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    Chevrolet Prices

    Average Chevrolet Price: R 151,375


    This Chart shows that the average price of a used Chevrolet for sale over the past 90 days, which is R 151,375. The average Chevrolet price has decreased by 7.39% since the previous month.

    • If you’re considering buying a Chevrolet for your next car purchase, but have not yet chosen the model of Chevrolet you want, check out the more detailed prices for the models listed below.
    • If you are looking to sell your Chevrolet, consider pricing it according to the average prices we see here on Gumtree to speed up your sale!

    Average Chevrolet Price 151,375

    Chevrolet Models

    Chevrolet Models Review

    General Motors (GM) founded their Chevrolet division of in Detroit, Michigan in 1911. The Company designs and manufactures a wide assortment of vehicles including cars, vans, trucks and multipurpose vehicles (MPV). Because of the quality and diversity of their vehicles, Chevrolet enjoys a leading market share in many markets around the world for most of the company's models. They design these vehicles to provide a superior ride at an affordable price when compared to other competing vehicles in their class.

    The universe of standard Chevrolet vehicles is big and includes models in every class from sub-compact to luxury sedan. Some of the smallest models available include the Aveo, Onix, Prisma, Sonic and Spark. The compact category of vehicles includes the Cruze, Lacetti and Volt. Chevrolet offers one mid-sized vehicle, the Malibu that has been a consistently popular car for close to five decades. The full-sized lineup of cars includes the Impala, Caprice, Lumina and SS. General Motors produced the Caprice in a special version that is very popular with law enforcement due to its heavy suspension and large engine. Chevrolet also sells two of the most popular sports cars ever released with their Camaro and Corvette. Both of these cars have a long and well-respected history amongst car buyers who eagerly await each new model year of product.

    In addition to standard passenger and sports cars, Chevrolet produces a series of MPVs, SUVs and other crossover vehicles. Their MPV line of vehicles varies considerably by region but includes the Orlando, Spin and Tavara. The product mix of Chevrolet SUV and crossover vehicles is even more expansive and features 11 vehicles including the Captiva, Equinox, Suburban, Tahoe, Trailblazer and Trax. Chevrolet also offers a range of pickup trucks and vans that include models like the Montana, Colorado, Express and Silverado. Chevrolet is constantly striving to build the best vehicles possible for their customers.

    Guide to Chevrolet Sedans

    Guide to Chevrolet Sedans

    Consumers rely on their vehicles to get them to work, school, and other important places. Chevrolet offers dependable sedans that combine durability with comfort and performance. Their vehicles offer many options for safety, convenience and handling that make driving them popular with families and business professionals. To decide on the right Chevrolet Sedan model, consumers need to compare their features to see which model best meets those needs. Shoppers can also customise their vehicle with special packages.

    Chevrolet Sedan Design

    Chevrolet sedans include seating for up to five people. Their exteriors feature stylish curves while their engines offer a fuel-efficient performance. Fog lamps improve visibility in poor conditions. Colour-matched bumpers give the car a sleek look while the spacious interior provides plenty of space for storage. Consumers can haul groceries, luggage and sporting gear in the ample boot and enjoy the convenience of power windows and adjustable seating.

    Chevrolet Sedan Safety Features

    The safety features on Chevrolet Sedans protect drivers and their precious cargo when on the road. Electronic Stability Control aids the driver in handling the car, and multiple airbags offer an extra layer of protection in the event of a collision. Built-in side impact protection beams and a collapsible steering wheel help reduce the effects of an accident. ISOFIX attachment points make it easy to install child safety seats and seatbelt pre-tensioners add to the safety package.

    Chevrolet Sedan Models

    Chevrolet offers two sedan models, the Aveo and the Cruze. While they share some similarities, each model has its own features and options that appeal to different consumers. Getting to know the differences between the two helps shoppers to make an informed decision.

    Chevrolet Aveo Sedan

    The Chevrolet Aveo sedan is an economically sound model with high fuel efficiency and fun options. Alloy wheels and colour-coded door handles add to the car's visual appeal. Inside, the radio with CD and MP3 compatibility allow consumers to listen to their favourite music when on the go. Built to last, the Aveo is easy to maintain and consumers have a choice of a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission.

    Chevrolet Cruze Sedan

    The Chevrolet Cruze Sedan features sculpted fenders and angular lines on the exterior. Inside, the dual-cockpit design provides ample space for drivers and passengers while the folding rear seats allow consumers to customise their interior space. Five different engine models put consumers in charge of how much power they have available. Accessories for the Chevrolet Cruze include a tow bar, splash guards, mirror caps, tail-lamp garnish, C pillar garnish and side-window air deflectors.

