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    Regular maintenance is a necessary part of keeping your car looking and running good. Ensuring your vehicle stays in top shape however, does not have to result in time consuming, expensive repairs. With a few hacks in mind and a few items you can find around the house, maintaining your car is easier than you think.

    Clean Foggy Headlights

    Foggy headlights can cause hazards, especially if you drive often after dark or in foggy conditions. When those headlights get oxidised, the plastic lenses take on a dull or fogged over look which indicates that they need a good cleaning. This task does not require costly commercial products; just grab a bottle of toothpaste from your bathroom. Slather it all over the headlight lens, buff it with a cloth and rinse it with water.

    Clean Your Windshield with a Razor

    When your windshield becomes caked with bugs and other stuff that the car wash simply does not take off, grab a razor blade. Take the razor blade, very carefully, and scrape that hard, stuck-on gunk off the window and enjoy a clear view again. After scraping it, spritz it with window cleaner and wipe it off with a dry cloth to reduce any streaks the razor may have made.

    Lighten the Load and Protect Your Ignition

    A heavy keychain does more than weigh your pocket down; a bulky keychain can also weigh down the ignition, causing premature wear. Lightening your load on your keychain might just lengthen the life of your vehicle's components. Strip the keychain of everything but the basics.

    Remove Dents with Dry Ice

    Part of keeping the exterior looking good is ensuring the body of your car is free of dents. When that dreaded dent appears, this does not automatically mean a trip to the body shop. Just grab some dry ice from the local market and apply it to the dent. Continue doing this until the dent pops out. Be sure to wear gloves to protect your hands though, as touching the ice directly can cause burns.

    De-Ice Your Locks

    Believe it or not, you do not always need expensive, store-bought products to de-ice your locks when Old Man Winter arrives. All it takes is a small squirt of hand sanitiser on the key. Just squirt it on and insert the key into the lock. The alcohol in the sanitiser is an excellent choice for melting ice away, plus it kills the germs on the key and the lock.

    Clean Your Engine

    With the right household supplies, cleaning your engine is simple and takes only a few minutes. Before starting, be sure to cover your battery and air intake with plastic. After those are covered, pour some dishwasher soap on the engine, give it a quick scrub with a soft bristled brush and rinse it with a soft rag.

    Use Tyre Pressure Valve Caps

    If your vehicle is not equipped with a tyre pressure monitoring system, add some tyre pressure valve caps to those wheels. These go on just like regular value caps, but they change colours depending on the state of pressure. For example, if the valve turns red, you should add some air. With these caps, just a glance at your tyre will let you know if more air is needed.

    Invest in a Multimeter

    Blown fuses are not all that uncommon, but finding the fuse that has blown is not always simple, especially if the vehicle does not have a diagram of the fuses in the owner manual or on the back of the fuse panel door. If this is the case for you, invest in a multimeter. The tool is easy to use and you can test each fuse to determine which one needs replaced. This eliminates the need to have them individually tested at your local auto parts store.

    Use Quick-Release Battery Terminal Bolts

    Hopefully you will not have to disconnect your battery often, but if you do, you know what a hassle it can become. For this reason, quick-release battery terminal bolts come in handy. They install easy and remove with just a flip of the wrist. No tools are needed and disconnecting those terminals takes just seconds rather than minutes.

    Fix Scratches with Ease

    Small scratches respond well to touch-up paint designed for cars, but this is not always readily available. When you want to ensure those scratches do not result in rust, a coat of clear nail polish does the trick. Just one thin coat covers the exposed metal to ensure it does not rust until you can get your hands on that touch-up paint.

    Maintaining your car does not have to be a continuous hassle. With a little know-how and a few simple items you probably already have on hand, you can keep your car running and looking like new. These car maintenance hacks can also save you on expensive repairs.

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