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    Audi Prices

    Average Audi Price: R 405,187


    This Chart shows that the average price of a used Audi for sale over the past 90 days, which is R 405,187. The average Audi price has decreased by 32.19% since the previous month.

    • If you’re considering buying a Audi for your next car purchase, but have not yet chosen the model of Audi you want, check out the more detailed prices for the models listed below.
    • If you are looking to sell your Audi, consider pricing it according to the average prices we see here on Gumtree to speed up your sale!

    Average Audi Price 405,187

    Audi Models

    Audi Models Review

    Audi started producing vehicles in 1915 in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany. Their original design for passenger cars has expanded over the years to include smaller compact models, as well as larger models of SUVs and crossovers. The company also maintains a strong racing heritage, which produces some of the most important innovations used in their vehicles. Car enthusiasts know Audi for their beautiful design, advanced technology and superior performance that they integrate into every one of the vehicles they produce.

    The modern Audi product line features a wide selection of vehicles that include models ranging from supermini to full-sized luxury cars and SUVs. The company also produces a line of high-performance sports vehicles for consumers looking for more power and handling. Most Audi models are in categories based on their chassis type and engine style.

    Their main vehicle line includes models from A1 through A8 with many of these vehicles being offered in hatchback, sedan and crossover versions. Audi also produces a collection of coupes and crossover SUVs.

    The Audi TT is a compact sports car and is available in both a standard coupe and a roadster convertible. The company's signature sports model is the Audi R8 that features a mid-engine design with their Quattro drivetrain and comes as a standard coupe and a Spyder convertible. Their line of SUVs includes the Q3, Q5 and Q7 that range in models from compact to large full-sized versions that can seat up to five passengers.

    Audi also produces several lines of higher-end sports cars that include both the S and RS series of vehicles. The standard line of sports vehicles includes the models S2, S4, S5, S6, S7 and S8 with vehicles ranging in size from a small family car to a full-sized luxury vehicle. The Audi RS line of sports vehicles includes the RS4, RS5 and RS7 models available in a range of sedan, hatchback, convertible and crossover styles.

    5 Things to Think About Before Buying a Used Audi Sedan

    5 Things to Think About Before Buying a Used Audi Sedan

    Along with BMW and Mercedes, Audi makes up one third of the group of three automakers known as the 'German Big 3.' Together and individually, the three brands sell more luxury vehicles than any other automakers in the world. From 2000 to 2008, Audi increased its sales from around 653 000 vehicles per year to well over 1 003 000 vehicles per year. The company's slogan is 'truth in engineering,' and its vehicles possess unique technology not often seen on the market, such as 100 per cent galvanised cars.

    Available Audi Sedan Models

    As of 2014, Audi sells over a dozen different variations of sedans, including the A3, a small family car; the A4, a compact executive car; the A6, a mid-size executive car and the A8, the automaker's full-size luxury car. Its sports model sedans include the S4, a compact executive car; the S6, a mid-size executive car and the S8, a full-size luxury car. Each one comes with a number of options, ranging from type of engine to body colour. Of course, the German automaker has produced these types of passenger cars since 1968, so there is the potential to find many other models from decades past on the market.

    Audi Sedan Safety Features and Ratings

    Most Audi sedans generally receive average to good safety ratings from the Euro NCAP. For example, a 2012 Audi A3 LHD with front and side airbags, seat belt pretensioners and load limiters earned a five-star rating, placing it in the 95th per centile for adult occupant safety and 87th per centile for child occupant safety. A 2009 Audi A4 received five stars overall from the Euro NCAP, placing it in the 93rd per centile for adult occupants and 84th per centile for child occupants. While not all used Audi sedans have the same safety features, you can usually find an assortment of the following on most vehicles: traction control, electronic stability control, boot release, tyre pressure monitor, front head and side airbags, energy management features and rear seat head restraint.

