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    There are many things to consider when selling a used car. Whether it is your first time, or you are an experienced seller, following some basic steps and making a checklist ensures you have everything in place to make the sale simple and successful.

    Have the Car Inspected

    One of the top things on your list should be to have the care inspected. You can do this yourself, or have an experienced mechanic do it. Check the interior, exterior and under the bonnet. This makes you aware of any problems which can influence the price. It also makes sure the car is safe to drive before you sell it to someone. Take note of any issues, regardless of how minor. Fixing the minor problems may also be worth it if it affects the selling price.

    Take Photos

    When advertising through flyers, auto trading websites or classified ads, posting photos is recommended. This gives buyers their first glance of the car. Take several photos of the exterior and interior in a bright sunny location.

    Gather Up Any Paperwork

    Paperwork is a vital part of selling a car, so this should also be at the top of the list. The information needed includes the registration certificate. Gather up any receipts that show servicing or repairs made to the vehicle. This shows the buyer that the car has been well maintained. It also keeps you organized and ready for the sale to take place.

    Clean the Car

    A clean car sells quicker as it shows potential buyers it has been properly cared for. Make a separate cleaning list if need be. Clean the interior by vacuuming it well. Scrub any spots with carpet cleaner. Give the outside a good wash and do not neglect the wheels and tyres. You can also clean the glass and place an air freshener inside. Do not forget the undercarriage during cleaning since it can be prone to tar buildup.

    Determine the Price

    Determining a price for a used car can be overwhelming. This can be simplified by conducting research. Take some time and search through classified ads or auto sales websites. Find vehicles that are the same year, make and model and take note of the price. This gives you a good idea of where to start the pricing. Remember to start your initial asking price a little higher than what you are willing to accept to allow some negotiation room between you and the buyer. If the vehicle has extra features such as an aftermarket stereo system, factor this into the price.

    Write Out the Information

    Regardless of how and where you advertise, you need to include specific information about the vehicle. Write out the information so you have it in front of you when creating a sign or an ad. Refer to the owner's manual if need be. Some of the information that should be included is year, make and model. You can also include engine size, number of kilometres, any positive qualities and your contact information. If recent repairs have been made to the vehicle, note that as well as this can increase the value.

    Determine How and When to Meet Buyers

    It is important to set appointments to meet the buyers and this should be done in a public place or with another person present. Make a list of times you are available and where you want to meet the potential buyers. When meeting a buyer, stay friendly, but honest. Avoid being too pushy.

    Think About Payment Methods

    If you are willing to accept payment methods aside from cash, determine what exactly you will accept. If you have no way to accept credit card payments, cross this off your list. Let the buyer know up front the methods you will take.

    Set the Terms of the Sale

    Be brutally honest with the buyer. If the terms of the sale are 'as is,' let the buyer know right away. If there is a warranty being offered, outline the terms. You can even give them a print-out of the warranty terms to eliminate any confusion that may occur.

    Remember Sign the Application for Transfer and Disposal Notice

    Laws require sellers to fill out and sign the application for transfer of registration which is found on the back of the registration certificate. This certificate is given to the buyer and they must include certain information. Take note that within two weeks of the date of the sale, you must lodge a disposal notice with a local Service SA centre to avoid paying a fine or added fees.

    Even if you have sold cars before, having a checklist readily available comes in handy. It can ensure you follow the proper steps and have everything in order to sell quickly and efficiently. The checklist can even be tailored to fit your exact needs. It is also important to check laws in your area before selling a used car.

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