    Chevrolet Cruze Technology

    As the premium sedan model, the Chevrolet Cruze includes extra technology features not found on the Aveo. Inside, Bluetooth audio streaming allows consumers to play music directly from their smartphones without plugging in. Keyless Passive Entry and Keyless Start offer convenience while Rear Park Assist makes backing up safer. In addition, internal sensors monitor steering input from the driver to engage brake and traction controls automatically when necessary. Front and side curtain airbags deploy at different rates depending on how severe a collision is, and special head curtain and thorax and pelvis air bags add even more safety.

    Buying a Chevrolet Sedan

    Purchasing a vehicle is always a major decision. Chevrolet sedans offer consumers a variety of options to suit their budget and their needs. Powerful performance and stable handling make the cars fun to drive, while fuel-efficient engines make them easy on the wallet. Advance safety and technology features make them appeal to families and individuals who want high-quality construction and convenience. When comparing the Chevrolet Aveo and Chevrolet Cruze, consumers must decide if they need the extra options the Cruze provides. Either way, a Chevrolet Sedan is a smart choice for shoppers looking for a combination of design, convenience and reliability.

    Top Five Considerations for Purchasing a Used Chevrolet Truck

    Top Five Considerations for Purchasing a Used Chevrolet Truck

    With more than 100 years of production under its belt, Chevrolet has been manufacturing trucks for consumers around the world for decades longer than other popular brands. Because of the company's long heritage and reputation as a solid truck manufacturer, purchasing a used Chevrolet truck serves as a smart decision. Chevrolet trucks provide durability and comfort, making it a vehicle that people can drive while working hard or enjoying a leisurely night out. Knowing the top features and benefits of a Chevrolet truck can help narrow down shopping choices.

    Full-size vs. Mid-size Chevrolet Truck Models

    Chevrolet has simplified their menu of options for purchasing a truck. The company now offers two different models for consumers to purchase: the Silverado and the Colorado. As the 2014 North American Truck of the Year, the Silverado is a full-size truck while the Colorado is a smaller, mid-size version. The Silverado features a long bed and comes in four different models itself. On the other hand, the Colorado comes in one model and is often priced lower than the Silverado.

    Chevrolet Interior Features and Options

    Advanced technology features and a focus on comfort makes investing in a Chevrolet truck a smart option for both the driver and passengers. Both truck models offer several fabric types for the seats, including vinyl and leather. Leather seats are upgradeable to include heated options for cooler days. The truck also boasts top technology features, such as in-steering wheel controls and backup cameras. Newer used Chevrolet truck models boast technology features, such as built-in Wi-Fi networks and easy-to-use music calibration features accented with Bose speakers. They also feature technology pads that enable consumers to pair their phones for handsfree conversations and to use navigation programs for directions.

    Chevrolet Truck Engines

    When shopping for a used Chevrolet truck, there are several different engines to take into consideration. If consumers seek a truck model that provides some power, but focuses primarily on better gas mileage, the Colorado boasts an engine that meets those needs. Many people seek a truck that has power and can handle large loads, which is available on the Chevrolet Silverado. Either way, the trucks provide a number of engine options that make it easy to find a used Chevrolet truck that fits specific needs with a continued focus on power and performance across the board.

    Silverado Engine Options

    The Chevrolet Silverado features three different engine types. The EcoTec3 4,3-litre V6 engine enables used Chevrolet Silverado trucks to produce approximately 305 pounds of torque, which rates as the highest in its class for trucks with that engine type. The EcoTec3 5.3-litre V8 engine boasts extra power, with 355 horsepower that senses the vehicle load to ensure the best fuel economy. Lastly, the 6.2-litre V8 offers the most power for Chevrolet Silverado vehicle models. This engine enables drivers to have as much as 12,000 pounds of trailer capacity.

    Colorado Engine Options

    As a midsize truck, the Chevrolet Colorado features two engine choices. The 3.6-litre V6 engine provides power while helping promote fuel efficiency. The 2014 Chevrolet Colorado, for instance, boasts a EPA estimated 26 miles per gallon for highway driving. The truck boasts a 305 horsepower. The Chevrolet Colorado is also available in a 2.5-litre I-4 engine, which still provides suitable power, but improves overall gas mileage.

    Chevrolet Truck Safety

    Safety is highly important for automobile manufacturers like Chevrolet. The company has to abide by different safety regulations set forth by government bodies. These safety regulations require that the vehicle includes airbags and other safety features in the event of an accident. In addition to airbags, the vehicle includes daytime running lights, four-wheel antilock braking system, electronic stability control and front towing hooks, all of which contributes to the strong safety ratings of Chevrolet trucks. The Chevrolet Silverado, for example, receives a high safety rating. The 2014 Chevrolet Silverado model received a 9.4 out of 10 rating on its safety, with the older 2013 model ranking around 8.1 out of 10 on its safety features.