    Audi Sedans and Advanced Technology

    As mentioned, Audi has a reputation for the outstanding unique technology it uses in all of its vehicles, including sedans. It only produces galvanised vehicles with full zinc coating, which helps prevent rust and corrosion. The company also experiments with aluminium space frame technology and uses it in the A8 luxury sedan. The space frame makes the car lighter, and as of 2014, the A8 is the lightest luxury full-size all-wheel drive vehicle on the market, as well as the one that gets the best gas mileage. Cars manufactured after 2006 possess LED daytime running lights. In 2002, Audi designed a Multi Media Interface and began adding it to its vehicles. It helps ease the way drivers operate their entertainment devices, making it less distracting to use the phone or change the radio station.

    Audi Sedan Size Comparison

    From compact family-oriented sedans to full-size luxury and executive vehicles, Audi offers a wide range of sizes to fit your needs. The roomy full-size luxury A8, Audi's flagship vehicle, weighs between 1 670 and 1 990 kilogrammes, depending on the year and engine you choose. The long wheelbase is 3 074 millimetres, while the short wheelbase is 2 944 millimetres. The Audi A6, a mid-size luxury sedan, has a 2 760-millimetre wheelbase. Other Audi sedans come in a wide array of lengths, weights and wheelbase sizes, depending on the year the company produced them, the layout of the vehicle and the type of trim package it features.

    Audi Sedan Engines and Transmissions

    Each one of Audi's sedans comes with a number of engine and transmission options. For example, the the Audi A3 produced in 2012 comes with a six-speed manual, six-speed automatic or seven-speed automatic transmission, and its engine options range from 1,2-litre I4 t/c petrol up to 2,0-litre TFSI. The third-generation A8, which the company began manufacturing in 2010, comes only with an 8-speed ZF 8HP tiptronic automatic transmission, but it also comes with eight different petrol and diesel engine options, such as the 4,2 V8 TDI or the 6,3 W12 FSI. It all comes down to how much power you want in your sedan.


    Choosing the perfect Audi sedan is not an easy decision to make, but many people enjoy having so many options because it is easier to find exactly what you want in a personal vehicle. Even if you already know you want a small car for your family or a larger luxury vehicle, you have to decide on an array of features, trim packages, engines, sizes and aesthetic characteristics. However, there are some things you can count on across the board when buying any used Audi. These include decent safety ratings, technology not often found in other vehicles and powerful sedans that seem to get better with age. Once you do decide on the type of used Audi sedan you want, visit Gumtree to find out what is available.

    5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Used Audi SUV

    5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Used Audi SUV

    Audi began making modern cars in 1968, and since then, it has become a leader in the luxury car world. The company often competes with other big German luxury brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz, even when it comes to sports utility vehicles. Audi offers full-size, entry-level, and compact versions of its crossover SUVs, but they are fairly new to the brand's repertoire. The first one made its debut in 2006, with the latest debuting in 2011. From the engine to safety features, each one offers a number of unique characteristics beyond its size.

    Q7 Vs. Q5 and Q3

    Audi's first SUV, the Q7, hit markets in 2006. The full-size luxury crossover SUV is more popular in Europe than it is in North America, but European sales began to decline in 2008. It comes with petrol and diesel engine options, but it only comes with an automatic transmission. Two years later, in 2008, Audi introduced its entry-level luxury crossover SUV, which earned excellent safety ratings from both the Euro NCAP and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. It comes with numerous engine and transmission options. The smaller compact executive crossover, the Audi Q3 became available in 2011. It also comes with a number of engine and transmission options and received good overall safety ratings from the Euro NCAP.

    Audi SUV Engine and Transmission Options

    Each of the three Audi SUVs offers similarities and differences. One big difference is in the size and power of the engine options available for each vehicle.

