models that represent the pinnacle of design from the company. These include the Emgrand 7, Emgrand 7 (RV), Emgrand 8 and Emgrand X7. The first two models share a similar chassis and wheelbase with the RV version shaped more like an SUV. The Emgrand 8 is the most stylish car Geely produces with all of their top-end accessories available as upgrades. Finally, the Emgrand X7 is a crossover model that features a very sporty styling and higher ground clearance.

    The Basics of Geely Sedans

    The Basics of Geely Sedans

    Geely is one of the fastest growing Chinese automotive companies, and it is the only Chinese car manufacturer as of 2014 to develop its own line of engines featuring both automatic and manual transmissions along with other special technologies. Geely sedans offer quality and stylish designs in a range of prices. The company actually operates under five different brand names, including Geely, Emgrand, Englon, Gleagle and Volvo. Older Geely cars may have the Shanghai Maple name. With so many brands under its umbrella, Geely offers a wide selection of sedan models.

    Geely GC7: Stylish Business Sedan

    The GC7, produced by Geely in partnership with famous UK automaker Manganese Bronze Holdings, is a high-performance business sedan designed for consumers interested in powerful cars with luxurious designs but in a medium price range. The GC7 sedan offers a comfortable, roomy interior with a very long 2 602 mm wheelbase and a convenient 560L boot that has a 6:4 folding mode to fit the shapes of various objects. It has a stylish exterior with sharp lines, a curved hatchback and windows that provide a panoramic view. In addition, the GC7 boasts impressive performance, with the SC7 2,4L 6AT model reaching a maximum power level of 112/5 700 kw/rpm and a maximum torque of 210/4 000 to 210/4 500 nm/rpm.

    Geely CK: Safe, Efficient and Comfortable

    The CK is a great example of how Geely manufactures cars that have a European style. The CK, for instance, has very recognisable headlights with a streamlined body design that has obvious simplicity but also an elegant appeal. The exterior is highly aerodynamic and features excellent anti-collision performance, due to steel plates with large cover parts. The CK can take hits from any direction and absorb them equally for optimum safety. The CK also gives consumers a quality ride with the CK 1.3-MT model featuring 63/6 000 kw/rpm maximum power and 110/5 200 nm/rpm maximum torque.

    Geely MK: An Original Look for a Family Sedan

    The MK is Geely's family sedan model, and it boasts features meticulously created by a team of experts and engineers for three years. The design of the MK uses modern building technology to produce an exterior that features a sculptural aesthetic. This gives the MK a unique look with a diamond-shaped body expressed through soft, traditional lines. The MK also has a comfy interior with plenty of room, thanks to Geely's desire to make consumers feel like they are relaxing in their living rooms as they drive. For a family sedan, the MK offers great driving with 69/6 000 kw/rpm maximum power and 128/5 200 nm/rpm maximum torque. Consumers have two different model options for the Geely MK family sedan.

    Geely MK Engine Options

    Consumers can choose the GL 1.5 or the GT 1.5. Both cars have L4, DOHC, 16V 5-speed manual transmission engines with petrol fuel intake. Both models also have a 45L tank capacity, 2 502 mm wheel base, a rack and pinion steering system, an FF and a front disk/rear drum braking system. The GT model, however, outperforms the GL, with a maximum output of 79/6 000 kw/rpm and a maximum torque of 137/4 400 nm/rpm, as compared to the GL's maximum output of 69/6 000 kw/rpm and maximum torque of 128/3 400 nm/rpm. This means the GT reaches a higher top speed at 175 km/hour versus the GL's top speed of 165 km/hour. The trade-off is that the GT consumes more fuel, at 7,75 L/100km, while the GL only consumes 7,68 L/100km.

    Other Differences Between the GL and the GT

    The GT also has extra features that differentiate it from the GL. This includes a leather interior and an adjustable leather steering wheel. The GT also comes equipped with an electric sunroof. Both models offer power steering as well as a host of other convenient features like power windows, air conditioning, child locks, chrome-plated handles and CD and MP3 compatibility. With so many useful standard features, it is no wonder the MK is one of Geely's most popular sedan options.

    Emgrand 8

    Consumers may also want to check out the Emgrand 8, a very special sedan marketed through Geely's Emgrand brand name. The Emgrand 8 is a very stylish car with classic longbow modelling, high shoulder-curved body and racecar-like raised wheel arches. This gives the Emgrand 8 a dynamically modern look, and its high-performance specifications make it an attractive option for consumers who want high quality and visual appeal. The Emgrand 8 at its top specifications operates with a 6-speed automatic transmission and maximum power of 112/5 700 kw/rpm with maximum torque of 210/4 000 to 210/4 500 nm/rpm.