    Chevrolet Truck Add-on Options

    Chevrolet offers a number of packages and add-on options for its trucks. The add-on options include things such as the trailering package and the convenience package, which includes tinted windows, power mirrors and rear-vision cameras. Both the Chevrolet Silverado and Chevrolet Colorado are available with or without the add-on packages. Finding a used Chevrolet truck with these packages can increase the overall value of the vehicle, but it also improves the overall functionality and drivability of the vehicle.


    When selecting a used Chevrolet truck for purchase, there are several things for consumers to take into considerations. While there are only two models that Chevrolet produces today, these trucks have significant differences. These differences can alter the experience of owning a Chevrolet truck. In the cases when a consumer seeks a truck for use to haul heavy items, the Chevrolet Silverado serves as the best option. On the other hand, the features of the Chevrolet Colorado makes it a more suitable choice for those people who like to balance work with play. By spending time understanding the differences and features between the models, consumers can search on Gumtree to find the Chevrolet truck that has the best features for their needs.

    Guide to Chevrolet SUVs

    Guide to Chevrolet SUVs

    SUVs offer large amounts of space and storage for busy families, professionals, couples and retirees. Perfect for road trips or off-roading, they come with a number of comfort and convenience options that provide a smooth and satisfying ride. Chevrolet SUV models have features that appeal to a number of consumers. With a variety of seating, technology and convenience choices, shoppers need to compare the models to decide which one is right for them.

    Chevrolet Orlando

    The Chevrolet Orlando is a 7-seater MPV that offers consumers 16 different seating combinations. Its compact size and fuel-efficient design makes it a popular and practical choice. The Orlando includes technology and safety features that make it stand out in its class.

    Orlando Design Features

    Featuring an inner-cockpit inspired by the Corvette, the Chevrolet Orlando includes curves that mimic waves. Ice-blue lighting illuminates the dash and controls and the roomy interior provides plenty of room for drivers and passengers. Features like folding side mirrors, storage compartments in the doors, the rear cargo area and behind the radio, as well as ample boot space allow consumers to carry luggage and other gear from place to place.

    Orlando Technology and Safety Features

    The programmable air conditioning allows the vehicle to maintain a stable temperature while consumers can stream music using a Bluetooth connection or plug in an MP3 player. A reinforced safety cage and six airbags help to minimise the effects of an impact in the event of a collision. Electronic stability control and park assist features help drivers maintain control and navigate safely.

    Chevrolet Captiva

    The Chevrolet Captiva is the mid-range SUV with three rows of seats. The ample boot space is increased when the third row of seats folds down. With a towing capacity of 1500 kg, the Captiva allows consumers to haul boats and trailers with ease. Entertainment, safety and technology options provide wide variety of choices for shoppers.

    Captiva Design Features

    Seats on the Captiva have a one-hand fold option that makes configuring the seating arrangement simple. Four-way adjustable seats allow drivers and passengers to customise their view, while the central console storage compartments holds items like phones and wallets. Consumers get a choice of diesel or petrol engines and a variety of accessories like roof boxes, tail lamps and mud guards.

    Captiva Technology and Safety Features

    A radio with CD and MP3 plug-in allows consumers to listen to their favourite music, or they can stream music using the Bluetooth option. Steering wheel controls make it easy to adjust volume and change songs. Multiple airbags keep drivers and passengers safe while while electronic stability control, traction control and brake assist help drivers on the road.

    Chevrolet Trailblazer

    The largest of the Chevrolet SUVs, the Chevrolet Trailblazer features angular corners and foldable second and third row seats. A choice of two diesel engines provide power for the vehicle and special design and safety features make the Trailblazer a top choice for consumers.

    Trailblazer Design Features

    Exterior design features on the Trailblazer include projector headlights and fog lights. An LED rear lamp alerts other drivers when consumers stop and adjustable side mirrors include LED turn signals. The multi-function steering wheel allows consumers to control the radio and answer phone calls using the Bluetooth function. Separate air conditioners make it possible for each row to set a comfortable temperature.

    Trailblazer Safety and Technology Features

    Cruise control and power seats make driving the Trailblazer comfortable. The large chassis and reinforced body structure keep the Trailblazer stable and structurally intact during a collision. Pre-tensioned safety belts and multiple airbags offer protection for drivers and passengers. Hill descent control and hill start assist give drivers more control in hilly terrain while anti-lock brakes and traction control aid drivers in less than desirable driving conditions.