    Q7 Engine and Transmission Options

    The Q7 only comes with 6-speed and 8-speed automatic transmission. All newer models of the vehicle come standard with an 8-speed ZF 8HP automatic transmission. As for engines, you can choose from one of three petrol or three diesel options. The petrol options are the 3,0-litre V6 TFSI, the 3,6-litre VR6 FSI and the 4,2-litre V8 FSI. The diesel options are the 3,0-litre V6 TDI, the 4,2-litre V8 TDI, and the most powerful of them all, the 6,0-litre V12 TDI, which offers 493 horsepower.

    Q5 Engine and Transmission Options

    The Q5 offers less engine options but more transmission options from which to choose. The SUV may come with a 6-speed manual, 6-speed Tiptronic, 8-speed Tiptronic ZF 8HP or 7-speed S Tronic transmission. As for engine options, you may find the Q5 with the 2,0-litre TFSI I4, the 2,0-litre TDI diesel I4, the 3,0-litre TDI diesel V6 or the 3,2-litre V6 FSI.

    Q3 Engines and Transmission Options

    For the Q3, you can choose from a 6-speed manual or 7-speed automatic transmission. Its engine options include the 1,4-litre TFSI I4, the 2,0-litre TFSI I4, the 2,0-litre TDI diesel I4 and the 2,5-litre TFSI I5.

    Audi SUV Safety Features

    All three of the Audi SUV receive good safety ratings, though the Q7's is slightly lower than the other two. The Euro NCAP rated it four out of five stars in 2009, even though the American Insurance Institute for Highway Safety named the car its 'Top Safety Pick' in 2008. The Euro NCAP awarded both the Q5 and Q3 five stars for safety. Each vehicle has similar safety features, including multiple airbags, an Electronic Stability Programme and seat belt pretensioners.

    Other Audi SUV Features

    The Audi SUVs offer a number of other unique features, though the company seems to test many of them in the Q7 before adding them to the smaller SUVs. It became the first Audi vehicle to use the blind-spot detection system known as Side Assist. It also features the Audi Music Interface, which allows MP3 player manipulation through the vehicle's main audio system. In 2011, Audi added LED headlights to the vehicle, as well as start/stop fuel-saving technology. With 2012 came voice control and in-car WiFi.

    Audi SUV Size Comparison

    So you know Audi has three very differently sized SUVs, but how different are they? The Q7 has a 3 002-millimetre wheelbase and is 2 037 millimetres wide. Vehicles manufactured before 2009 are 5 085 millimetres long and 1 735 millimetres high, while those manufactured after 2009 are 5 088 millimetres long and 2 075 millimetres high. Weight will vary by vehicle. The Q5 has a 2 807-millimetre wheelbase and weighs 1 850 kilogrammes. It is 4 639 millimetres long, 1 880 millimetres wide and 1 650 millimetres high. The runt of the group, the Q3, has a 2 603-millimetre wheelbase, and weight also varies by vehicle choice. It is 1 608 millimetres high, 1 831 millimetres wide and 4 385 millimetres long.


    When it comes to choosing an Audi SUV, what you really need to know is the size of the vehicle you want. Once you narrow that down, you can see what engine and transmission options are available in the Q3, Q5 and Q7, followed by added features and aesthetics. No matter which one you choose, however, you know you will get a vehicle with high safety ratings. To learn where you can find used Audi SUVs in your area visit Gumtree.

    Things to Know Before Buying a Used Audi Wagon

    Things to Know Before Buying a Used Audi Wagon

    Audi is known as a Germany luxury sedan maker, but some of its most popular sedan models come with wagon-style bodies. The most modern ones include the Audi S6, the Audi S4, the Audi A4 and Audi A6. The S4 and S6 are the sportier, more powerful versions of the A4 and A6. Each vehicle comes with a number of engine and transmission options, safety features and other unique features for comfort and convenience.

