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How to Make Your CV Impressive

In today’s tough job market, candidates need to do all they can to stand out from the rest of the competition. Having stellar credentials doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the job if your CV doesn’t look as impressive as your experiences have been. Your CV is your first chance to make an impression on those with hiring power, and for unsuccessful candidates, it is also unfortunately the last. Here are some top tips to help make your CV impressive enough to ensure it ends up in the “must interview” category.

Use Typography and Layout Wisely

While the content of your CV is important, if it’s irritating on the eyes or simply unreadable, your chances of success are diminished significantly. Use typefaces and layouts wisely to make your CV attractive and readable. Headings can be deployed to make it easy to identify the different sections in your CV, while a clean, uncluttered layout will make a better first impression. Employ standard fonts, as fanciful fonts may make you appear unprofessional or make your text difficult to read.

Be Specific

Rather than vaguely stating that you performed well at a particular job, be specific about your responsibilities and achievements. Instead of than stating that you excel at team leadership, mention the time you led a team of 10 to successfully complete a project two weeks ahead of schedule. Rather than talking about how you showed initiative on the job, describe how you singlehandedly spearheaded a new initiative that increased revenue levels. Use hard figures whenever possible to quantify your achievements in a concrete manner.

Leave Out Unnecessary Details

Exercise your judgment to determine which specifics should be left out, and don’t feel obliged to include every single detail for the sake of completeness. While you might have been your high school’s basketball team captain, this is no longer a pertinent detail if it’s been more than 10 years since you graduated. Similarly, while you might have earned straight As in elementary school, such information harks too far back in the past for a judgement today.

Redundant details you can exclude your age, date of birth, and marital status. There are also certain details that should be left out because they immediately decrease your chances of getting an interview, including reasons for leaving your previous job and information about any ailments you might have.

Proofread Your CV Like Your Life Depends on It

Even though it is widely known how important it is to ensure your CV and cover letters don’t contain any spelling and grammatical errors, the number proportion of applications with mistakes is staggering, according to recruiters and HR professionals. Proofreading your CV once is never enough, especially when you update it regularly. Read through your CV at least two or three times to ensure no mistakes slip through the cracks. When you are finished, have someone else read it with fresh eyes.

When your CV reaches the doors of a prospective employer, it’s a crucial moment, and your chances of getting an interview depend heavily on the impression received by human resources upon first viewing. It is thus imperative that you make your CV as impressive as possible to maximise your chances of success.

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