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Sell | How to Write a Car Sale Receipt | Gumtree
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    Selling a car on your own involves various documentation, and one of the most important items in a car sale is a sales receipt. A car sale receipt protects you from any legal repercussions that may come into play if questions arise about the origin and sale destination of the car. Providing the details of a car sale, though, is easy with a car sale receipt and is something you can easily draft by yourself on any word processing program. While it may seem a little overwhelming at first, simply include these components in your car sale receipt and selling a car in South Africa can be a breeze.

    Header and Vehicle Information

    At the top of the page, write "Car Sales Receipt" and the date of the car sale. Below the header, create a section titled "Vehicle Information." In this section, list the details about the car, making a line for each of these items: Car Make, Car Model, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Car Registration Number, Mileage and Car Sale Price. Include a sentence to this effect: "[Buyer] agrees to purchase [Car make, model and year] from [Seller] for [R__] on [Date]." You can even write in a line that states the buyer agrees to purchase the car as seen and tried, which means you bear no legal obligations for any future performance issues with the car.

    In the vehicle information section, you may also add in a line for licence plate number, although this is not necessary. If desired, add additional details about the car, such as any needed repairs, car damage and so on. If the car is missing any features, such as a stolen radio or a broken side mirror, you can also list that here. This is not required, but can foster trust between you and the buyer if you fully disclose the current condition of the car.

    Buyer and Seller Information

    Below the section about the vehicle's information, create two separate sections for both the buyer and seller. Under the first area titled "Seller," list your name, address, phone number and an optional line for email. Create an identical area titled "Buyer," with the same spaces for information for the buyer to complete. Creating two vertical columns side by side may be the easiest way to format this section. Underneath each section, insert two lines so you and the buyer can both sign and date the document. This can be done using the underscore key on the keyboard or by inserting a horizontal line from the "Insert Shapes" tab on a word processing program.

    Optional Checklist

    While not required in a car sale receipt, you may consider adding a checklist to the receipt to make sure all necessary documentation has been exchanged. This is just a reminder to both buyer and seller that all steps are completed when selling a vehicle. Suggestions of items to include in the checklist are: proof of ownership certificate, notification of change of ownership form, application for registration of motor vehicle, vehicle registration certificate, and roadworthiness certificate. These documents are all recommended when selling a car. Furthermore, bring any paperwork original to the car that you may have, such as the owner's manual and maintenance receipts to provide to the buyer. As a final consideration, make copies of each other's identifications upon sale of the car. All these items can be listed on the checklist on the sales receipt to make sure all documents get properly exchanged and distributed.

    Printing and Copies

    While this may seem like a lot of work, you can draft a car sales receipt in less than an hour on any word processing program. Once you finish drafting the car sale receipt, save a copy to the computer and print the receipt to bring to the sale. Rather than making copies after the sale, you can also print a few extra copies in advance and simply ask the buyer to sign the multiple copies of the car sale receipt. This only takes a few extra seconds and gives both buyer and seller multiple copies for safeguarding. If you decide not to make additional copies in advance, be sure to make copies of the car sale receipt after both you and the buyer sign them upon sale of the car.

    Once the receipts are signed and the money is exchanged, the sale is complete. The buyer will need to turn in his or her car sale receipt in order to register the car with the South African government, and your copy will defend you if any legal allegations arise about the transfer of ownership of the car. Keep several copies for yourself, placing one in a fireproof safe if you have one available for the most secure storage. As soon as you complete your car sale receipt, you can begin the process of selling your car in South Africa.

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