    Audi Wagon Size Comparison

    One main difference between the A4 and A6 or the S4 and S6 is size. The A4 and S4 are compact executive cars, while the A6 and S6 are general-sized executive cars. Each one comes with both sedan and wagon body options. The A4 is 4 586 millimetres long, 1 772 millimetres wide and 1 427 millimetres high, while the A6 is 4 796 millimetres long, 1 810 millimetres wide and 1 479 millimetres high. For the sport models, the S4 is 4 717 millimetres long, 1 826 millimetres wide and 1 415 millimetres high, while the S6 is 4 933 millimetres long, 1 864 millimetres wide and 1 453 millimetres high. The size of older generations of each vehicle may vary.

    Audi Wagon Engine Options

    Two of the four vehicles comes with the option to choose from several different options. The A4 offers six different petrol engines, including the 1,6-litre I4, the 1,8-litre I4 20v Turbo, the 1,8-litre I4 16v TFSI, the 2,0-litre I4 20v, the 2,0-litre I4 16v TFSI and the 3,2-litre V6 24v FSI, and four different diesel engines, including the 1,9-litre I4 TDI, the 2,0-litre I4 TDI, the 2,7-litre V6 TDI and the 3,0-litre V6 TDI2. The A6 has more limited options, including the 1,8-litre inline-four engine 40v for petrol and either the 1,9-litre I4 TDI or 2,5-litre V6 24v TDI for diesel. The S4 and S6 only come with one engine option. For the S4, it is the 3,0-litre V6 24v TFSI, and for the S6, it is the 5,2-litre V10 FSI 40v DOHC.

    Audi Wagon Transmission Options

    Aside from the S6, the Audi wagons also come with transmission options (the S6 merely comes with a 6-speed ZF 6HP26 tiptronic automatic transmission). The S4 offers the choice between the 6-speed manual or the 7-speed dual clutch 'S tronic transmissions. The A6 comes with four options: 5-speed manual, 6-speed manual, 5-speed automatic multitronic CVT and 5-speed automatic with tiptronic. The A4's options include 5-speed manual, 6-speed manual, 6-speed ZF 6 hp tiptronic and 7-speed multitronic.

    Audi Wagon Safety Features and Ratings

    Like most Audi vehicles, the Audi wagons generally receive decent ratings for safety from the Euro NCAP, though in most cases, the newer the model you chose, the better the rating it receives. For example, a 2002 Audi A4 received only three of five stars in the Euro NCAP's safety crash test rating, but five years later, a new generation of the A4 became the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's 'Top Safety Pick for 2007.' Some of A4's safety features include an Bosch Electronic Stability programme. anti-lock brakes, in-seat airbags, an optional four-wheel drive system and sideguard curtain airbags.

    Audi Wagon Special Package Features

    Modern versions of both the A4 and A6 come in three different trim packages. They are Premium, Premium Plus and Prestige, and each one offers some extra safety, comfort and convenience features.

    Premium Trim Package

    The Premium package is the most basic of all the trim packages, but it still offers plenty of extras. Some of these include leather seating surfaces, a panoramic sunroof, three-zone automatic climate control and lumbar support for the driver's seat. It also features Xenon plus headlights with LED daytime running lights and taillights.

    Premium Plus Trim Package

    The Premium Plus package offers driver seat lumbar support and memory, as well as heated front seats, keyless start up, keyless stop, keyless entry, an auto-dimming rearview mirror with compass and heated auto-dimming exterior mirrors.

    Prestige Trim Package

    The Prestige package offers the most features and is the most expensive option. Some of its features include front and rear floor mats, dual front sun visors with lighted vanity mirrors, ambient LED interior lighting, aluminium door sill inlays, power windows with one-touch up-or-down operation and a three-spoke multifunction steering wheel.


    Not all automakers provide consumers with as many options for wagons as Audi does. Whether you want something small and powerful or big and luxurious, you can mix and match engines and trim packages to suit your needs with almost any of the four main wagon options. Best of all, no matter which one you choose, you can rest assured knowing that your wagon earned high safety ratings from trusted organisations around the world. To learn more about Audi wagons and find the right one for you, visit Gumtree.

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