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    Selling a car can be a daunting task, but it can bring you a generous profit on your sale if done properly. Whether you choose to buy a newer model car or invest your earnings in something else, selling a car can give you a feeling of monetary satisfaction. However, it is difficult sometimes to know exactly what documents are needed. If you secure these recommended documents though, selling a car in South Africa can be less stressful than you might have previously thought.

    Proof of Ownership

    If your car has been paid off in full, you should have a proof of ownership certificate, accompanied by a letter stating that the car has been paid off. The bank should send you the proof of ownership automatically once the car has been paid for, but if you do not have a copy, go into the bank or financial institution that handled the vehicle finance and request a copy.

    If your car has not been paid off, you can still sell your car with just one extra step. At the bank or financial institution where the car has been financed, let them know you wish to sell your car and request a settlement letter. The bank will issue a settlement letter to you, containing the remaining outstanding loan amount, which you can then present to the buyer.

    Notification of Change of Ownership

    To transfer ownership of a vehicle, you must fill out a Notification of Change of Ownership (NCO) form, or the °•yellow' form. You can obtain one of these forms from your local Traffic Department. Upon sale of the vehicle, both the buyer and the seller need to sign the NCO form. Give one copy to the buyer, keep one copy for yourself, and submit a third copy to the Department of Transport. This notifies the government that the ownership of the vehicle has officially changed hands.

    Application for Registration of Motor Vehicle

    While at the Traffic Department, also pick up a °•blue' form, or the Application for Registration of Motor Vehicle. Upon sale of the car, the buyer completes this form for registration purposes. This form is not required for you to make the sale, but expedites the process and saves the buyer a trip to the Traffic Department.

    Vehicle Registration Certificate

    Be sure to bring your Vehicle Registration Certificate when you sell your car. You should already be in possession of this certificate from when you first registered the car. The buyer will need the original to complete the new registration after purchasing the car. Keep a copy to deregister your car and another copy to keep in your records.

    Sales Receipt

    A sales receipt is not required to sell a car in South Africa, but it is recommended for both your and the buyer's protection. Create a document that shows the buyer and seller's information, such as name and address, which each of you can sign. Include information about the vehicle in the sales agreement, including Vehicle Identification Number, registration number, make, model, and the agreed-upon sales price. Provide a signed and dated copy to the buyer and keep one for your records. This agreement acts as a proof of sale and can protect you if any legal discrepancies arise.

    Roadworthiness Certificate

    For the buyer to register the new vehicle, he or she needs to submit a roadworthiness certificate. However, the roadworthiness certificate is only valid for 21 days, so this step is optional for the seller, as the buyer can complete the roadworthiness test after purchase of the vehicle. If you decide to obtain the certificate for the buyer, however, go to your local vehicle testing station for the certificate. Be sure to bring your identification, vehicle registration and completed Application for Roadworthiness Certification with you to the vehicle testing station.

    Car History and Receipts

    If you have any receipts for maintenance done to the car, it can garner trust in the buyer if you provide these during the sale. This gives the buyer an accurate history of the car's life and creates an honest representation of the car and justification of the sale price. If you have the original vehicle manual, provide this to the buyer as well.


    Finally, when selling a car, be sure to bring your government-issued identification. Obtain a copy of the buyer's identification upon the sale and offer the buyer a copy of your identification as well. If it is difficult to make a copy, you can take a picture of the buyer's identification with your camera or phone.

    While this might seem like a lot of preparation, selling your car in South Africa can be made a lot easier by readying these documents in advance. The monetary payoff and satisfaction makes gathering these documents worthwhile and eases the process of selling your car. It also protects you and the buyer by making the sale official in the eyes of the government.

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