    Buying a Chevrolet SUV

    When purchasing a Chevrolet SUV, it is best for consumers to compare the features on each model. Multiple seating options, storage, and technology features meet different needs. For more power and special features, choose the Chevrolet Trailblazer. For a fuel-efficient and comfortable ride, choose the Chevrolet Orlando. Each SUV has its unique options and design features.

    Five Considerations for Purchasing a Used Chevrolet Van

    Five Considerations for Purchasing a Used Chevrolet Van

    Chevrolet has been a major player in the automotive market as it was one of the first American car manufacturers. It remains to be one of the biggest providers of automobile in the United States and across the globe. Its breadth of experience plays well for consumers, who find that the vehicles offer top-notch performance and durability unlike some other comparable vehicles on the market. Chevrolet manufacturers a number of different vehicles, with vans being one branch of its product line that serve both the consumer and business markets. Before purchasing a used Chevrolet van, there are several things to know about these vehicles and their performance.

    Chevrolet Van Models

    Through the years, Chevrolet has produced a number of different types of vans that have become favourites on the market because of their reliability, comfort and overall performance. Its main van on the market in the 2010s is the Express, which can be a passenger van or modified for businesses to haul goods. In addition to the Express van model, used Chevrolet van models include minivans like the Astro and Venture. These vans are able to maximise consumer use of their vehicles, allowing them to carry more passengers and cargo than traditional sedans. Each van provides a different driving experience and characteristics that help meet the varying needs of consumers across the world.

    Chevrolet Safety Features

    Among the used Chevrolet vans on the market, the newer models produced by Chevrolet have more impressive safety features. However, they are designed with safety in mind simply because the number of passengers that are carried within the vehicle. The Express, which is the newest van model produced by Chevrolet, boasts airbags for the front passenger and driver. Most van models produced by Chevrolet also feature antilock braking systems and stability control to help improve the overall safety of the vehicle while on the road.

    Chevrolet Van Engine Specifications

    Used Chevrolet van engine specifications vary based on the use case for the vehicle. Passenger vehicles focus on providing a smooth ride for all passengers, whether they are in the front seat or in the last row. Passenger van engine specifications focus on building up power to ensure that it can haul heavy cargo as needed. Chevrolet has a reputation for bringing forth a reliable and quality engine in its vehicles, no matter its type. There are two different types of vans that Chevrolet manufacturers and the engine specifications differ between the two.

    Chevrolet Minivan Engine Specifications

    Most Chevrolet minivans feature a V6 engine that offers a balance between performance and power. The 3.4-litre engine features a four-speed transmission. On its most popular models like the Chevrolet Venture, Chevrolet made some changes to later models to increase the horsepower from 180 to 185. While it seems like a minimal amount, it changed the overall performance of the vehicle and is noticeable by users.

    Chevrolet Passenger Van Engine Specifications

    Chevrolet passenger vans like the Express boast a more powerful engine, simply because the van is larger and often carries more cargo than Chevrolet's similar minivan models. The Express, for instance, boasts a V8 engine that enables it to pull up to 10,000 pounds. The vehicle also has an automatic 6-speed transmission, which adds to its overall performance. Consumers seeking a van that offers a bit more power often opt for a used Chevrolet passenger van.

    Chevrolet Van Exterior Features

    Externally, Chevrolet hasn't focused on adding any advanced features. For its minivan models, the vehicles boasted four doors, with two passenger sliding doors that made it easy for passengers to enter and exit the vehicle. One of the key add-on features for Chevrolet vans was to add a towing package, making it possible for people to pull a boat or even a trailer and increase the overall cargo that they can tow.

    Chevrolet Van Interior Features

    Interior features for used Chevrolet vans depend on the model and function. Most minivans for family use, such as the Chevrolet Venture, boast third-row seating that make it easy to fit up to eight people within the van. The seats move in and out of the van, which make it easy to expand the cargo space. The Express provides flexibility as its interior can adjust to serve a variety of industrial needs, such as shuttle, ambulance and utility services.


    When shopping for a used Chevrolet van, there are several models to choose from. Because of this, it's important to know what features are essential to the design of your vehicle. Chevrolet has a long heritage as a producer of quality automobiles, which stands true for the various van models that it manufactures. In addition to quality, the global automobile manufacturer has always placed an emphasis on safety, ensuring that it goes above and beyond the safety requirements to which it must adhere. Before purchasing a used Chevrolet van, visit Gumtree to review listings with different features to determine the model and specifications that fit specific needs of each consumer.

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