Buying Cars

Get the most out of your car buying experience on Gumtree with these detailed tips and tricks.

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  • Guide 1Considerations for buying a motorbike

    Considerations for buying a motorbike

    With fuel price always on the up and South African road becoming increasingly congested, many are considering trading in, or substituting, their cars for motorbikes. Not only do bikes reduce the overall cost of fuel dramatically but the also cut down on time spent behind the wheel. No wonder the Vespa has made a comeback of note.

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  • Guide 2Considerations when buying a car

    Considerations when buying a car

    Looking to buy a car for the first time? Considering a trade in on your current vehicle for a newer model? Buying a car can be a good, or bad experience, depending on whether you’ve got all your bases covered. Not least of which is knowing the difference between a patched up Code 3 and a future classic that’ll make you the envy of your friends. Let’s cover a few tips for buying a second hand car from a dealer or a private seller.

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  • Guide 3What car type is best for me?

    What car type is best for me?

    Far from being exclusively utilitarian, vehicle ownership and lifestyle choices have become almost synonymous. Fortunately, there isn’t a shortage of choice as smart, electric, hybrid, recreational, off and on-road vehicles all give consumers avenues to express their inner petrol head.

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