    Geely Sedans for a Range of Purposes

    Style, quality, versatility, and safety are just a few of the things Geely brings to its wide product line of sedans. Whether consumers want high performance, a unique look or an economic design with classic appeal, they can find new and secondhand Geely sedans with a wide array of options. Family sedans, business sedans and economy models are all available.

    Geely Wagons: Space, Versatility and Performance

    Geely Wagons: Space, Versatility and Performance

    Geely wagons are a great option for consumers interested in cars that offer a lot of space for passengers and cargo, and they are also versatile enough to suit many different situations and lifestyles. Geely wagons are among the safest and most energy efficient cars on the market and are mainstays of the Geely brand. They are very stylish, and the MK Cross is a powerful wagon that features all the appeal of Geely's popular MK sedan. Whatever consumers may need from their wagons, Geely offers some wonderful solutions.

    MK Cross: A Powerful Wagon with Crossover Appeal

    The MK Cross is the wagon version of Geely's popular sedan model. It features the sleek, original design of the MK along with a host of special features that make it one of the most versatile, quality wagons on the market. With the MK Cross, consumers enjoy the comfort of wagon space while utilising the power of an aluminium CVVT engine. Many other special features are standard features on the model, including an overhead luggage rack, stylish two-tone interior trim, leather seats, two-tone leather steering wheel and wide, sporty tyres. The MK Cross meets the demands of consumers who want powerful, flexible cars with crossover appeal.

    GX2: A Crossover with Bionic Elements

    Geely wagons strive to meet the desires of consumers who lead active lifestyles and need wagons to serve multiple purposes. Many consumers like the usefulness of SUVs but shy away from high fuel consumption and large vehicles that crowd their garages. The GX2 offers the best of both worlds with Geely's signature sharp diamond body shape, an angular bonnet and a sleek interior design. It also utilises bionic technology and features security bolts to make it theft-proof.

    The GX2 is a wagon that offers high performance in the form of a powerful 1,5L engine that uses 4-cylinder electronic fuel injection to provide 20 per cent more power and 25 per cent more torque than previous models with the 1,3L engine. If consumers opt for the GT version, they also enjoy other great features, such as a six-speaker sound system, rear parking radar and a comprehensive six-airbag safety system.

    GC Wagons: Versatility Meets Affordability

    Consumers may want more compact wagons that offer high performance while still boasting a comfortable price. The GC2 and GC5 are great options for buyers who need wagons with great engine performance and quality features.

    GC2: The Lowest Price in South Africa

    Consumers may find it challenging to find wagons with impressive features, quality driving and stylish appeal that do not cost a fortune. The GC2 offers all these attributes and is the lowest-priced car in South Africa for its spec range. The GC2 has a powerful 1L engine, a compact design and a lot of standard features, including remote central locking, electric side mirrors and an adjustable steering wheel.

    GC5: Sharp, Compact and Modern

    Geely teamed up with renowned car designer Fabrizio Giugiaro to create the GC5, a compact wagon with high safety standards and brilliant style. The GC5 catches the eye with its exterior modelled on sharp contrasts of light and shadow and its body sculpted to create dynamic appeal. The GC5 also runs on a more powerful 1,5L engine. If consumers want compact wagons with unique designs and high-performance engines, the GC5 is all these things.

    The Best Aspects of Geely Wagons

    As noted, Geely wagons are great options for consumers who value competitive prices but still want convenient features and high-performance engines. The wagons also possess some other great aspects that are equally appealing.

    Original Design and Enhanced Functionality

    Geely wagons are highly design-oriented, and this focus on design coincides with Geely's focus on functionality. For example, the MK Cross and GX2 are crossover wagons that appeal to consumers looking for wagons that meet multiple purposes. Geely's more conventional wagons, like the GC2, utilise dynamic modelling to appeal to consumers who need affordable wagons that meet the demands of their lifestyles. The GC5 is Geely's answer for consumers who want wagons with superior performance, iconic style and quality features that typically only come on much higher priced vehicles.

    Quality with Safety and Emissions in Mind

    Geely is a leader in developing green technologies that reduce emissions and fuel costs. The company's wagons also have impressive safety features, including well-equipped air bag systems and security features to prevent theft. The cars are also very pedestrian-safe, and the GX2 actually reduces collision damage to protect pedestrians should something unfortunate happen.

    Impressive Geely Wagons

    Geely wagons are great option for consumers interested in stylish wagons that offer useful features and superb performance. New and used Geely wagon models have impressive crossover appeal and eye-catching style. No matter what consumers want from their wagons, Geely has models available to meet those needs.

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